The SSL affect on Search Engines rankings (au) The Virtual Webmaster
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The SSL affect on Search Engines rankings (au) The Virtual Webmaster

What is the SSL affect on Search Engine Rankings
and Online Visibility? In 2014 Google announced the SSL/HTTPS would
be a ranking factor in their search engines. Until now it has only been a minor ranking
factor. It is now about to be a game changer. In 2018 there is a push from all the major
players, including Google tomake the internet secure. Sites with SSL are considered secure and are
already ranking higher. Sites without SSL are considered untrusted
and will lose their rankings. Search Engine rankings are not the only way
SSL will affect your online visibility. From July 2018 Google will start displaying
an alarming warning message in browsers. Your connection to this site is not secure. This will potentially scare visitors away,
and make them think twice before doing business with you. Another major ranking factor is speed. People hate slow loading websites. The new HTTP/2 internet protocol is being
rolled out. Only secure sites with SSL will be able to
use it. Sites without SSL will find themselves in
the slow lane on today’s super information highway. Don’t be left behind in the race to new
clients. The SSL affect on Search Engines Rankings
and Online Visibility is going to be huge! Secure your site now. Getting an SSL certificate for your website
is easy and inexpensive. The Virtual Webmaster provides a complete
installation and configuration service. Click the link below to get your site secured

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