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The Best Backlink Checker – Inspyder Backlink Monitor

Hi guys Matthew Woodward here and today I’m
going to teach you how to manage, check and monitor all of your backlinks. In this video
you are going to learn how to manage huge link campaigns effectively which will involve
checking and monitoring unlimited amounts of links, how to create detailed reports about
your backlink profile, and naturally how to schedule and automate the entire process. So let’s get started, if you’ve watched
any of my link building tutorials then you’ll probably be familiar with this spreadsheet.
I use a link tracker like this to keep a handle on what’s going on with my link campaigns.
But it’s a pretty long and manual process to put together. First of all you need to know exactly which
link belongs on which tier and separate them out into tabs like this. Then you have to
make sure that tier one is linking to the money site, tier two is linking to tier one
and so on. Which means you have to create 3 or 4 scrapebox check links projects and
then input all of the data one sheet at a time. All that really shows you is that the
links are still alive or not. You then have to set up two other projects to check for
the page rank and then for the index status of each url. There really isn’t any meat
to create the report like this. You can’t easily say how many links this tier one link
has, or get an overview of the anchor text breakdown or how many used generic keywords,
how many used data urls so forth. But in the past couple of months I have stumbled
across a much better way to manage your backlinks. Let me introduce you to Inspyder backlink
checker. It’s a tool I’ve been using for almost a month now and I’m now using it
for all of my projects, moving forward, replacing clunky excel and scrapebox process. You can
already see here I have a project with nearly 60,000 backlinks loaded in. Well let’s create
a new sample project to see what it could do. So if we just click on new here and we can
name our project, and the url or the money site that you are promoting and click on okay.
Then all you have to do is get a list of your backlinks and paste them into this box. There
is absolutely no need to separate out your tier 1 links to your tier 3 links, just paste
them all in this box in one go and click on go. And that will automatically go out and
fetch all of the data for these backlinks and also sort out the links into the various
tiers. So while that is running I’m just going
to pause the video and will be back shortly. So you can see it’s only taken a couple
of minutes to check on all of these links. On the main backlinks tab you get a complete
list of your links along with important stats such as where it links to, the current status,
how many outbound links there are, if it’s no follow or not, the domain page rank, the
url page rank wherever it’s indexed or not, the anchor text and the IP address. The changes tab I will come back to, if you
jump to the anchor text tab you will see the different anchor text used and a break down
of its frequency how many unique IP’s, unique class c’s and unique domains are using each
anchor text which is all very handy information. But the real magic is the link hierarchy tab
where it automatically sorts all of your links into their respective tiers on its own. So
if we have a look at some of these, here’s the money url, and here’s all of our tier
1 links and then we can drop down here and see tier 2 link pointing to out tier 1 link.
And then we can see all of these tier 3 links up pointing to our tier 2 link, to the tier
1 link and up to the money site. So as you can see, just this general overview
is pretty powerful but it goes a lot further than that. The report and options that it
gives you are really good. You get things like the summary here so can get the overall
summary of your backlinks and various stats. You can look at the page rank break down for
the individual tiers by domain page rank or actual url page rank. And you get an anchor
text summary where you can see how many of the links used the generic anchor text which
comes in a predefined list which I’ll show you in a minute. How many used naked urls,
how many used actual keywords and the percentage breakdown to those. And if you would want
to add your own generic anchor text you could do so here. This is just the default list.
And you’ve also got the selection tool so could say I just want to see all of the links
or not indexed from the first tier, click apply and you’ll see in the background there,
it is automatically highlighted. All of our tier 1 links that are not indexed, so we can
just right click, copy those urls and submit them to a scrapebox to approve, project or
something like that to get them all indexed up. You also have the option to export csv report
with various options here. And I’m gonna show you a sample of that report here. It’s
very similar to the backlinks tablet you see. You’ve also got some scheduling options
up here so you can tell it to, automatically update all of the links for you every month
or whatever and as you go through this you can actually have it automatically email you
the report. So you’ve got email settings here and you can tell it to send you an email
with various data each time the report is generated and it’ll attach a full report
for you. So overall in terms of reports and things
like that, it’s a really solid piece of software, it gives you a really good visual
representation of your backlinks and of course, all of the important statistics you need to
make decisions on how to continue your link campaigns. If you’ve created some new backlinks,
adding them to your new project is simply a case of coming into this box, paste then
in all of your backlinks and you can see the total’s gone up there. Come up to tools,
sort and remove duplicate urls. So before we had 360-ish backlinks and now 691 there
and if you just click on go again that will clear out the old results and go back through
them all and update all of your backlink profiles. So I’m just gonna pause the video while
it does that. And this time around only took 2 minutes and 50 seconds to go out and check
691 backlinks and I just want to show the changes tab here. So you can see it’s detected
that this was a new backlink compared to when the project was last run and it’s also highlighted
that this link was removed and if we scroll down some more let’s see what other changes
there are, and we’ve got some other links here that have been removed. And this will
also alert you of any changes to the anchor text and things like that. So as you can see what was a very long and
drawn out process in scrapebox they only really told you when the links are alive or dead.
This is just a copy and paste one click solution and it fetches all of these data for you in
a really nice and easy to use way. And finally I just wanted to take you through
some of the options that you have. The default project settings are pretty self explanatory,
the crawl settings I leave default although I have requested that there is increase here
in number of threats available. And you also have the option to set up proxy’s and I
recommend that you get semi dedicated proxy’s if you’re going to be checking the page
rank and index statuses of thousands of urls, your definitely going to be needing some private
proxy’s. You can also set up any indexing services that you use so it automatically
indexes any of your unindexed backlinks which is pretty cool. There’s a just load of handy
features and the software is currently at version 3.4 and know the Inspyder team are
working on version 4 right now which has some really cool features in it. I’m not really meant to tell you what those
are but as a little hint I think they going to be including some automatic platform detection
and things like that in there. As well as some more details statistics and the summary
window and things like that. So it’s just a great all around tool. It’s a great time
saver; you can completely automate and get email reports and all of your backlink campaigns.
The only actual work you ever need to do is paste your links of backlinks in here and
click start. The software does all of the rest of it for you. It really is that easy. Inspyder backlink monitor is available for
a one time payment of $74.95, but my blog readers can get an exclusive $10 off this
price. You can claim your exclusive discount by clicking on the link underneath the video
or by visiting the link on screen right now. The discount will automatically be applied
when you click the buy now button and there you can see the discount then all you need
to do is checkout. So that concludes my backlink checker management
tutorial. If you want to get see more tutorials like this then head over to my blog and subscribe
to my email list in the sidebar or at the end of one of my posts. See ya!


  • Matthew Woodward


    That is for major updates when they add huge amounts of new features, rather than incremental ones with tweaks/fixes/minor additions.

    Most software is like that – rather that, than a monthly subscription though right?

  • Fredrik Holmboe

    Just a small not, you have misspelled Insypder in the headline to this video…

    Other than that, thanks for great content!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Matthew Woodward

    *note ๐Ÿ˜›

    Haha my spelling sucks at the best of times so thanks for pointing it out! You'll probably find a whole bunch of spellys on my blog to be fair.

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