Three Proven Methods to Find Backlinks for Your Shopify Store
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Three Proven Methods to Find Backlinks for Your Shopify Store

Hey Shopify Store Owners. In
this video Justin will be going through three proven ways to get
more backlinks to your Shopify Store. Hi! This is Justin from
OSI Affiliate Software and today, we’re going to be
looking at three different methods of getting more
backlinks to your ecommerce site. This will in turn improve
your Google rankings. The first website we are going to be
looking at is If you visit their site, you can sign
up for an account. I’ve already done so and signed in.
And we’re going to use ahrefs to analyze our competitor’s
backlinks. So let’s say I have a pet ecommerce store. I sell a
lot of different pet goods like leashes, collars, etc. One of my
biggest competitors and probably the most popular competitor I
have would be Pet Smart. So we’re going to put in their
domain. So what I’m going to do is put in and
hit Search Links. Once I’ve done that, I’m going to click
on this Links button right here and this will allow me to see
all of the websites that link to Now obviously,
there are tons of websites linking to a website like but the great thing about using ahrefs is that I can
check some of these websites and see why they are linking to Pet
Smart. Now if I go through this list, I’m looking for
different websites that are linking to pet smart as well as
other pet ecommerce stores. But what I can do with these links
is check on them and see if they are willing to link to my
website as well. For instance, if the page is showing a bunch
of different pet ecommerce sites, I can ask them via email
or calling if they would like to link to my website as well. Now
another great way to get more backlinks is to check for
authorized online retailers. So let’s say I’m an authorized
reseller for Pet Safe. They make a lot of different pet
materials, collars, things that I sell on my website. Now what I
can do is see if they have a page set up for all of their
authorized online retailers. So what I’m going to do is search
in Google, “petsafe” with quotes and then + and then
“authorized retailer”. Once I hit enter, as you can see, the
first one is actually for Petsafe’s own website talking
about their authorized retailers. So what they have
here is a list of all of their retailers. So what I can do is
ask that they add me to the list and include my link. You can
repeat this process for all of the different products you sell
and see if their companies will give you a backlink. Now like I
said earlier, my ecommerce site sells a lot of different pet
goods such as dog collars and chew toys. However, I don’t
sell any dog food. I’m not in direct competition with a
company like Eukanuba. So what I can do is visit their website
and see if they are linking out to different resources or
different stores that might be interesting to their customers.
So actually on their website, they have a section for Dog
Resources so I’m going to click on that and let’s go to
the activity category. And as you can see, they actually link
to a bunch of different articles having to do with pet activity.
So if I have an article, what I can do is submit it to them,
send them a quick email saying, “Hey, here’s an article I
have,” and you will get a high quality backlink from Eukanuba.
Now you won’t be able to find this on every website. However,
there are several that have something like this. Some of
them will have a Partners section. You can even try
finding the manufacturer and see if they link to other websites
like yours. Well, I hope you enjoyed this video. Once again,
this has been Justin from OSI Affiliate Software. Thank you so
much for watching and I will see you in the next video.

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