Top 10 FREE Best WORDPRESS Plugins for your site (2019)
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Top 10 FREE Best WORDPRESS Plugins for your site (2019)

After building over 100+ wordpress site in
the last 7 years of doing digital marketing. Today I have the list of the most amazing
and the most essential plugins that will make your wordpress sites 10 times better. If you watch this video till the end then
I can guarantee that you will install 4-5 of my recommended plugins. Also I’m giving away 5 copies of wp rocket
which is a premium wordpress speed plugin worth $50. To be eligible for this plugin all you have
to do is like the video, subscribe to my channel and comment with “ give me the plugin. “ And also follow me on Instagram because
I’ll be announcing the results their. My instagram username is dmankur. I will choose 5 winners and announce the result
on instagram once we reach 1000 likes and comments. So let’s get into my laptop screen. You can check the description section of this
video to get the links of all the plugins mentioned in this video. Click here if you want to watch the free digital
marketing mastery course worth Rs. 60,000 for free and click here if you want to watch
my affiliate marketing mastery course where I’ll show you how to create and scale an
amazon affiliate website from scratch. Screen Recording Subtitle So, the first and the most important plugin
for any website owner is a speed plugin. Since all my websites are hosted on the siteground
hosting as you can see in my blogging tool section on my website The
hosting that i use and recommend is siteground and the best part is the Siteground hosting
comes with a free SG Optimizer Plugin. Earlier I use to use wprocket as my speed
plugin. It’s a paid plugin out there. It’s a super amazing plugin and it is super
easy to configure. All you have to do is upload it, install it
and it will make your website ultra fast. But recently i had shifted to SG Optimizer,
it’s a free plugin provided already by the siteground hosting. So if you are already using siteground hosting
you can install this plugin. You can see it here i have already installed
it on my website. It has all the functionality that a good speed
plugin should have, it has as you can see all the image optimization for the frontend
optimization i have minify, HTML, JAVA Script, minify CSS all the options are enable this
is making my website extremely fast. If you don’t have the siteground hosting or
you don’t have the money to invest in wp rocket then you can go for W3 Total Cache. It’s a very popular speed plugin out there
in the wordpress plugin department. So once you install it just play with the
settings or watch youtube tutorial on how to configure it and your website will be extremely
fast. So having a speed plugin is a mandatory requirement. If I must tell you the faster your website
the better SEO for your website. The faster your website is more traffic you
will be able to drive because people will be happy with your website and google also
prefer a fast loading website so I highly recommend a speed plugin. Just a side note, whenever you are installing
a speed plugin and whenever you are enabling the options such as minify, the html, minify
the JAVA Script and combine CSS whenever you are enabling any option just make sure you
open your site because sometime what happen is that website behave abnormally to certain
settings. So just make sure you enable setting one by
one and then see the response of your website if everything is loading fine then its working
perfectly. The next extremely important plugin every
wordpress website owner should have is a backup plugin and the plugin i use for creating backup
of my website is UpdraftPlus. This is a free plugin again, it has a pro
version but even its basic free version is more than enough. Now if you are using a siteground hosting
like me then the siteground hosting it selfs takes a regular backup of your website on
a daily basis. So you don’t have to worry about backup
but just for precaution i also take manual backups using this updraftplus plugin. It is one the most popular plugin one it comes
to backup as you can see the 5star rating here. 2.879 votes of 5stars rating. It is a very popular plugin and so many wordpress
website are using it and the plugin deserves applause because it have so many amazing features
the best part is that you can schedule your backup and you don’t have to do it manually
and you can store your backups from Google drive, Amazon S3 server or even by the membership
of updraftvault and you can store your backups there. I am using google drive to store all my backups. I just show you my updraftplus backup restore
plugin settings as you can see my next schedule backup will be on june 27, 2019 and you can
also do a manual backup by clicking Backup Now here. And again you can see that the last backup
was on 20th june because i have a set of 7 days that the backups are done weekly and
similarly you can see the earlier backup was done on june 13th and I am doing the backup
of the entire site that is database, plugins, themes, uploads, others everything. I can also restore the website to any restore
point i just have to press here and the website will be restore to that version. You can see the settings here, I am doing
the backup on a weekly basis and i am using google drive to save my backups. Since i already have purchase a space on my
google drive of 1 terabyte so this really helps me in keeping my website safe. Although site ground does give me the offer
of a regular backup. I gonna ask the support staff anytime to restore
my website or help me download a backup of my website but just for safety purpose I also
install this particular plugin and I think backup is something that is extremely important
for any website because your website might get hacked anytime or they might be some issue
with the website then you can easily restore your website to an earlier version. So I highly recommend you must have a backup
plugin. Just like I told you earlier that the website
speed matters alot and one other plugin that really help you speed up the website is the
WP Smush Plugin which was earlier called as WP Smush its not Smush Image Compression and
Optimization. As you can see the star rating here it also
has 3.841 star rating because what it does is whenever you are uploading an image to
your webpage you are adding size to your web page as you can see on my blogging tools page this is a image this is again an image. Similarly this is an image, the more images
your page will have the slower it will load and you don’t want a slow loading page because
you want your visitors to be happy.Because people are impatient now they don’t want to
wait 5 to 10 seconds for a webpage to load they will press the back button. So you want your webpage to load as fast as
possible and one such way to do it buy compressing the images and this is where Smush Image Compression
and Optimization plugin comes into play what it will do is will automatically compress
the images. So let’s say if your images of a size 100kb
so by using this particular plugin it will reduce the size of your image by 30 to 70%
without impacting much in the quality of the image. So, just like on this article i have so many
images out there so just by using the WP Smush Plugin I can save the size of all this images
and hence my webpage will be loading at a much faster rate. Although I was using it earlier but nowadays
I don’t use this plugin rather I use this website called so whenever
I have an which i need to compress so all I do is just select the image here and upload
it here. So the 4.7mb image was reduced by 81% and
the quality of the image has not being compromised much this is why I use this website call
the one reason why I have stopped using WP Smush Image Compression is because the more
plugin that you will install on your website the slower your website will become this is
why i recommend to have as low plugin as possible but using this particular website is a manual
process because you have manually upload the image and download them then upload them to
your wordpress server. But by using WP this Smush Image Compression
and Optimization all you have to do is press a button and it will automatically compress
all the images of your website so I highly recommend this particular plugin as well. The next plugin needs no introduction it is
one of the most popular plugin out there and when we talk about SEO. It’s called the Yoast SEO. You can see the star ratings here 25 thousand
+ 5 star rating. It is one of the most popular SEO plugin out
there and i use it myself the best feature is that free you don’t have to buy it, and
the features are tremendous so whenever you are adding an article, let say i’ll just show
you one of my article here and income report here and so whenever you want to add the meta
title all you have to do is, once the plugin is installed you can add your own meta title,
you can add your own meta description, you also have other options like whether you want
to add the facebook title whether you want to allow search engines to index the page
or not, whether you want the search engine to follow the links on your post or not, so
all these functionalities given by yoast seo plugin its free to use and its one of the
best plugin out there. I think i don’t need to explain this plugin
more because already its very popular out there and as for the features i’ll recommend
that you turn off the readability analysis of this plugin , go to yoast seo plugin here
– go to the general settings, disable the readability analysis because i have seen that
its not that effective so i don’t use it and also it provides the xml sitemap so you don’t
have to install any other plugin to generate the sitemap. This again helps you in saving one more plugin
so you just enable the sitemap and you can also submit the sitemap to google webmaster
just using the plugin itself similarly you can go to search appearances of this plugin
setting, here you can play with the settings which type of content you want to get indexed
and which type of content you don’t want to get indexed, like i am using thrive plugin
so i don’t want them to get indexed, i only want my post and pages to get indexed. Similarly when we talk about taxonomies i
don’t want my categories pages to be indexed because that a good seo practice to not get
your categories or tags pages indexed because that a good practice to not index your tags
and categories pages because that leads to duplicate content similarly i have also disable
the author archives that again results in duplicate content, so you can play with the
settings here. So yoast seo is a highly recommended plugin
and a must have plugin for every wordpress website owner. The next useful plugin that I will recommend
is the LIMIT LOGIN ATTEMPTS RELOADED PLUGIN so what’s this does is it makes your website
more secure because generally all the website owner have their wordpress dashboard in this
particular URL that is your website name slash wp-admin,so what LIMIT LOGIN ATTEMPTS does
is, so whenever someone enters the username and password wrong for three to four times,
its just blocks the IP so they won’t able to login, because in the end your website
is in online real estate your investing your time, your energy, your hardwork, your money
onto your website. So you want to keep it safe from hackers. So this plugin will really help you in that. I will also highly recommend you guys to install
this particular plugin for your website security. And the next plugin is for the people who
have already have an established website and who are driving enough traffic on their website
so that they can make money from your website so this is where Thirsty Affiliates Affiliate
Link Manager comes into play. I have the pro version of this plugin and
i have already installed it in all my websites I already have an affiliate marketing course
on youtube. You can check the link on the course in the
YouTube description below. So if you don’t know about affiliate marketing
you must check out this course. So affiliate marketing is when you refer other
people products to your audience and when your audience purchases you make a commission
out of it. So one of the major problems that affiliate
marketers face is the handling of the links so what this plugin does is you can also go
to the website they cloak very long ugly url, affiliate url so
if you have very long ugly affiliate url you can cloak it by creating a beautiful looking
url you can also track the number of clicks on a particular url on a particular
affiliate link on how many clicks happen and also you can check reports, comprehensive
reports like you can see here these are my affiliate link report so I’m an affiliate
of Aweber, Bluehost, Digitalocean, Drip etc. So instead of having very long link destination
you create beautiful looking cloaked link url and redirect type of 301 and it also give
you a stats summary of the number of click that happened in the last 7 days/30 days in
a total clicks you can also generate reports here and the report session is really useful
if you’re an affiliate marketer because it helps you understand which link is performing
well what’s the geolocation which is driving the most links the stats table which keyword
and which particular link is driving the most clicks as you can see majority of the link
clicks is in india because my website is targeting the indian users so some of the functionality
is available in the free plugin the Thirsty affiliates but if you want the more advanced
functionality then you can go for the pro version you can see the pricing here and you
can see the pro features like these are the free and the pro and these are the feature
that are added in the pro version like automatically keyword linking, the geo location link, redirect
and so much more so buy the pro version only if you’re driving enough traffic to your website. if your website in the beginner stage and
you’re not driving enough traffic just go for the free version till then but then again
if you’re making money through affiliate marketing in your blog or in your website then I highly
recommend you guys to invest in a thirsty affiliate plugin and the next plugin that I’ll recommend
is thrive architect although there are free version like elementor available in the market
you can go for elementor as well, it’s just that I have the thrive membership so I’ve
all the plugins of thrive installed on my website in a monthly membership but if you
just want a page builder then you go for elementor as well it has free version as well which
doesn’t have all the functionality but still it’s a very popular plugin. So what thrive architect or elementor does
it helps you create beautiful post and beautiful looking pages as you can see I have the proper
indentation I have this box again then proper column structure these buttons proper formatting
here. This is all possible again i’ve this template
here with different background color with different heading structure different button
so all this was possible because I created this in a thrive architect page builder so
by using page builder you can create beautiful looking post i’ll show you other post on my
website this is another post on my website you can see here it has proper table of content
its very hard to do in normal wordpress editor but the thrive architect or any other page
builder like elementor you can do it easily.You also have these listicle format with various
different icons as well. You can embed an image, you can embed a video,
you also have such various template like you can click these different tabs and add information
you can also change the icons so all this functionalities available in the page builder
so I’m using thrive architect you can get the link of all these tools in here as well
in my blogging tools session as well, here also I’ve thrive themes mentioned
so I’ve thrive theme membership so where i can get all the thrive products for a monthly
membership but you can go for elementor as well it is a free alternative of thrive. But if you’re building a blog or website for
money and if you want to drive more traffic and you thinking for making money from your
website then you’ve to make it look really really good and a page builder is a must have
plugin for any website wordpress website owner. So the next plugin that you can installed
is a Disqus comment system. Disqus is a very very popular comment system
and is used by so many popular websites out there the best part is it automatically blocks
the spam and thus, Because if you’re using the normal comment system of your website,
you’ll see that so many spam comments will be automatically becoming onto your websites
which are not relevant to your content at all so this adds on too extra work and also
your comment normal comment system doesn’t look that clean and that good looking but
Disqus comment is really nice looking it also highlights the top comments and it is used
by all the top populisize out there so I’ll highly recommend you guys to check this out
it’s not a mandatory plugin and i think i only recommend disqus for people who are
actually driving good traffic to the website because they’ve actual engagement in the comment
section if you just started out or much have that traffic then installing this comment
system won’t help you guys much so if you’re driving good traffic then i’ll highly recommend
you guys to check disqus it’s free version is more than enough you don’t have to buy
the pro version or you the pricing, you don’t even check the pricing because the free version
is enough for you. Another next amazing plugin that i’ll highly
recommend is the one signal push notification, you can installed the plugin you can just
go to the add new plugin session, here search for one signal and install the plugin for
this you also have to create an account on onesignal here. what one signal does is it gives you push
notification. you’ll see that so many times if you’re using
OYO rooms or any other websites or flipkart or amazon, you’ll see whenever you open the
website there’s the pop up which says do you want to subscribe to the push notification,
you can add the same functionality on your website as well. So you can see I’ll just search for Onesignal. You can see the Onesignal- web push notifications
100,000+ Active installations 4 star ratings above, so i’ve not activated on my website
because right now we’re not driving much traffic to this particular website but on my other
affiliate website we’re using the Onesignal push notification. You can create an account here and also you
don’t have to pay any money if you’re not crossing any line so you can use the free
version if you’re not crossing the 30k subscriber mark. Yes there is the pro version and starter the
pro version which offer more functionality so if you’re driving a good amount of traffic
to your website then you can think of purchasing a pro or a starter plugin and then you can
think of purchasing a pro or a starter membership and also push notification is an amazing way
to keep your subscribers coming back to check your website so let ay if you publish a very
high quality post on your website then all you have to do is send a push notification
to all the people who have opted in and they will be coming on to check your article and
they will be than sharing your article and this will drive in again more traffic and
then again you don’t have to pay money because it’s free right until 30k subscribers so
i’ll highly recommend you guys to install the once one signal plugin as well it’s
an amazing way to drive extra traffic to your website.It’s more building an email list
and rather than i’ve seen that the interaction rate on push notification is really high , so
a must have plugin for and last but not the list is the woocommerce, i think you might
know about this plugin it’s the most popular plugin if you want to sell something on your
website, if you want a shopping card, if your want flipkart like functionality, if you want
checkout pages, if you want the payment processing all of that will be provided by WooCommerce,
it’s a very very popular plugin you can see about 2800+ 5 star rating , it’s a so
many functionality that i’ll have to create a separate video just to explain how amazing
this plugin is. So you can use this plugin if you are selling
something, if you are selling membership or a product or a book etc. even if you are not
only focusing on SEO if you are driving paid ads and driving people to your website using
that then again you can create a card system on your website , you can even track. So it offers a complete e-commerce solution
all the functionality that you can think of it is available on woo-commerce, You must
checkout this particular plugin woo-commerce also before i end this video i have some tip
for you guys that try not to install many plugins on your website only install the necessary
plugins on your website because higher the no. of plugins that i install on your website
and activated the slower your website will become, and you want a faster website so try
to keep the plugins to minimum to bare necessities the plugins that are extremely vital for your
website only keep them in the active state and rest either i‘ll recommend you to uninstall
all the plugins that are not necessary or not directly adding value to your website,
So guys all the plugins that i have mentioned in this video the links to all the plugins
are in the youtube description, i’ll also have my two free courses that are already
uploaded on youtube in the youtube description section you can them out as well.


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