The Thrift Store Haul ,20 Year Search Is Over(Vintage )

you and welcome to another thrifty Thursday
I’m sitting out in my greenhouse yes it’s a very cold morning but I have some
work to do out here I thought why not share with you what I got this week at
the thrift store now some of my new subscribers are not gonna believe me
when I said this I actually overspent again I can go a whole year and spend
only five dollars a week but the last two thrifty Thursdays
oh my word I cannot believe what I got so I’m gonna share with you some of the
items I got this week were things that I have been looking for for over 20 years
and I cannot believe today was the day that I actually found it a Facebook
group we talk a lot about vintage items and things that we are looking for and I
just shared with everybody that I was looking for these items I can’t believe
after all these years I found them but first I’m gonna share with you what I
got as you know I love vintage things and so I got a bunch of these Sela meals
they were fifty cents each illah meal they are actually very vintage they’re
from the 70s and I actually have the machine and now I have the vintage bags
to go with them I probably won’t use them to store food but you can seal all
kinds of other things with them and I wanted to share with you something that
penny gave me it’s really old little cookbook and it is so special so
thank you so much penny penny also made meet these two washcloths so thank you
so much penny and I also got so many cards thank you everyone for all of your
Christmas cards I received a beautiful tea towel
I received a beautiful handkerchief that I’ve put in my china closet thank you
guys so much for all your special gifts that you’ve given me over the Christmas
season so I got some more meals so the Sela meals another 50 Cent’s I’ve
got a lot of stuff today I got one more for 50 cents and then I
got these bags for 50 cents neither to put candles in but I’m gonna use it for
something else I thought they were so dear because they were scalloped at the
top so I’m gonna use these for another craft and here is all of my Christmas
cards thank you guys so much they’re beautiful and I’m gonna try to make some
kind of craft with them all so we’ll see what we work on with that and also when
I give a special thank you to the one person who had something in their card
for me thank you so much for that that was very kind of you and as you know
I’ll use it very wisely okay so I know I’m digging in here because I’m trying
to get all the other stuff first before I share with you what I found that was
so exciting so the books were half off and I got the casserole Queens thought
this was great we could make a lot of videos with it and who doesn’t like
casseroles and then the hayday country market cookbook this is actually 17th
century cooking very neat very neat and there’s all kinds of ideas it’s very
neat all kinds of ideas in the old-fashioned cooking and I got this for
a dollar cause it was half off and then I got for half off this tiny little
roast pan and it needs some cleaning good cleaning but for a dollar fifty I
really like it because it’s small and I don’t have a small one alright so now
I’m going to share with you what I’m so excited about I had one piece of this
and this was from grandma Fanny it was a child set and I’m gonna share with you
right here the picture so I was telling everyone in my Facebook group how I’ve
been longing to find it this and I don’t know if it’s the original set but
I did find the children’s cookware set so excited so here is the children’s
cookware set now this is what made my expense to come to 16 dollars for all of
this I know it’s high-priced it’s the second
time I’ve ever spent money like this but it’s something I have always wanted and
thankfully I had the money along with me a dollar fifty each
so I have the child’s cookie sheet I have the child’s dish pan I have the
child’s cheese grater or whatever that is I don’t know what that’s supposed to
be I have a child strainer the child’s kettle for a dollar fifty and then the
cup for $0.50 I got it I cannot believe it
do you know how excited I am for this I also was able to own thrift books to get
the original book and I only had to pay three dollars and 99 cents for it I got
the children’s set there’s a few things that I didn’t get with this set so I’ll
still keep watching but I wanted one so badly
I know it’s silly but it’s the little things in life that make you so happy
so I want to show you with you one other thing I got so I got just three items at
the Dollar General and I wanted to share with you you know I talked about all
this essential oils but they came out with a new one so I wanted to share with
all of you because I know lots of you have got it they came out with the
lavender so I got two of them because they sell out quickly but now they have
the muscle ease they have the peppermint they have the tea tree and now they have
the lavender so I got two of these and they had the charcoal white toothpaste
this is organic charcoal white so I thought this was something probably
expensive so I did pick this up there you go everyone
it’s my thrifty Thursday oh my goodness and yes most of my
thrifty Thursdays are $5 and $6 I don’t spend money like this but I was so
excited to be able to find all of these children’s set I think I’ve been looking
for for many many many years so I’m really excited so this is a Christmas
that’s gonna be extra special so what am I gonna do with all this I bet you’re
asking come January we’re gonna work on a project using all this children’s
cookware and I’m gonna share with you how I’m gonna display it take care of
one we’ll see you guys tomorrow start seeing is at the end of my videos if I
haven’t reached the 10 minutes you’re gonna see just a project or something
I’m working on that day my goal is to try to get people to watch as long of
the video as they can so in a 10 minute video if they can watch 9 to 10 minutes
that really makes a difference with my channel and so I want to have that
magical 10 minute mark and that is really important to me because 10
minutes makes a huge difference in my channel and in my income so to get
people to watch my videos I’m trying to get something special for the whole
video so they don’t click off of it when the video isn’t finished so thank you
guys for all of you that are still watching I thank you so much it means a
lot to me and I can’t wait to see you guys tomorrow bye I want to take this time to thank
everybody for watching my videos hey if you like old fashioned living and you
want to learn how to live cheat and you want to save your money for the year of
2020 I hope you share my videos and most of all I hope you watch them sharing my
videos and sharing my channel is making a huge difference in my life just take a
look it’s because of all of you sharing everything that you’ve done for me is
what’s making my channel grow there’s going to be a lot of money saving ideas
coming up in 2020 especially headed towards the new year so we’re gonna be
working a lot about saving money finding ways that we can just be more self
efficient without that expensive cost that you see in so many channels I want
to share my life with the world and I’m going to be sharing everything about me
everything about my life and things that I haven’t even shared before 2020 is
gonna be a great year it’s going to be the year of victory if you like these
thrifty Thursday videos and you see my videos and wonder where the items come
from go ahead and click on one of my playlists it’s right here it’s right
below me do you see it click on that and you get to see all of the things that
I’ve gotten and you get to watch them in my future videos take care everyone
we’ll see you guys tomorrow bye

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