The Importance of Page Speed
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The Importance of Page Speed

Hi! It’s Eric with Globe Runner Search Engine
Optimization again! I want to talk today a little bit about looking ahead into the future
and what’s changing in the search landscape. So when we’re working with clients, we not
only want to do something that is going to work today, but we really want to do work
that is going to work tomorrow. So right now when I’m looking ahead, I want to just point
some things out that are changing in the search world, and I believe that Google is moving
toward using page speed, the speed at which a page is downloading, as a key metric in
ranking pages. The reason I think this, if you read some of the Blogosphere out there,
particularly people like Matt Cutts and what Google presented at Pubcon this year, you’ll
find that they are talking a lot about moving toward a faster and faster internet. Now with
the new introduction of Google Chrome OS, the new operating system that is going to
work online, we are moving into a faster and faster world that is more dependent on pages
and systems that work at a very fast speed all through the internet. With that said,
page speed is going to be a big metric. Currently page speed, if you have a slow page speed,
it will hurt your rankings, but I think moving forward, faster and faster pages will rank
better. So, at Globe Runner right now, we are working to give all of our clients really
fast sites that are really efficient and downloading quickly!
We look forward to talking with you more, visit our site at! We’ll
talk to you soon! Thanks so much!

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