The BEST Tools & Software for Your Marketing Agency
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The BEST Tools & Software for Your Marketing Agency

Want to take your agency to the next
level in 2019 in today’s video we’re going to cover some of the best tools
and software and third-party services you want to know about to run your
agency so stay tuned here we go all right welcome back and thank you for
joining me my name is Jordan Steen also known as Cereal Entrepreneur and at this
channel we talk all about starting a marketing agency running your own
personal brand or basically just building an online business and if
you’re interested in any of those topics you want to make sure and hit that
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this video so that way you get updated with all of our future videos free
trainings free resources and giveaways that we do here at my channel now to run
a successful agency you have to understand that there are several
services that you have to incorporate into your business and into your
marketing strategies that are gonna help you get better results for your
campaigns do better research better planning and ultimately just make your
customers more happy than you would if you weren’t using these tools oh and
make sure to stay tuned to the end of this video where we’ll give you a
checklist for all of your marketing agency needs it covers all kinds of
things from tools and templates and then it goes into a two-week training on
landing clients and really just getting your agency off the ground plus all the
services and everything like that but let’s go ahead and hop over to the
screencast and show you guys some of these tools alright guys so this is
HubSpot CRM and a lot of people ask what CRM to use when starting off with your
agency this isn’t necessarily what you’re going to want to use for your
clients if you plan to manage CRMs for your clients but as far as managing your
personal agency this is a great platform it’s free it allows you to do email
tracking and all kinds of stuff obviously it’s going to be limited in
the features since it is a free version but their next level up isn’t too
expensive if you have the budget for it you can obviously do something like that
outside of this in the past I have also recommended using something like an
Excel spreadsheet to keep up with it if you run out of features you know I’m one
of the free platforms you can always use an Excel spreadsheet you know put
everything up in the top columns like name business name phone number stuff
like that and that’ll work perfectly fine as well until you can afford to do
a service like HubSpot or salesforce or something like that okay so the next
tool we’re going to go into and a lot of you have heard of it is called HootSuite
it is what we prefer to use we actually kind of use a mixture between HootSuite
and social sprout for reporting but as far as Hootsuites concerned we’d like to
interface better as far as scheduling posts and being able to manage comments
and every body engaging with the page you can see
here we have all of our YouTube content we have comments coming in right here
sorry right here we have spam over here that we can manage there’s all kinds of
stuff that you know you can do from HootSuite manager that makes it easier
as far as just managing the community as far as scheduling posts I will say that
we do hire someone to manually schedule posts just because you can do that for
three to four dollars per hour outsourcing that job and it just makes
sure that you have all the proper formatting setup because sometimes using
these kinds of software’s can mess up the formatting what it actually goes to
post it to the page but HootSuite is ultimately the social media manager or
scheduler that we recommend using for your agency third tool or resource
rather that we want to talk about is and this is more for SEO we’re
gonna go into some SEO tools here and Moz is a really great tool for several
different reasons because most of you guys have heard me talk about 3-step
marketing and if not we’re putting out a video pretty soon on the 3-step
marketing concept that we’ve put together but basically it talks about
how SEO and pay-per-click is so important for driving a lot of this cold
traffic for local businesses and why because most people use search engines
to find something local to them right and so this gives you a bunch of free
tools that you can use to do research about a business or about a potential
client for your audits or whatever where you can get information about their
business listings keywords if you check this out we can open these up right here
and you can see we have the keyword Explorer so I can type in likes papito
seafood kitchen whatever you know we’ll just put in a business that you’re
potentially wanting to market to and it gives you some information about their
local presence and this again is some stuff that you can just take and take a
screenshot of or a window capture and just use this on a presentation it’s
great for building audits but it’s just something again that’s free and gives
you an idea of where the business stands and how you can potentially work your
way in for a sale right so this is a great tool they have all kinds of free
tools over here at the website we’re gonna include all of the links to all of
these sites down in the YouTube description so no worries there the next
SEO tool we’re going to go into is called screaming frog and
is actually a completely free tool they do have an upgraded version as well just
like every other software but their free version is pretty unique and pretty
useful as far as analyzing crawling a website finding where things are broken
or where you can make changes to say things like h1 tags h2 tags it’s a great
analysis tool for websites and for overall SEO but we’ve done a video on
this already so if you want you can go check out our video on screaming frog on
our channel just go to a search over there and you can figure that or you can
check that out yourself the next tool we want to cover is going to be serpstat
and serpstat is a cool tool that allows you to do keyword analysis and
ranking tracking or I guess keyword rank tracking and tons of different ways for
you to basically analyze the website and see how it’s going to perform on a
search engine or how to find basically keywords and techniques or strategies to
implement on your website that will help you rank higher on search engines but as
you can see we’ve put in social media marketing it’s going to show a search
volume competition cost per click and overall keyword difficulty which tells
us how we want to incorporate this specific keyword into our marketing
campaign into our content like blog articles and across our websites and
landing pages things like that now serp stat is basically a solution that’s a
little cheaper than ahref so a lot of people hear about ahref and it’s a great
tool I’m not I’m not you know doubting it whatsoever but most
of you are on some sort of budget right and so this tool is a lot more
affordable I think it’s only like 60 dollars for three months so a lot more
affordable only twenty bucks per month basically to be able to use this tool oh
and really quickly if you want to check out another video where we put together
four free tools that help you increase search engine ranking and help you with
keyword analysis check out this video in the top right hand corner so next we’re
gonna get into a little bit about analytics and a lot of you are familiar
with what analytics is but I got I mean I just have to tell you too many people
look for platforms to kind of outsource all of their analytics to when really
you can pretty much run everything you need to run through Google Analytics and
all you have to do is set up different properties and apps different views and
then different goal tracking methods for each property or domain
or platform that is coming from so you can see we have YouTube we have
clickfunnels we have a kajabi site we have WordPress
all of that so it’s all basically put in here and then we have a cross domain
property view or app not a property property and view basically showing the
different areas and how they’re pulling in search data where we’re converting at
with regards to what products are on what site people are coming from but
this is a great tool to show everything in one place so you can see if we go to
our WordPress traffic on our website and do our WordPress view we can come in
here and switch over very quickly to see what our traffic is like for that
platform and we have 10 active users on the site currently right now we have 6.8
K users in the last seven days 9000 sessions a bounce rate of nine point
five eight percent and a duration an average duration of about two minutes so
again just pulling in information where people came from what mediums what times
of the day our average users per month on mobile desktop tablet all of this is
being driven into our site as far as who visits our WordPress site then we have a
whole other view for our kajabi site which is where we run our course
platforms so two different sites but it allows us to track everything in one
area Google Analytics is definitely the tool you want to start using for
analytic you know tracking and data reading and analysis next one of my
favorite tools and one you’re going to want to check out not even when we make
any affiliate revenue off of just a tool that we really really love it’s
something that when you’re starting out you have to have something to plan
projects and operations and workflows right and this is what did it for us
we’re actually at the point now where we’re upgrading to another platform that
costs us about three thousand dollars per year to use that which is going to
help us become even more effective and efficient with our marketing campaigns
but if you’re looking for the starting out platform asana is where it’s at it
was super affordable to use we were able to build in tasks like you can see right
here I’m shooting my video for today and all of these tests behind that are tasks
for other social media campaigns or posts that we need to actually have
created and within each task so if I go back we’ll go up and we’ll go back
you can see each person is listed on their job they have due dates for
everything well they will once this task comes out this is a video or shooting
now so do due dates haven’t even been added because it’s a month and a half
out but we will have every we have every person assigned they’ll all have due
dates associated and added in right there we have different stages of the
content creation process and this is how it works whether you’re creating content
running ads or creating an ad campaign you want to have these these procedures
in place so that way all of these people that you’re hiring and outsourcing from
overseas or wherever it may be know exactly what to do and want to do it but
asana is the tool we recommend for that if you want to learn more about using
asana we’ve already put together plenty of videos on it but here’s one that
you’re going to want to start with first check out that video on asana the next
tool we really like to use is for team communication and this is where we
basically have all of our chats and instant messages between people so that
way we have it all in one place that’s really the key is getting everything in
one place because one of the big issues I had in the beginning because I’m not
very organized as everything was kind of all over the place now what I’m doing
since I have Ted involved is he’s basically bringing everything into one
place setting up systems and procedures where people are using the same tools
and software’s at specific times of the marketing campaign or just in general
with business processes so slack is what we recommend for business communication
check that one out the next tool is going to be GSuite and guys this is one
of my favorite tools you can see this is on my Cereal Entrepreneur and we
have our personal branding course for some reason I have Matt oh it’s because
I shared it’s owned by rest and bar okay but we have a Cereal Entrepreneur here
sorry we have a personal branding course we do consultations we have admins
basically me and documents and information that I want to keep track of
but this allows me to manage everything in my team you can see we have 21
members in the Cereal Entrepreneur drive and if we go inside that drive this is
broken down into a bunch of different folders and videos and documents and all
kinds of different information that we store and share access to the rest of
the team so that way they’re able to do their job and we can quickly remove
access to people and break it down however basically we needed to run plus
you get a gmail a business-related Gmail when you get involved with GSuite and
it only starts at $5 per month per account
so that’s really affordable and I believe if it’s still the same Google is
actually either giving out it’s a minimum of a terabyte but they used to
give out unlimited data like we have unlimited data storage because we were
one of the first customers using G suite business model we were one of the first
customers so we got unlimited data so we can literally store as much data as we
want to that might still be an option but I do know that they were planning on
switching to terabytes at some point so if they did leave it on comments below
so that way other people can find out but I believe it’s still five dollars
per month that you get unlimited cloud storage next is a tool for writing and
it’s called grammarly guys if you’re not using this and having at least your
writers use this tool you’re really missing out on a great free tool it’s a
free spell check tool that pretty much checks any web browser that’s ever open
so if you’re writing on Facebook writing a post on Facebook this will actually
check your spelling and your grammar on Facebook there’s tons of other features
that you can use for grammarly I personally don’t use it much since I
don’t do much of the writing anymore I do use it when I’m writing documents and
stuff like that but if you’re doing something that’s more in-depth like blog
writing or social media posts copy and stuff like that you’re going to want to
get grammarly and get your writers using grammarly it’s free again and then
when you do decide to upgrade its number one really cheap and affordable and it
adds on some extra features for tracking and saving information so that way your
team can work together oh and really quick question are you using grammarly for
your agency or have you even heard of Grammarly before if so let me know
below what what you use if you don’t use Grammarly what other apps are there I
didn’t even know there would be other apps but I use firmly so what do you use
but clearly the next one we want to cover is WordPress and this is one of
the best web development platforms that exists on the market it’s optimized for
SEO it’s one of the most easy to manage content management services or platforms
out there on the market and I definitely recommend if you’re going to be
developing websites for customers especially local businesses small and
medium-sized businesses you’re going to want to use WordPress because it makes
it to where you can easily upgrade sites and update sites over time meaning that
you can save that business owner money which gives them another reason
work with you right so web development on WordPress is definitely the way to go
check it out but just in case WordPress isn’t for you for developing
websites or you want to check out some other platforms we did just put together
a video on some of the best web development platforms in 2019 so you can
check out this video in the top right hand corner
another question we always get is Jordan where do we host these websites at what
is hosting you know what you know what do we do
basically I recommend going to Bluehost number one their customer support is by
far the best like forget GoDaddy forget everyone else their customer support at
Bluehost is the best it is some of the most affordable hosting that you can
find and is that it is the best quality as far as uptime and performance as a
matter of fact if you go to our website you can actually see how happy we are
with Bluehost service because we actually represent it at the bottom of
our web site as you can see right here in this little video so check that out
Bluehost is what you want to use for hosting and we’ll leave a link for
it in the description below now one of the biggest things that people ask me is
Jordan where do you create your thumbnails and I want to tell you guys
something very very maybe enlightening to a lot of you I don’t create my
thumbnails I have a graphic designer do that and they do it in Adobe and
Photoshop and if you’re not a professional graphic designer you’re not
gonna be able to mimic those thumbnails like that person is that takes years and
years of practice and experience and just having an eye for design what I do
is these little thumbnails that you see when we go live on social media as you
can see I am NOT a designer but if you need something that you can create these
kinds of thumbnails or captions or things that look kind of like this right
here you can see some of the ones we’ve done in the past right if you need
something that’s like this then what you need to do is go to canva because it
allows you now we are paying for the premium version of canva but it’s still
very cheap but it gives you access to all kinds of extra tools and resources
I recommend paying for that especially in the beginning if not they do have a
free version as well what tool do we recommend for landing
pages and generating leads definitely click funnels because it is the easiest
to make and to work with to integrate any type of third-party resources or
apps like for example the Facebook pixel all of these things are super easy to
integrate because click funnels is the biggest landing page developer out there
it’s also very similar to something like Wix or Weebly or
you know Squarespace something like that where it’s a drag-and-drop builder so
anybody can use this and create landing pages super quickly and you don’t have
to go pay a developer 100 $200 per hour to do it for you basically if you’ve
ever been through one of our funnels that’s what we use if you want to check
out click funnels and get a super cool discount then check out our link right
below this video in the description now upwork is a platform that you guys are
going to use to start outsourcing and building your team this is like one of
the primary platforms that I use for my agency and have use to hire over
probably 40 to 50 people now in the last two years
you can literally hire anybody to do anything from right up here web
development mobile development design writing admin support customer service
marketing accounting all and that’s not even all the categories so get on up
work I strongly recommend using it check it out go there just try it the final
outsourcing platform I want to tell you guys about is free up and as you can see
we are partnered with free up we know the owners it is a place where if you
want quality you’re going to get it from here because they have such an
excruciating process for these freelancers to get on board but once
they do they’re guaranteed to make a good living and make a decent income
because of the fact that they have the work there and they do so much to make
sure that all of these people are quality that everyone that uses their
platform is typically happy so if you’re a marketing agency owner or if you’re
really wanting to hire people to do some work for you and outsource some work for
you you need to go this URL
and that’s free up with three e’s okay
and you’ll get $50 for free and enter your coupon code JSTEEN50 and you’ll
get $50 off like your first free $50 you can hire someone and do 50 dollars worth
of work absolutely free alright guys so that’s pretty much it for this video but
before you get out of here I have to tell you we didn’t include all of the
apps and tools on this video we actually have a ton more over on our blog post so
you’re gonna want to go right below this video in the description and find the
section on our blog and click that link and go over to our blog and you’ll find
all of the other tools and softwares and apps that we recommend there but if you
have a question about any of these apps or software’s or if you want to know
what software tool I recommend for something else leave it in the comments
below and we’ll get back to you well that’s it for this video guys thank you
so much for hanging out you want to know since you stayed till
the end where you can actually get that checklist and the two-week training on
starting your marketing agency all you have to do is go right below this video
it’ll be the link at the very top of the YouTube description for our SM MA
checklist make sure to check that out it is so worth it you’re gonna love me for
it so thank you so much for joining me today and I will see you guys on the
next video until then Cereal Entrepreneur out bye guys ready to start
living the six-figure work where ever be your own boss lifestyle will at Cereal
Entrepreneur Academy we’ll teach you how to use a laptop and internet to start
your own social media and digital marketing agency get started with our
free Facebook Ads training links in the description below guys see you in the
course Cereal Entrepreneur out! you


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