The Only Rule In Marketing You Have To Follow (Ignore This And Your Marketing Won’t Work)
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The Only Rule In Marketing You Have To Follow (Ignore This And Your Marketing Won’t Work)

– Have you heard the saying, that rules are meant to be broken? Well there’s one rule in
marketing that won’t change, and it’ll continue to work. And if you break it, you won’t do well. Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel and today I’m going to break down, the only rule in marketing
that you have to follow. (upbeat music) Before we get started, make sure you subscribe to this channel. That way when I release more marketing advice like this, you’ll get notified. Question for you, what do
you think this rule is? Take a guess, leave a comment below. Well, the rule is, the rule of seven. It’s the rule that you cannot break. If you think about marketing,
it’s changed over time. You used to be able to build a business from just one channel. If you look at Facebook, they grew by sending you e-mails, being like, your friend
invited you to Facebook. If you look at Dropbox, they
were all over social media. Share this on Twitter
to get more free space. If you look at a lot of other companies, they grew through one channel, like let’s just say Google AdWords or SEO. But you can no longer
grow through one company. The other thing that you’ll find is, even if you find a few
channels that are working out, you have so many competitors these days, that just hitting people once, won’t cause enough conversions. From all the data that we’ve looked up at content marketing, social
media marketing, even AdWords. People need to see your
brand roughly seven times, technically I’m holding up eight fingers, but seven times before
they end up converting into a customer. So once
they see you seven times, interact with your brand, they’re much more likely to convert. Now, let’s break down how you can leverage the rule of seven. One, be on the social wagon. When you’re on the social
wagon people have comments, questions, you can be there to answer and interact with them.
That’s a great way. Not just posting content
on these social sites, but also interacting,
taking the time to respond to comments, helping them out,
responding to their messages. That’s the first thing you need to do. The second thing you need
to do is leverage SEO. By being visible on the search engines, more people are going to see you. They’re going to see your company. They’re going to see your brand. You’re going to do better. And you can do things
like content marketing. You can do things like
social media marketing, link building, interlinking. They all help, but SEO is very valuable. Google’s the most popular
site in the world. If you’re not there,
you’re not going to get as many eyeballs. The third thing I want you
to do is leverage paid ads. Not just on Google, but also
Facebook, Taboola, Outbrain, banner ads, media buys. Any form of ads. You can go over to Facebook
and click on Info and Ads. So you’re going on Facebook to any of your competitor’s fan
page, click on Info and Ads, and you can see the ads that are running. This will give you a head start. You can also use tools
like Ubersuggest to see where your competitors
are getting traffic from. This will help you also get a head start. The fourth thing I want you
to do is update your content. You already know content
marketing’s effective. You’re writing content,
but what very few people are doing is updating their content. You’ll find that if you just write content and stop writing it, eventually
your rankings will keep dwindling down and down. Why? Because there’s roughly a billion blogs. That’s one blog for every seven people. There’s so much content. Google wants to rank the fresh stuff. If you don’t keep your content up-to-date, you won’t continue to rank, and people won’t keep seeing you. The last thing I want you to do is keep sharing your content. You know you’re already
on these social sites. People are already seeing
your stuff when you post, but not everyone does. The
algorithms are so restrictive, it’s very rare that
even ten, twenty percent of your audience is going
to see whatever you post. So might as well share that
same piece of content three, four, five times over
the course of a year. It’ll help you get more juice from that same piece of content. In essence, you’re continually sharing, you’re continually repurposing it. That’ll help you get more
eyeballs, more people back. And as a bonus tip, use tools
like Hello Bar and Subscribers to keep getting people back to your site because once they land there,
through push notifications and e-mails, you can get people
to come back to your site. Which will cause you, in the long run, to get people in touch
with your site seven times, in touch with your brand seven times, to engage with your brand seven times, to engage with you seven
times, and hopefully, buy your product or service. If you need help growing
your marketing, your traffic, your sales, check out my ad
agency, Neil Patel Digital. If you enjoyed the video, like it, share it, leave a comment below. Thank you for watching.


  • Neil Patel

    What do you think this rule I’m mentioning in this video is? Take a guess before watching, leave a comment below.

  • Sheryar Khan

    What I learned from you is consistency and to be honest, I don't follow anything else. I just make more and more content.

  • Michele Olivieri - Make Money Online

    This is golden it's been studied people need to have 7-12 touch points with your business before converting, that's why email marketing and retargeting is so important and can make or break your business. Thanks for this Neil πŸ™‚

  • Morocco Travel

    thank you so much dear Neil, you help my business to grow up…….. but don't miss to add Morocco on your system please. You are the Best

  • Od. Luis Marcano

    There's one thing that I've been thinking about SEO Neil: the more I learn from SEO, the more I think we need to improve our OFFline-Seo

    The first Search engines are the brain and the heart, we need to earn a priviledge place in the soul of our possible customers

    I mean: we need to go beyond the online world, for example, when a TV channel wants me for an interview I always say yes

    We need to be present in the offline world as well

    What do you think Neil?

    Greetings from Caracas, Venezuela



  • Thomas durai

    Neil I have a client who is education consultant…. He wants me to do call leads can u give me any suggestions

  • Jake Symons

    I'm getting into the whole customer touchpoints idea now. It's not something I thought about until I took a digital marketing class. You've just got to be where your audience is so they can see you pop up in places and think – oh yeah I know that guy. It's time to get on social.

    Would have been better if you had 7 tips in this video but I get it was getting long

  • SamT

    Great vid Neil. On the question you are asking, is it:
    – ABC, Always Be Closing
    – No Money, No Honey πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • GoTechUG

    I completely agree to the rule of 7. But mostly importantly, being able to keep your client which in whole is client service, support and retention. Look, we're all running away from Facebook or we find that Facebook isn't the 2007 social media platform we all wanted to be. Yet Facebook has became bigger and improved alot of there tools. The things is simple, they've failed to retain us and they're losing out (Facebook as a platform).
    Yes, we may be good at the rule of 7 but once you can retain your cliental, your off to the bins. So, i think the two (rule of 7 and and client retention) move together.
    Thanks Neil for your thoughts always.

  • Osama mamba

    Would you recommend taking irl pics of used photos or high quality stock photos for online (there is multiple products in multiple conditions)

  • Junkyard Cowboys

    Neil, I'm so novice at this, just opened a business 9 months ago. Can you please tell me best marketing for my city. My service is local, not nationwide. Thank you! Love your videos!

  • Vicki Warner

    Soaking up all your videos. Looking forward to using much more of your great advice, as I continue working with content a la Jon Morrow. Love your constant enthusiasm.

  • Govinda al araaf

    As always, your content is so full of gold. Hopefully someday I could learn directly from you abou digital marketing.

  • Shubham Prakash

    Hi Neil, i want to ask that according to you what are some common mistakes one should avoid making when starting out a new website. Btw your articles are always amazing and i wish i could create content like your's one day.

  • Ali Mirza

    πŸ”΄ πŸ‘ 🀘 πŸš€ ahhh this makes soo much sense
    we are distracted
    we do need to see stuff more than onces
    7 sounds good

  • YewSPCC

    Holds up 8 fingers
    "Oh god dammit I am not filming this again"
    honestly though great video as always my man

  • Christopher Vogelmann

    I have heard from more than one internet marketing source that it actually takes 11-13 touches before a potential customer buys. What do you think of that Neal?

  • Sathya Pradeep

    Hi Neil, we are a hyper local e commerce company- we are in 3 cities as of now- whats the best channel for marketing?

  • Mazzika Now

    Hey Neil, can you make a video about Wix SEO wiz and can it do the SEO work ? Or is it better to use WordPress, thanks.

  • Charles Harewood

    Thanks for the info, Neil. I rarely update my blogs, but I'll definitely look at doing so without changing the feel of the blogs. Keep up your great inspiring videos.

  • Greg Sundberg

    Terrific info Neil, as always. Wondering where the number 7 came from? Plenty of anecdotal evidence that frequency is super important. I'm just wondering why 7 and not, say, 5, or 11, or whatever. Would love to see the research study(s) behind this. Much appreciated.

  • Nora maria

    Hi Neil, I'm a fresher and want to be a full time blogger. But I'm confused, which of these scenarios will you suggest

    Scenario 1:
    Planning niche, and start blogging ASAP( within a week), and then start learning SEO, SMM, and other tactics reading a lot . In this case I might be able to write only one article per month as I have to learn a lot too and is a newbie in writing also , but gradually, within an year, I could increase the posting frequency to 3 posts per week😍and even more on a consistent basis.

    Scenario 2: Wait and start learning keyword research, and other SEO methods, how to promote blog through SMM etc and plan some content ideas beforehand, and then may be within 3-4 months build a wordpress website and start blogging. In this case, I might be able to post 2 articles per week in the begining itself and gradually increase it along with learning more and more 😍

  • surya dhana sekar

    Hi Neil, I am not good at social media so what can I do to get more traffic.
    I am a beginner and I need a complete guide, so what can I do?

  • Marketplaces Creatives

    Hi Neil. Not sure to understand what you say at 2:30 – I'm French and it's going a way too fast for me. So what to do to see ads from competitors ? Thank you

  • Shraddha Shrivastava

    Hey Neil
    It's not been 24 hours of your video but I had one question… Info & ads has been removed from the Facebook probably last week then why u did use that…!!!!??
    Most importantly your videos are really informative and give so much information and tips thanks for that! πŸ™‚

  • clairethiv

    Great video Neil – I'm new to your content and already loving the pace at which you can deliver useful information. Thx for that.

  • Tom Caldwell

    Thank you Neil for reminding me of the Rule Of Seven. I have heard of it in the past. My problem is discipline, I find it hard the break away from all the cares of daily life and distractions to knuckle down and create my content. Does anyone have suggestions that will help?

  • Amanda Romero

    When you mentioned about Clicking ro your competitor’s fan page info and ads, I could not find that opciΓ³n.

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