Top 10 Scariest Spider Man Villains
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Top 10 Scariest Spider Man Villains

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Scariest Spider-Man Villains #10 Kraven The Hunter Kraven isnt like your average villain or criminal. He does not take joy in robbing banks or trying
to take over the world. As his name suggests, he enjoys hunting. Kraven finds Spider-Man in particular to be
the ultimate prey and dedicates his life to squashing the bug. During the 1987 story of Kravens Last Hunt
he ultimately fails in defeating Spider-Man and ends up taking his own life. As decades pass new Kravens begin to appear
though and each new family member finds some way to resurrect him causing Kraven to come
back more violent than ever before. #9 Lizard
Sure Dr. Curt Connors isnt really a bad guy, but you know who is scary as all hell, his
reptile alter-ego of the Lizard. Spider-Man managed to rescue Connors which
started a friendship between the two, but because there isnt really a cure for this
kind of thing he is constantly losing his friend. After years of battling with his own demons
Dr. Connors succumbed to his reptilian counterpart letting it take full control. Lizard would go on to commit terrifying acts
like eating his boss and son. He can even control reptiles with his thoughts
and became driven by the idea of turning all of New York into lizard monsters as well. #8 Doctor Octopus
This villain is probably one of the most personal scary threats for Spider-Man. Doc Ock has managed to hurt Parker in a variety
of different ways both mentally and physically. With his four powerful tentacle arms he can
do some serious damage to Spidey and his loved ones. The scariest thing that Otto Octavius has
done to Peter is steal his body from him. While he was suffering from terminal cancer
Doctor Octopus attempted to have one last jab at his rival by swapping minds with him. #7 Morlun
(show photo The vast majority of Spidey villains have
heightened abilities or use some form of brilliance and advanced technology to commit crimes. Morlun however is a straight up villain with
superpowers making him a scary threat. He has super strength, speed and he can absorb
the life force of his enemies. Which ultimately led to him succeeding in
killing Peter Parker. Hes from Earth-001 and has made it his goal
to hunt down and eliminate all of the Spider-Totems in the Marvel Multiverse. #6 Green Goblin Norman Osborn is one of the most dangerous
villains for Spider-Man out there. The original Green Goblin did some terrible
things to Peter that included the demise of Gwen Stacy and the manipulations of the infamous
Clone Saga. (show photo Mind games aside this maniacal and often unpredictable
criminal has a deadly arsenal as well. He has things like bombs, blades and a terrifying
glider that can help him reach the same heights as the wall crawler. #5 Scorpion
Beginning as a career criminal Mac Gargan was more of an enemy for J. Jonah Jameson. I mean he was responsible for what happened
to Gargan in the first place so that makes sense. After he underwent a procedure gone wrong
Gargan transformed into the vicious scorpion powered villain and sought revenge against
Jameson several times. Thats where Spider-Man gets involved. During these conflicts Peter steps in to save
the day, turning Scorpions attention from Jameson to Parker. He didnt become truly scary until he was the
new host of a symbiote that made him hungry for human flesh. #4 Jackal With a face only a mother could love Miles
Warren as the Jackal is something nightmares are made of. Warren was the main villain in the Infamous
Clone Saga and a brilliant scientist at that. He used his great mind to create elaborate
clones of humans such as Gwen Stacy and even Peter Parker. Talk about a way to mess with your head. Hes the villain that just keeps coming back,
after seemingly going to the grave several times Jackal always finds his way back to
terrorize Spider-Man. #3 Menace
(show photo There has been many replacements for the Green
Goblin, but Menace is the most troubling. Once the girlfriend of Harry Osborn she discovered
her boyfriends notes about the Green Goblin and while in an old Norman Osborn safe house
she spills Goblin formula transforming her into a goblin-like monster. Becoming the newest villain to use New York
City as a stomping ground, Menace went on to bring truth to her name. Her new Goblin powers included enough strength
to defeat Spider-Man in battle and when she became too much for Parker to handle, Menace
actually choked him out with her bare hands. #2 Carnage Topping the charts as one scary spider-man
villain is the psychotic killer symbiote known as Carnage. He is especially dangerous because of his
utter disregard for human life and after bonding with Cletus Kasady a former cellmate of Eddie
Brock Kasadys insanity drove the symbiote to never before seen places. Immediately upon escaping prison Carnage began
killing innocent victims at random. He has speed, regenerative powers, shape shifting
and an unstoppable desire to kill. Carnage was so deadly that it forced Spider-Man
and Venom to team up just to defeat him. #1 Venom Speaking of Venom, many would say that Carnage
is much more terrifying espcially considering that last point I mentioned. What were forgetting about Venom though is
he has much more than the symbiote that makes him terrifying. This villain is specifically after Peter Parker
for revenge. Eddie Brock blames Peter for everything bad
that has happened to him in his life. Not to mention so is the symbiote after Spider-Man
just ditched him in an alleyway. So combine the two and you have one of the
scariest villains Spider-Man has ever seen. And that has been the Top 10 Scariest Spider-Man
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