• srihari pusapelli

    Hey nothan, I just have a curious question.
    Have you really read the whole rack behind you ?
    Can we get a clear, picture of your catalogue?

  • Anthony Eneje

    I recently watched an interview that you had with, Ruan Marinho. You Briefly spoke about Link building services that you used to provide. Is there a company that you can recommend?

  • Kandaman

    I could not AGREE MORE. CONTENT Optimization is KEY to ranking and staying CONSISTENT in SERPS! Great video as always Nathan! Keep 'em coming!

  • Anthony Eneje

    Sorry to keep on asking questions. This may be my last question for today. lol. Clearly, I'm new to SEO. Pretty much everything I have learnt about SEO has been on youtube and reading blog post. At the moment I'm trying to build a case study. I've found a client – Atm not paying me anything.
    (feel bad charging something while I'm still learning)

    What I've done:
    – Done most not all on-site optimisation,
    – Citations – manually
    – schema Markup – that's another headache, slowly, slowly wins the race.
    – I'm not good at writing content – so use Iwriter (complete waste of time and money) > I end up having to rewrite the content.
    – would like to start creating backlinks (I used this https://app.dibz.me) to look for Guest Blogging, Forums and so on. I then use Ahref to look at Metrics.

    – My – UR is 6, DR is 0.1 I'm ranking number 1 for some keywords and overs I'm on the 3rd page for.

    How do is increase me DR & UR?
    How do i check if a site has a Dofollow?
    If I can i want to learn how to build backlinks myself. Is there any resources that you can recommend for a complete beginner, please.

    Kind Regards

  • Jason Duckworth

    Hey Nathan, thanks for the video. I always watch what you put out.
    Question: are you avoiding client seo because you don't enjoy doing it for other people? It does make sense to build your own empire instead of someone else's….

  • Jaya Vishwakarma

    Does using 2 to 3 images from Google images in our post can have a bad effect on traffic or any copyright? Actually, I want to use famous personalities photos on my blog

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