Top 10 Retro Pixel Games of today
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Top 10 Retro Pixel Games of today

We are long past the CRT era of games like
Mario, Sonic, Legend of Zelda and others. However, the nostalgia has driven the gaming
industry since a few years now towards retro pixel graphics with 2-dimensional gameplay
either as a top-down perspective or sidescrolling. Let us show you what we think are the best
pixel games: Shovel Knight is the tip of the spire in this
list. No matter what screen resolution you choose, the game will fill your entire screen
with pixel goodness. The game includes all you could wish for in an RPG sidescroller
– various enemies and diverse locations, epic boss fights, special powers, weapons, gold
and cliche storyline. Superb support for gamepads lets you experience this game as oldschool
as it gets. Castle in the Darkness is a relentless stream
of unbalanced difficulty, where you beat a boss in no time and get stuck for ours on
some mobs. The achievement “Die 500 times” should give you a hint on that. Get prepared
for infernal humor, for instance: “You need help? Take this!” and dropping 1 gold piece. The
trolling of this game knows no end, but it’s funny. The collisions are badly inaccurate
and the screen has a black frame, but despite these issues the game transponds the old,
classic atmosphere and it looks properly. I gotta admit it grew on me and it resides
among the most memorable. VVVVVV takes you on a journey through a wrecked
spaceship that tossed the 6 crucial crew members across the deck (whose names start with V,
hence the game title). Your task is to locate them.
The graphics are monotone, and the backtracking may be tiresome, but the game is certainly
worth the try as a fun pixel puzzler. Volgarr the Viking may leave an impression
of a lacking indie project at first look, but don’t let that deceive you. The game is
soaking with oldschool epicness. Be advised that it doesn’t include ANY checkpoints at
all, so you either finish a world entirely or next time you run the game, you start fresh.
Volgarr may not have a well established plot or consistent graphics, but it surely compensates
in the gameplay. Much recommended! Deep Dungeons of Doom is a mobile game that
got to Steam later on and it shows its roots as enjoyable in small portions of time. The
game is simple – you press left to attack, right to block. You can also use one item
at a time and a weapon or armor of choice. Despite its simplicity, this game manages
to squeeze in a classic RPG storyline and proves to have a high replayability rate. Out There Somewhere is a quite simple and
short sidescroller (walkthrough will take you about 2h). The interesting part is the
teleport gun, that lets you reach places that would normally be inaccessable – the entire
gameplay is based on this notion. If you have a spare evening and feel like challanging
your brain a little, this would be the choice. Environmental Station Alpha is another sci-fi
pixel adventure with tons of atmosphere and eerie soundtrack. It’s design is charmingly
colorful and smooth controls let you soak in the dynamic gameplay. The game is not very
well advertised so it may be known to few people, but it definitely deserves some praise. Sword & Sworcery has won numerous design awards
thanks to its original depiction of the story. It is clear that most of the creative fuel
for this project has been spent on the story and how the game looks. This is an adenture
piece with puzzles, action is rather scarce. You can check it out both on Steam or iOS
AppStore. Crawl got me interested with it’s awesome
trailer, just have a look: Even though the game is still in Early Access, it is pretty solid for a beta and the developer tends to it. Definitely worth trying out for the unconventional
gameplay structure. Ever thought of imagining Dark Souls in 2D?
Titan Souls is an equivalent of death simulators in the world of pixel genre. The game has
a very steep difficulty curve and quite frankly – we weren’t involved enough to play the game
for a longer period of time, but it does have some nice graphics and interesting game model.
It is based on throwing a singular spear and having to pick it up before you may attack
again. It might suit some hardcore gamers. Here are some other pixel games you may find


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