The Easy Way To Get Backlinks to Your Law Firm’s Web Site
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The Easy Way To Get Backlinks to Your Law Firm’s Web Site

All right. What is the easiest way
to get back links to my website? All right, so backlinks to your website.
Just to catch you up. The reason that backlinks are
important is backlinks and a backlink is when one website
links to another website. A big part of Google’s algorithm’s, is getting
other websites to link to your website. So, for example, if the New York
Times links to your website, Google knows that the New York Times
is a very authoritative website. So when Google sees a link going
from the New York Times that links to your website, then Google makes a couple of
assumptions. They assume, well, since the New York Times is a
very authoritative website and the reason they know they’re
an authoritative website is because they look at what other
websites link to them. And they also look at how much content
they have and, and a lot of other things. But those are two big things. But they look at the New York
Times, they say, because the New York Times is
an authoritative website, we don’t think that they’re going to
just link to a spammy website. So we’re going to basically take the fact that they’re linking
to this other website and we’re going to almost look at
that as like a recommendation. It’s kind of like they’re vouching for you and as a result, because the New York
Times links to your website, the Google now looks at your website
as being more authoritative and we’ll bump you up a little bit
in, in the pagerank score. And pagerank, it used to be
public now is private. But basically it’s kind of how
Google ranks websites. This obviously happens in a
lot of different levels. Not everyone’s going to get links from the New York Times and most websites out there are not
as powerful as the New York Times. Most websites will pass
what’s called link juice. And that’s basically what the industry
term is, is that when a website links to you, the
authority that’s passed from that website, your website
is called link juice. So what’s the easiest way to get links? Well, there’s a couple of ways
you can sign up for and there’s a lot of different
types of links too, there’s a lot of different links that you
can get from like citations. So for example, like good ones
to get would be like Fine Law and Advo and Justia
and Martindale Hubbel and then also your local bar associations
if they have links. Florida bar and know links to attorney
webs or does Florida bar… California bar definitely links
to attorney websites. I can’t remember off the top of my head
if Florida bar links to websites. But any sort of organization like
that, Chamber of Commerce’s, local bar associations, better business bureau. That’s
a really good one. It’s, it’s expensive. It’s like 500
bucks for the year, but it’s a really good one
in Google likes it. Yelp is another really good one where Most people have a Yelp profile, but
if you don’t have a Yelp profile, make sure that you have a Yelp profile and make sure you’re signed up for that Yelp
profile because Google really likes it. So those are easy ways to get links.
Another way you can do it, another thing is really important
is like a relevancy. So you can be relevant in your
practice area. So like if a website that talks about personal
injury or injuries or car accident or something like that, if that links to
a personal injury attorneys website that’s really good for the topical relevancy.
But another part of relevancy Why do I keep kicking my thing here? Another part of relevancy
is local relevancy. And that means that the websites
that are local to your area, so if you’re located in Naples, Florida, then you want other businesses in
Naples, Florida to link to you. And one of the easiest ways that we do this is by making donations to youth
sports organizations. So we’ll go to Google will search, Naples, youth hockey, Naples youth basketball
and Naples youth cheerleading, Naples youth soccer, softball, whatever it is, dance, 4H club.
Anything you can do, go to their website, look and see
if they have a sponsored page. And if they have a sponsor page, send
him an email. Say, Hey, I’d like to make a donation to you guys.
Just want to make sure that I’m going to get a link from your
website. Most of the time they’ll be fine. Usually the donations are anywhere
from 100 to $200. And it’s usually like a year link. A lot of times they’ll step longer than that because the organizations
don’t take them down. But you can renew every year if you want to, but those are good for local relevancy. So that’s a really good way to get links. That’s actually probably the easiest way
is just you’re not technically paying. You’re paying for it, you’re making a donation. That’s one of the best ways to do it. There’s a lot of other black
hat ways to get links, more tricky ways…. They’re not tricky, more advanced ways that I don’t
necessarily want to go into because I don’t want to be giving
advice that’s going to… if you do it wrong, you can definitely
screw up your website. And wastes a lot of money, so I’m
not going to give advice on that. But, if you stick with those types of things, then you’ll be on a, a good path
to getting good links.

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