Top 10 Grinding Games with Awesome Loot System
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Top 10 Grinding Games with Awesome Loot System

Grinding for the best gear in a game can be
repetitive, boring and frustrating. But some games make the process of gathering
better and better loot so pleasurable, that it becomes an incredibly rewarding and relaxing
gameplay element. For today’s list, we are going to take a
look at games with the best loot systems – and what makes them so great. Without further ado, let’s jump in! Number 10 – Destiny and Destiny 2
Praised for its extremely tight FPS gunplay, both Destiny and Destiny 2 manage to strike
a masterful balance between raiding and grinding for loot. In order to optimize your raiding experience
and increase your survivability in a tight situation, collecting new, better armor sets
and items is a must – and while it might prove time-consuming, the satisfaction that
comes with completing a set is immense. While the second game has received it’s
fair share of criticism, a number of improvements have been implemented since the release, making
it thoroughly enjoyable and addictive game and a worthy successor of the first Destiny. Number 9 – Darksiders 2
Darksiders 2 Is a hack’n’slash action RPG which has you play as one of the Horsemen
of Apocalypse – Death. And Death will not do his grim duty without
the proper equipment! Fortunately, the game throws copious amounts
of new and better gear at you on every step – meaning that most items will not stay
on your person for much longer than half an hour. Don’t worry though, you won’t be forced
to run back to a merchant’s shop to exchange your goods for money every time your equipment
tab reaches its full capacity. You can instead feed your old items to a possessed
weapon, allowing it to grow in power, and in turn becoming more powerful yourself! Number 8 – Nioh
Though the main character is based on a real person – William Adams – Nioh does take
some liberties when it comes to historical accuracy. The amount of yokai and other weird-eyed monsters
is one of the aspects that may differ a little bit form the real story. Another one is the amount of katanas, kusarigamas,
tonfus and odachi you can pick up on your way. It’s a good thing that you find so many
of them though, seeing how the complex combat system of the game makes it crucial to find
the perfect weapon to fit your style. Number 7 – Warframe
Often compared to Destiny, Warframe is a free-to-play multiplayer FPS, which is surprisingly generous
with loot even if you’re a non-paying user. Unless you’re playing a rare mission that
does not involve a huge amount of murder, your post-mission summary screen is very likely
to consist mostly of resources, mods and blueprints you have gathered on your way – whether
you go through the corpses left in your wake yourself, or equip your sentinel drone with
a vacuum mod to help you keep your hands clean. All this stuff will help you create more powerful
warframes and gear – though if Fashionframe is your endgame, you might have to put even
more effort into the loot-hunting business. Number 6 – Torchlight
Torchlight is a Diablo-inspired action RPG, which is a must have entry in every hack’n’slash
fan’s game library. While the game is incredibly generous with
the amount of randomized loot you can find, fortunately you don’t need to run to a city
every time your inventory gets clogged with items – your loyal pet will run that tedious
errand for you, and will find a merchant willing to purchase all the junk you picked up during
your journey. Number 5 – Monster Hunter World
It’s not just hunting for monsters in Monter Hunter World. I mean, it’s mostly hunting monsters, but
in order to do it efficiently, you have to keep upgrading your gear, and choosing the
optimal loadout depending on the enemy you’re about to face. Don’t worry though, this game really knows
how to make the grind for loot fun, and new gear can dramatically change your playstyle,
allowing you to change the way your character goes about killing all those monsters without
creating a new hero and choosing a different class, like you might have to in other games. Number 4 – Path of Exile
The developer of Path of Exile is not called “Grinding Gear Games” for nothing – the
game does involve a lot of gear, and a lot of grinding for it. Taking a lot of lessons from the Diablo handbook,
Path of Exile includes a gem system, which allows you to gain skills based on the gems
you insert into the slots located on the gear you equipped. This means you have to carefully balance between
the optimal number of slots your items have, and their other features. Fortunately you find so much stuff as you
grind your way through the dungeons, that you will eventually be able to make the perfect
combination for your playstyle. Number 3 – The Incredible Adventures of Van
Helsing The main character of the game, who is the
son of the famous Abraham Van Helsing, is incredibly skilled at gaining new items from
very strange places. A pack of frenzied wolves dropping a sweet
new gun, or a boogeyman leaving a beautiful new cape behind? Why the heck not! The loot coming from the strangest creatures
is plentiful, and you will have to engage in some inventory tetris due to its limited
capacity. But no worries – while you don’t get a
pet in this game, fortunately, the friendly spectre Katarina is ready to play a similar
role and sell your junk while you go about your adventures. Number 2 – Borderlands series
The Borderlands games are heaven for gun enthusiasts, with a staggering amount of rifles, pistols,
shotguns and other boomsticks to be found all over the place. What’s especially beautiful about the weapons
that drop out of your enemies and various boxes is that no two of them are the same
– while some weapons may have identical appearance, thanks to the fact that they are
procedurally generated, their stats and rarities can and will differ. There’s nothing more satisfying than finding
the perfect weapon for your character, with the perfect numbers attached to it! Number 1 – Diablo series
You can’t really talk about loot-based games without mentioning Diablo, can you? Introduced in the first game, and perfected
in Diablo 2, the system involving randomized loot, inventory tetris and game sockets Is
still used as a template for new games from not only the hack’n’slash RPG genre, but
also games that on the surface seem nothing like Diablo. Dungeon crawling is just not the same without
sweet, sweet loot dropping all over the place, is it? So that’s it for our list! Did we include all your favourite grindy action
rpgs, loot shooters and other loot based games? Or is a crucial title missing from the top
10 we’d chosen? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget
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