The Best Jeep Wrangler Off Road Lighting | Light Bars + Rock Lights + Flood/Spot Light
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The Best Jeep Wrangler Off Road Lighting | Light Bars + Rock Lights + Flood/Spot Light

I’m Ryan from, and in this
video I’m gonna walk you through a couple of different options you have for off-road
lighting. There are a lot of different types of lights
that you can install on your Jeep. You can use them for all different purposes,
and we’ve been wheeling this Jeep all day long. You can tell by how dirty it is. But it’s starting to get dark out, so now
is when all of those lights are really going to shine, no pun intended. Make sure you subscribe to our website to
check out all the videos we’ve been making all day long today. But for now, let me tell you a little bit
about these lights before we hit the trail. So the first light bar that I wanna talk about
is right up here. These are super popular right now. This is a 50-inch lightbar by Raxiom, and
this is their double row lightbar, so this is going to have 105-watt LEDs. This thing throws a ton of light. Most 50-inch light bars are going to do that. They’re going to just throw a ridiculous amount
of light. It’s honestly a lot more light than what a
lot of us need when we’re out on the trail or in our everyday lives. But a lot of people just like the way these
look as well. A lot of guys will install ’em and never even
really use them. What we’re gonna use this light for is when
we have a wide-open trail when we really wanna see 100, 200 yards down in front of us, we
have a campsite, we have a work area, we’re doing a nighttime in recovery and we just
need gobs and gobs of light. Now, the downside of something like this is
because it is mounted up high and it is so powerful that if you have any other Jeeps
in front of you in line on the trail or certainly anybody coming towards you, you’re definitely
gonna blind them. You’re going to ruin their night vision, so
this is going to be for those certain circumstances, but it’s not an all-the-time light. What we have here is Raxiom’s smaller 21.5-inch
lightbar. Now, this is gonna be similar to that 50-inch
except, of course, it’s smaller. It’s going to still be a double-row lightbar,
have the same LEDs, even have the same beam pattern with the floodlights on the outside
and the spot on the inside. But this is going to be able to be mounted
in a few additional locations. That 50-inch you can really put only in one
spot, this you can mount up on this bullbar. There are a couple of bolt-on grill mounts
that you can get for this light, so it is a little bit more useful in that way, and
it’s also going to throw a little bit less light which, as alluded to before, can be
a good thing if you have somebody in front of you on the trail. You don’t wanna completely blind them with
the 50-inch LED. So this is going to be a little bit more useful
light. You can also aim it down a little bit further. So this is going to be something that we honestly
use a lot more often than even the 50-inch. Up here we Raxiom’s 3-inch square LED lights
and these are going to be the workhorse lights. These are gonna be probably the lights that
you will use more than of the other ones. Now generally when I’m talking about lights
up on the A-pillar like this, I wanna see a spot pattern light. When you have a flood pattern like this is,
you can get some light bouncing off the hood back into your eyes as the driver, and that
can actually hurt your night vision. But the way that we have these lights in is
actually out toward the gutter, so whether we’re driving on the trail or one of those
dark backroads without oncoming traffic, we can flick these lights on. We can keep an eye on the gutters of the road,
check for any crossing wildlife. Again, these are lights that are going to
be very, very functional, very useful. They still throw a ton of light, not as much
as that 21 of course. Of course not as much as the 50-inch, but
they are gonna be a very useful light that you’re gonna find yourself flicking on and
using all the time. The last of the lights we’re gonna talk about
tonight are these Lite Spot Chasis rock lights. I like these lights because they’re a little
bit unique for rock lights. These are actually mounted on a magnet, which
makes mounting the light very, very simple. You can smack it on the pinch seam on the
side of the body, where we have ours mounted. You can put them underneath the Jeep on the
bottom of the chassis itself. You can put them on the skidplates if you
wanted to. Of course, they’re not gonna be as well protected. So you can really mount these lights anywhere
you want, and that depends on how you’re gonna use them. If you’re gonna use them more like a puddle
light, if you want your spotters to be able to see you when you’re out on the trail at
night, or if you just wanna be a little bit flashy when you’re hanging out with your buddies. Again, a lot of different uses for this type
of light. These lights are going to be a little bit
more difficult to install than some of the other lights we talked about, because of course
you have get two wires to each of the light locations. They all have to run back to the same spot
to the switch, and that switch has to be powered. So again, a little bit more investment in
the installation, but these do give you a look and a function that the other lights
we talked about just can’t. So those are the lights we have installed
on this Jeep. Now let’s actually take you out on the trail
and show you how these are used and what they actually do in the real world. So as you can tell ,it’s fully dark out here. I don’t know how well you guys can see me. I can hardly see anything because right now
I don’t have any of the auxiliary lights on. I just have the factory JK headlights on,
which we all know leave a lot to be desired. So the first set of lights I’m gonna kick
on is that 50-inch, and here we go. It’s like daylight in front of me. Like I said, these lights throw an absolutely
ridiculous amount of light. In some scenarios, it’s actually too much. Right now, because I’m the only guy on the
trail, being able to see all the way down in front of me is a good thing and this light
actually does have a purpose. So, turn that one off and now the 21.5-inch. And that’s a much more manageable amount of
light. It’s still a very, very useful amount of light. It’s still a very bright light. I love where this one is mounted, which is
right on top of the bumper hoop. I think it’s a really nice location. I can aim it up or down, depending on where
I prefer my light, and it’s just a good amount of light. It’s a good, useful amount of light, but if
somebody was in front of me on the trail right now, I wouldn’t be completely blinding them,
which is what I like out of this light. It’s a really nice size, and it just works
really, really well. All right, I’m gonna go ahead and turn off
the 21.5-inch and hit the gutter lights on. And these, I’ve said it before, these are
the workhorse lights. I really, really like having these lights
on. They give you a much wider viewing range than
your headlights do, or even any of the other auxiliary lights that are forward-facing. I really enjoy having these lights. In fact, having one of those duel A-pillar
mounts so I can a set aiming out and a set aiming forward, is one of my favorite setups. Running a flood light like I have now aiming
out, a spot aiming forward, is a great combination. These are gonna be super useful. Going down the trail now…this trail drops
off a little bit, and when I don’t have this light on, I can’t see that. So, this is going to be a light that’s gonna
be great for trail use like we’re doing right now, like we’re using them for right now. But it’s also going to be an absolutely great
light for driving down those dark backroads, especially if you live in an area like we
do, where there are animals crossing in front of you all the time, to avoid hitting them. These are going to be very, very useful. All right, now I’m gonna kick the gutter lights
off, and we’ll turn these rock lights on. And I’m actually very surprised by how much
light these throw from inside the cab here. It actually does a nice job of lighting up
to my left and my right even further around the corner than the lights pods do that I
put in the A-pillar. But rock lights in general, they’re gonna
be more for your spotter helping you out than it is for you as the driver. I mean, I can lean out the window a little
bit and they do help me to see, but this is going to be so my spotter who’s in front of
me can see what I’m about to run over, so I don’t hung up on anything, so there are
no surprises while I’m cruising down the trail. That’s what these are going to be super, super
useful for. So I have all of the lights on at the same
time right now, and all I can see it say is, “Wow this is a ridiculous amount of light.” Now I’m not gonna say there is no use for
having all of these lights and having them on at the same time. In a recovery situation, if you’re lighting
up a party, you know, then these are going to have some uses, but you’re not gonna have
all these lights on all at the same time on an everyday basis. But if you are looking for the ability to
light up everything in front of you, having all of these in place is gonna a good idea. The other reason people install lights is
just because they like the way it makes their Jeep look. They’re not even looking at them for the functionality,
and if you wanna have a bunch of installed on you because you like the way they look,
that’s fine too. So that’s it for this video. I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more
about off-road lights, the different types, how they work in the real world. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel
to check out other videos like this one, other great Jeep builds, and just generally some
awesome Jeep content.


  • Rocky X TV

    The best "cube" style lights I've had to date are the KC HiLites LZR series. These by far have been the best lights I've used in a long time, I have a set in the 60, 40 and 10 degree configuration and love them all. Another plus with these is that they are 20 watts each instead of the usual 10-12 watts. Great video guys!

  • A. Jarvis

    Something I learned the other day for the difference between the 50" roof mount and my 20" hood mount is when its raining, the roof mount tends to blind you more than the lower mounted lights. The light reflecting back from the rain is almost like fog the higher up your light source is. Hence why fog lights are mounted as low as possible 🙂

  • William Doody

    If anybody wants to get a lower 50” light bar mount rather than it sticking above the roof. Look into the rough country 50” light bar mount. They make it the same style mount.

  • douglas wilkinson

    Did you get the light bars from @t? That's where I just ordered mine from, they have a crazy sale on right now

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