Top 10 BEST WordPress Plugins (SEO, Performance, Security)
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Top 10 BEST WordPress Plugins (SEO, Performance, Security)

– [Otto] Do you want
your WordPress website to get more traffic and customers? Faster performance with
shorter load times, and security from hackers and malware? Of course you do. So we’ve put together a
list of the top 10 must-have WordPress plugins that
every website should have. Best of all, these are completely free to download and start
using today, stay tuned. (subtle electronic music) Hey, Otto here from, your one stop shop for
all your website needs. Whether you want to build a
website easily and affordably or if you already have a website and you want to get more traffic and better performance and security, we help with all of that, which we’re talking about
today with WordPress plugins. If you haven’t set up your
WordPress website yet, we have a great step-by-step
video tutorial here which you’ll find on YouTube
and also on our website. We also offer discounts up to 66% off, the most popular WordPress
web hosting companies and software as well. So if you wanna take advantage of that, make sure you visit or visit the video description below which will link to
these discounts as well. So here we have the website
that we actually created in our step-by-step tutorial, and we’re going to talk about plugins, and what are the best plugins
to add to this website to make it even better. So to add a new plugin, all you have to do is go to the left hand sidebar,
and then click Add New. Now here we’re looking at
some of the featured plugins. Some of these plugins can
do some truly amazing things such as bbPress, which adds
a forum to your website, so you can build a community online, BuddyPress helps you to create
a social networking site where users can sign up and
create their own user profiles, see activity streams and even
communicate with one another. If we go to the popular plugins here, you can see you can add a contact form so visitors of your website can send you an email really easily. You have WooCommerce which
allows you to turn your website into an e-commerce store. This is similar to
Shopify, but much cheaper. Now, as you can see, there
are literally hundreds, if not thousands of plugins out there. But today, we’re going to
share with you the top 10 that we believe every
WordPress website should have. Now the best thing about plugins are that most of them are
completely free to start using, all you have to do is click install now and then activate those
plugins to start using them. So without further ado,
let’s begin the list of the top 10 must have WordPress plugins. So at number one, we
recommend a page builder, and the page builder that
we recommend is Elementor, which you can find right here. Elementor with over three
million active installations is a very powerful plugin. What Elementor does that separates it from any other WordPress theme out there is that it is actually a page builder. Now a page builder is
different from a theme because instead of just
changing the outward appearance, it actually changes the
way you edit your website and makes it drag and drop. Drag and drop editing is
the simplest form of editing because everything is visual. This is similar to how
Squarespace and Wix work. Now the one complaint
from a lot of beginners is that WordPress is not as easy to use. Well, if you install the
free page builder Elementor, WordPress does become just as easy to use as Squarespace, Wix or
any other competitor. So we’re editing our
website here with Elementor. And you can see how easy it
is to quickly edit a headline, and you can drag and drop any element or add multiple elements to your website. So if you wanna move things around, it’s as easy as drag and drop, and it doesn’t get much better than this. If you’d like to learn more about the best WordPress
themes and page builders, make sure to check out our recent video, where we share the top
five WordPress themes. So next up on our list is Yoast SEO, which stands for search
engine optimization. As you can see here, Yoast SEO is one of the most
popular WordPress plugins with over five million
active installations. Here’s Yoast in action. If you’re unfamiliar with SEO
or search engine optimization, what this means is that
you optimize your content and your website to show up on Google. So when someone searches up a key phrase such as salmon recipe, you can actually optimize
the meta description and what people see on Google. By optimizing your content
and the meta description using Yoast recommendations right here, you can actually optimize that content so you have a higher chance of ranking on the first page of Google, which will then get you a high amount of organic traffic and
visitors to your website. Yoast is a powerful plugin that’s completely free to start using. And SEO is definitely a key component of any successful website. So if you wanna get more traffic, more daily visitors and more customers, then focus on SEO for all of
your content and your website. Now third up on our list is
an email marketing plugin. There are many email
marketing plugins out there. But today we are
recommending Hustle Marketing from WPMU DEV, which is a great company that we will feature later
in this list as well. Here on our website, we’re using a Hustle to create an email opt in. This means that anyone
who visits our website can put their name and their email and sign up to our email subscriber list. When they get added to
our email subscriber list using our email software,
which is Constant Contact, we can easily create
email marketing campaigns to directly contact them when
we have a new piece of content or if there’s a new product on the market. Having this direct line of communication is key for any successful
business or website. There are many different
email marketing plugins and also email marketing software, but the one that we recommend
is Constant Contact. You can connect Constant
Contact to your website using a plugin like Hustle. Make sure to take advantage
of our 60-day free trial with Constant Contact
email marketing software by going to
and scrolling down. You can access a 60-day free trial, so you can start using
this with your website. Now fourth on our list is
the Official Facebook Pixel. Now, you don’t actually
need this plugin to do this, but it’s important that you
install a Facebook pixel on your website as soon as day one. The reason why is because when you have a Facebook
pixel on your website, it allows you to add visitors to a list that you can later use to retarget. So a retargeting campaign allows you to target customers and visitors who’ve already visited your website. This is actually a very efficient way to use paid advertising because at least you can show to people who already are familiar with your website or with your brand. So it’s important that
you start collecting that from day one so you can get a
big list of all your visitors who’ve come to your website, and you can show ads
to them in the future. Combining Yoast SEO with a
powerful email marketing software such as Constant Contact
and then a Facebook pixel so that you can further
collect your customers is a great way to increase
engagement on your website, which in turn is gonna
lead to more visitors and more paying customers. Next up, we’re going
to look at performance and the first performance
plugin at number five is W3 Total Cache. Now the key to getting faster load times involves using a caching plugin. W3 Total Cache is one of
the leading caching plugins, with over one million
active installations. A caching plugin allows your visitors to download a part of your website so that loading it up again is
much quicker the second time. If you combine this caching plugin with something like a CDN
using StackPath or CloudFlare, you can further decrease load times by allowing your visitors
to load your website from the closest servers
to them, geographically. So let’s say you’re based in California, but you have a website
visitor who lives in London instead of having to load the website from a server in California, they can actually load the website from the nearest server to them in the UK. Fast load times is actually a
factor when it comes to SEO. As you can see here with
the Google PageSpeed report, the better your Google PageSpeed report, the better chance you
have at ranking highly on the first page of Google because they wanna show websites that are quick and responsive for the best customer experience. Now at number six, we have
another performance plugin. This one is called Smush Image
Compression and Optimization, which comes from the same company that created Hustle, WPMU DEV. Smush has over over million
active installations and a powerful five star rating. What Smush allows website owners to do is compress all the
images on your website. If you want to get faster load times, one way is to minimize
the size of your website that your users and
visitors have to download. Most of a website size
can come from images, especially if you upload images that are too big or too large and not compressed when you upload them. With a click of a button, Smush can compress each of these images, saving your website a ton of space and saving your users a ton of time by not having to load such
large files and download them. Another key feature of Smush is lazy load. Lazy load also speeds up load times because it allows users to only download the parts of the website that
they are currently viewing, so it won’t load an entire webpage unless a user is actually
scrolling through to the very bottom of that page. As you can see here, lazy loading is active on our website. Now that we have performance
and marketing down, it’s time to talk security. Over 1/3 of the entire World Wide Web runs on the WordPress platform. WordPress is a completely secure software with thousands of developers working to make it more secure and
perform better every single day. Now because 1/3 of the entire internet runs on the WordPress platform, it is a popular target for
hackers, especially for beginners who don’t know how to
secure their website. Luckily for you, securing
your WordPress website is as easy as installing
a few free plugins. The first plugin on our list
is called Really Simple SSL. This has over three million
active installations and a stellar five star rating. Essentially what Really
Simple SSL allows you to do is get this lock here on the top left, and it allows your website
to use the HTTPS protocol, which is encrypted and completely secure, as opposed to the old
HTTP, which is unsecured. Now, if your website’s still using HTTP, then you need to get an SSL certificate so that you can get the
lock on your website. Installing a plugin
like Really Simple SSL, activates that SSL certificate and make sure that you get
the lock on your website so that it is secure for all
your customers and visitors, not to mention yourself. If you don’t have an SSL certificate, make sure you visit the web
hosting page on our website because most of these web hosts offer a free SSL certificate such as Bluehost and SiteGround. All right, so at number
eight after we make sure that we have our SSL
certificate activated, we want to install a security plugin. Now the top three security plugins are iThemes Security,
WordFence and Sucuri. You can’t go wrong with any
of these top three plugins, and they’re completely
free to start using. Although they do offer paid versions that offer a firewall and
increased security as well. WordFence has over three
million installations and a five star rating. iThemes Security has almost
one million installations and a 4 1/2 star rating, and Sucuri has over 600,000
active installations with a 4 1/2 star rating as well. Now WordFence and Sucuri are
known for their firewalls which add an extra layer
of defense to your website. iThemes Security offers
many of the same features such as a two-factor authentication to allow you to have that
extra layer of security when logging in to your website. Overall, you can’t go wrong with any of these top
three security plugins. And again, they’re free to start using. So check them out and pick
whichever is best for you. Now ninth on our list is
also a form of security by installing an automatic update manager. And the one we recommend
is Easy Updates Manager which has over 200,000 installations
and a five star rating. Now what these plugins do is it automatically updates
your WordPress website and all of your plugins and themes so you don’t have to worry
about manually updating them every time there’s a new update. The reason why this helps security is because sometimes hackers
find exploits or bugs in certain versions of plugins and themes, and they release an update to patch that exploit or that bug. Now the problem is if you’re
not consistently updating your plugins and themes and
doing this on a daily basis, an updates manager allows you to just automatically update everything and have that peace of mind. Again, free to start using, so make sure you get an updates manager so that you don’t have to worry about manually updating all
of your plugins and themes. Now at number 10 and the
last plugin on our list is a backup plugin. Because at the end of the day when you work hard on your website, you wanna make sure you
have the peace of mind that no matter whatever happens, you have an extra copy of your website that you can restore at any given moment. Our recommendation for
the top backup plugin is UpdraftPlus with over two
million active installations and a five star overall rating. UpdraftPlus allows you
to backup your website and easily restore it with
just a few clicks of a button. You can even backup your entire website to your Dropbox account or to
Amazon, Google Drive and more or, you can simply have a backup stored on your website online and you can even email a copy to yourself. Now, that wraps up our top 10
must-have WordPress plugins. If you enjoyed this video, make sure to hit the thumbs up button and comment below letting us know. These 10 plugins are
going to take your website to the next level when
it comes to marketing, performance and security. If you want to easily access
this list of plugins directly, we’re actually gonna
have this on our website so you can visit and look for the best plugins
right here from our homepage or visit Remember, we offer up to 66% off the most popular WordPress web hosting companies and software so make sure you visit our discounts page on our website to access those. Last but not least,
make sure to subscribe, hit the notification bell and get notified of all uploads,
so you never miss a video. And at the end of this video, we’re going to link our WordPress playlist which has our complete
series of WordPress tutorials to help you out when you’re
creating your brand new website and taking that website to the next level. From all of us here at
WebsiteHelper, see you next time.

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