The Effective Ranking Factor That Google Doesn’t Want You to Know About

If you want to improve your Google rankings,
what do you do? You build links, you improve your on-page
SEO, and you try to improve your user metrics. Those are the three main things you can do. There’s another key strategy that can really
help increase your rankings. Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m
going to talk about the effective ranking strategy that Google doesn’t want you to know
about. If you go to Google Trends and you type in
Neil Patel, and you select the entrepreneur, right, because there’s many Neil Patels, you’ll
notice there’s a lot of spikes in my graph. What are those spikes? It’s spikes showing that people are typing
in my name. The more people that are googling my name,
because that’s also my domain name,, that’s more people looking for my brand. The more people looking for my brand, it shows
Google, hey, this brand is popular. If a brand is popular, what do they do? They actually rank you higher. I used to rank on page two for the key term
“online marketing” and now I rank on page one. There’s only one key difference. My content didn’t change. I didn’t generate more backlinks. All that happened was more brand signals. More people are googling for Neil Patel and
that shot up my rankings. How do I know this? I artificially inflated my brand signals. I had a lot of people on Instagram and Facebook
hold up signs that said “Who is Neil Patel?” When people are holding up their sign and
thousands and thousands of people are seeing it every single hour, it causes more searches. That causes people to google my name, click
on my result, and it shows Google that hey, this brand is popular. When a brand is popular, Google naturally
places it higher. Now granted, if you artificially inflate your
brand signals and it goes down afterwards, your rankings will drop as well. But if you can keep creating good content,
video, audio, whatever it may be, offer amazing product or service, people will keep coming
back and typing in your brand name. That’s a key for longevity. Here’s why they do this: Let’s say you take
BMW and General Motors. They both produce cars, but how should Google
know which site to rank higher? Sure, on-page SEO? Maybe backlinks? Well, after a site has millions of backlinks,
does it really matter? No. But if three times more people type in one
car brand over the other, it shows Google that everyone prefers a specific car brand,
so it should rank higher for the term cars. That’s why brand signals are really important. Continually try to build your brand. Don’t just optimize your on-page and off-page
SEO, really focus on building a strong brand like McDonald’s, American Express, VISA, Nike. When you do that, your rankings will also
go up.

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