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TOP 10 SEO Tools + Automatic Link Exchange System –

What is ? is an internet marketing company with a wide range of tools to help those who
want to market their company online achieve their goals. One of the main features of our service is
Automatic Link Exchange exchange. What about Google updates ? Doesn’t it make your service
less important ? Very good question… In fact on the contrary
our service is more important because of the fact that we are able provide quality links
directly related to company’s niche/category. Links were and will always be important, but
they must be related to what company and its website is about. And more than ever companies
do need us to promote their product and website because our technology will enable them to
get quality links to their sites and should save them a lot of time and money in doing
so. We will get in more details on what features our service has, to help achieve results.
Who should use Trafficfeed and why? Business owners and entrepreneurs who desire
to get online visibility and traffic to their site. Webmasters and Seo professionals marketing
websites on the internet. Why do you need ?
You need Trafficfeed service because of you a variety of tools we provide, that will save
you time and will help you to get where you want to go with your business. • The main Feature of the Site is our own
patented technology – a true Automatic Link Exchange.
(System allows you to set up your site in such way where you don’t need to do exchange
manually.(you will still have an option to do it in non-automatic mode if you choose)
You will set auto-exchange settings and system will do everything for you, using our proprietary
technology) • Auto Exchange settings are set in your
control panel. This is the place where you can change settings related to each site’s
auto-exchange. First of all you can select which site and pages will participate in auto-exchange
and if you choose to participate in auto-exchange or not… You set criteria here and system
automatically exchanges links for you based on settings specified. If you would like to
only exchange between your own sites system will allow you to just that. You can set criteria
and system will exchange links between sites in your own account.
• Multisite Control Panel – Allows You To control all aspects of link exchange for all
of your sites from one centralized location. • System Integration – allows you to safely
integrate the system into your site(s), where links will appear. We have provided and option
to integrate Link Directory into each site and user can select what is suitable for his
or her business or project. • ABC Exchange
It’s well known, that «one-way» links weigh more then «crossed» or so called reciprocal
linking. This principle is used in ABC-linking. Having ability to use this function, you can
essentially increase the efficiency of link exchange. In this mode link from site A pointing
to site B and link from site B is pointing to site C and from site C pointing to site
A. Similarly to classical Trafficfeed auto-exchange,
the system monitors the presence of all the links and its conformity to conditions of
an exchange. • Privacy Lists allowing you to control
who you do and don’t deal with. Here you can specify who ever you would like to block out
from doing business with you. • Manual Exchange allows you to exchange
links with non-members of the system. From the same user control panel you can exchange
links with everyone who is not part of the Trafficfeed System.
• Manual ABC Exchange allows you to do ABC Exchange with non-members of the system. Similarly
to the Manual Exchange Manual ABC Exchange will allow you to exchange links with non-members
of system using ABC exchange method. • Exchange by Catalog — Allows you to look
for suitable link exchange partners and send link exchange requests to them.
• Buy/Sell Links – Allows you to buy and sell links. Selling links will allow you to
earn money. • Bank Account — allows user to add and
withdraw funds from his/her account. • Link Requests — this is where you can
see all of the link exchange requests that are coming through, that require your attention
and approval. • Tech Support — gives ability to open
support ticket if you have a question or an issue that needs to be addressed by our staff. The reason you should use
is because of the time saving and ease of use. And because you owe it to yourself to
try it and save time and start making money. Sign up Now. You owe it to yourself your family
and you owe it to your future.


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