Top 10 Worst towns in Arizona. Arizona has great places to live, not the towns on this list.
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Top 10 Worst towns in Arizona. Arizona has great places to live, not the towns on this list.

what is going on everyone how’s your
world spinning one of my favorite movies of all time is raising Arizona
you’ve never seen this movie this was a strange comedy with Nicolas Cage not the
Nicolas Cage most of you know today the Nic Cage that did great movies not those
straight-to-video turds that he’s been putting out probably the last decade or
so movies like raising Arizona and many
others paint Arizona and its residents in a not so favorable light movies like
these make them look like they fall into one of four categories white trash
living in a trailer park people that haven’t realized the Old West has been
over for some time now sun-baked retirees and drunk college guns now they
do have those people more than their fair share I would say but the real
Arizona also has intelligent people living in great cities like Phoenix
Tucson and Flagstaff that’s just a few but as usual on this channel that’s not
what people want to hear about they want to hear the negatives about locations so
that’s what I’m giving you we’re gonna look at the not-so-great places to live
in Arizona so turn up the air-conditioning and watch my top 10
worst towns in Arizona number 10 Spring Valley
Spring Valley has roughly 21 hundred residents five miles north of Phoenix a
very small community that obviously doesn’t have trouble finding work it’s
hardly existent unemployment rate of 0.8% is normally something you celebrate
not here of those who do work it’s still likely they’re living in poverty we can
tell this by its poverty rate of 44 percent and the percentage of mobile
homes and trash fires kind of tell us that too
the income per capita is only around $18,000 a year
36% lower than the national average so this is basically a place that has jobs
but of those people that do have the jobs about 90% of her around minimum
wage and stop typing yes we get it they have jobs at least they have jobs we get
it all the time they have jobs they’re just not really great jobs number nine
Paulding Paulding is a small community about 26 miles north of Prescott and is
home to about 5,000 residents of these residents only about 75% have graduated
high school there’s only one school in town in the average test score 71
percent lower than the national average this town looks like at one point they
had a really good manufactured home salesman it also looks like it’s very
temporary like everyone plans on moving someday
and they want to take their homes and all their stuff with them number eight
ash fork ash fork Arizona is a tiny town of only about 750 residents along the
historic route 66 and stop typing I know some of you will call it route 66 anyway
moving on surprisingly for such a small town there’s plenty of work which helps
with their an employment rate which is at 2% however like other places on this
list they have a seriously bad poverty level of 68 percent sixty-eight percent
of these people live below the poverty line the income per capita is roughly
ten thousand dollars making things very hard on the residents they do however
have something really strange in the middle of town a high school a high
school with a decent football field now when you look at this place on the map
you’d think they don’t have enough people to field a chess team much less a
football team really weird number seven Golden Valley Golden Valley Arizona has
about eight thousand residents more usually very bored this small town has
nothing to do unless of course you consider daydreaming about leaving
Golden Valley has something to do then yeah there’s plenty of that there’s one
gas station to church a family owned restaurant and a medical office anything
else you need you might have to make the trip to Kingman which is about 20
minutes away with slightly more options now I’ve been to Kingman it’s really not
a place many people look forward to going to number six Lake Montezuma Lake
Montezuma is a small town of about 5,000 residents surrounding a little tiny lake
called Lake Montezuma this isn’t really a lake it’s a pond I’m not sure who
decided to call it a lake but they were exaggerating a bunch calling this place
a lake is like calling me an underwear model because I own underwear makes no
sense it seems like education in this town is the least of their worries
there’s two schools here three if you include the school for troubled teens
which is always great to have in town sedona sky Academy the average test
score in Lake Montezuma is 73% lower than the national average number five
Cameron Cameron Arizona is about an hour drive north of Flagstaff with just over
eleven hundred residents weather here can get pretty brutal in the winters
temperatures get as low as ten degrees Fahrenheit while in the summers it
easily gets into the triple digits for what seems like months at a time not
only is the weather but so is the pollution here they have a
way to rate pollution it’s called the pollution index Cameron has a pollution
index that is 201 percent higher than the national average what’s up with
these people their pollution is so bad it’s like they have an oil well that’s
been on fire for years and they’re not telling anyone about it
number four miracle valley miracle valley arizona is everything a miracle
is not the town has a population of only 750 residents with the overall crime
rate of eighty-five percent higher than the national average this town also has
some violent history thinks the miracle Valley shootout in the early 80s where
three hundred members of the Christ miracle healing center moved into town
from Mississippi and Chicago the group had some beliefs resulting in five young
children passing away due to the group’s refusal to seek medical attention
tensions rose within the community ultimately leading some church members
confronting local authorities who showed up to serve traffic warrants a shootout
occurred leaving two church members dead and seven officers injured now there was
a couple other incidents before that but this is the final thing that’s really
what ended this whole thing is the culmination all of the other stats of
this place are graded a big fat F with the exception of housing costs that gets
an A+ because nobody really wants to live here number-three Fredonia Fredonia
arizona is a very small town of only about a thousand residents it’s close to
the Utah border the unemployment rate in this town isn’t the absolute worst seven
percent still not good ashlee by 2018-2019 standards back in 2010 that
was pretty good unemployment rate but not now so while it’s not impossible to
find work here it’s definitely hard to get by even if you do have a job this is
another place that if they could pay you less than minimum wage they would the
income per capita is only about seventeen thousand dollars which is
thirty percent lower than the national average here’s another great thing about
this place the average school test score in Fredonia is fifty percent lower than
the national average for dona is the type of place that you only end up if
you made a wrong turn or need gas on the way to the Grand Canyon trust me stay
away from Fredonia number two are a vodka junction Arivaca
Junction Arizona is about a 30 minute drive south of Tucson with only about
900 residents who constantly need to worry about their safety and stop typing
we don’t want to hear how you’re not afraid because you have a whole bunch of
guns and a whole bunch of bullets just stop typing the town’s overall crime
rate is 87% higher than the national average which means if you’re in the
town you have a 1 in 20 chance of being involved in a crime the town is only
safer than 4% of the other cities in the United States that sucks this city
overflows with bad life decisions and number one Sanders Sanders Arizona’s
probably the worst small town you can retreat to in the state of Arizona the
town has just under 600 residents and it’s estimated that 72% of those
residents rent their home home valiums a rock bottom here which reflects how well
the town is actually doing and what’s really strange is 72 percent that people
are renting property values are dirt cheap and people still don’t have enough
money to buy a house the average home value is 27 percent lower than the
national average while rent is 52 percent lower so maybe that’s why rents
really cheap but still my house this is the type of place you move to if you’ve
decided beauty entertainment and rain are overrated and you want no more of
that nonsense Sanders Arizona is probably the worst
small town in the entire state all right so that’s my top 10 worst
towns in Arizona hope you guys enjoyed it hope you got some information if you
guys think I missed one I’d love to hear about it put it down there in the
comments I always like to read those things and possibly make other lists
later on the viewer version I hope you guys have a great day be nice to each


  • Marwan Marwan

    2 more towns I’m gonna add them to your list
    Chinle AZ
    Ganado AZ
    I’m a truck driver I been there man noooo good

  • Russell Williams

    You literally named cities that are insignificant and nobody with intelligence would consider moving to. You are obviously not from AZ and that is obvious since Apache-Junction was not on top of the list nor was Florence or Casa-Grande. Got to love idiots who show the SMALLEST towns in our state, as if they reflect on the rest of the cities, population wise or living conditions. Do not listen to this guy. He has down syndrome.

  • Joseph Lewis

    seems to me the biggest problem with cities are no jobs no jobs end up making people angry drunk drug addict stuff like that because they have nothing to do, so let's open up medical marijuana facilities in all these places give the people jobs let them smoke weed on their time off and call it an even day I just saved your country

  • Donald Harmon

    I'm so blessed to be from Phoenix Haha. Great list but I would have put Apache Junction on this list. It's literally the town that breaking bad was based on! Lmao

  • Seeeker Uv

    So many people who aren't from Arizona come here and just leave their trash everywhere because they have no respect for what they don't understand. Or they are just assholes with no respect for Arizonans.

  • david bright

    Clearly he did little to no real research, one would argue that any small town on a reservation is worst, with some reservations have murder rates higher then Chicago. Maybe a lot of those towns are retired that fled the big city.

  • rick jones

    I'm Canadian and have visited Arizona several times and love the people I've met, and your great climate. Summer here is very humid and winter is cold as hell. All the best to your State and it's people from me.

  • DD dunn

    I've had the good fortune to see many places & countries. I came to the conclusion that every square inch had it's beauty.
    Then I had to land in the Arabian dessert. Nothing but sand and rocks. I figgered that it was beauties end.
    Then the sun went down.
    It cooled to 31 degrees celsius, and the WHOLE sky turned the deepest, darkest, most BEAUTIFUL violet/purple COLOR.
    Jus' gotta' look for it mon ami.

  • Panda's Life

    I’m watching this the day after Camron Boyce died, and then I cried. But then I watched this video and I see the town “Camron” which I’ve never heard of.

  • Paula Drake

    Lake Montezuma is a community.  It is quaint, beautiful, with many affluent homes. One benefit is you cannot drive through Lake Montezuma;  it is self contained, you must go back out the way you came in.  It makes it rather private. I chose to live here and have never regretted it.

  • Thus Spoke Zarathustra

    Lmao I drive south to Arivaca all the time, I mean yea you got your druggies. However most are good people


    Also Arizona Is A Racist States Espacially Towards Latinos I am Mexican American Arizona And Texas Is The Most Racist States Towards Hispanics. So I Kind Of Don't Like Arizona.

  • Don Smith

    I will stop typing ,if you stop talking. Stay in California. By the way i live in none of these towns. I hope you like reading this comment 🤣

  • Ali Aguilar

    Bro tbh ima say it sure Arivaca Junction seems or sounds horrible nobody has guns here its calm it’s chill but your information is sorta wrong it’s actually Amado we’re that shit happens

  • Rusty Grill

    I’ve spent time looking at per capital crime statistics for many cities n towns in Arizona, it’s actually going to be considerably safer there than where I am now,

  • Mary @H2OsEdge

    Well, dang! Now I'm glad my parents left me that wash in Golden Valley, if 'boring' is the worst you can say about it! lol Location, location, location–and beautiful forever views… that's what Golden Valley has…

  • Lindsay Wilmarth

    Benson, Arizona sucks. We moved to Tucson because of how bad it was. Literally had to run home because I thought our apartment complex was on fire, turns out it was a meth lab explosion. There's a Walmart there… that's really it though to do. Oh and you can go with the high school students and smoke weed under the train tracks.

  • T S

    I was born in AZ and I haven’t lived or been there since 2012 and I really miss it… I lived in Glendale, Maricopa and then Tonopah.

  • Raven

    An ignorant jackass armed with some demographic data and Google map images travels virtually around the country trashing the places where other live. Pathetic.

  • B S Hancock

    "Everything a miracle is not." : ) I need to put my contacts in. I read "Sanders" as "Sedona." Good job, Briggs! Thank you for the smile. Needed it today.

  • Marilyn Mitchell

    Oh, Jim, it is not fair for you to judge Arizona because you live in one of the prettiest places in the United States. I uses to live in Tualatin. Now I live in Gilbert, Arizona. My friend calls Arizona "the hinges of Hades." lmao 😲😲😟😧😦😮😫😩😕😬😖😞😭😪

  • deanna bell


  • lisa mcdonald

    I live in Golden Valley. Is it perfect no, but its not as those nice cities the video maker seems to love so much!
    Phoenix and Tuscon and lets be honest are crapholes!
    You don't have to be rich here or even earn the national average wage to buy property here!
    Golden Valley has never been incorporated so its neither a town or a city! I question the validity of the population of 8,000 plus. Its more like 12,000 plus now. If you notice it has a much larger population than the other places mentioned.
    Kingman is a bit of a craphole but from here depending on what side of the Valley you live on its just as easy to shop in Bullhead!
    The video maker missed a great aspect of living here and its location! We really aren't more than 20 miles to Kingman or Bullhead again depending on where you live in Golden Valley. Vegas is less than a 100 miles away and the Casinos in Laughlin about 20 miles!
    Like many areas there are drug issues here but I think its worse in Kingman. Many of the crimes out here are committed by people from Kingman!
    As another poster pointed out there is much more here than the video let on.
    The mountain views are beautiful especially on the west side of the valley!

  • Zaira Coronado

    I lived in Douglas Arizona and it was listed as the 41st worst city in all of the United States to live at. Totally should have been on the list

  • David Peligroso

    I've spent half my adult life in or near Arizona and I've only heard of or been to 2-3 of these places. Tiny trailer park towns are going to be miserable, that's a given. This list would be better if it were town with a minimum of say, 2500 people.

  • kathleen williams

    I can't believe Benson Az was not in your top ten! Horribly drug infested city!! Not one thing for young people to do there…nothing!!

  • Andy A

    Because of the U of A it is the Peoples Republic of Tucson… a violent, unfriendly, dirty, pothole ridden, criminal infested, mecca of liberalism. Where there are armed guards at Walmarts in the most liberal parts of town by the university. Where everyone is sipposed to be kind but are not. There are meth heads and junkies all over the place. And the parks are not full of playing kids but are full of homeless, and their shantytowns. I live outside of the city and the conservatives out number the the liberals and the everthing is better, no armed guards at Walmarts and normality.
    All tucson is is a bunch of tattoo parlors, and pawn shops. strip joints. The city has been run by Democrats for 30 years. Sad.oh and the school in Tucson are rated as some of the worst in the entire country. And the democratic government is the most corrupt in the state. Tucson really is that aweful. The only thing that keep tucson down is the 30,000 plus liberal students who vote here and as soon as they graduate leave tucson, because their is no high paying jobs here, and leave the liberal loosers in office every year. This would be a much different city if that wasnt the case. They refused to sell a plot of land to Grand Canyon university, which is Christian University, because the liberal city counsel disapproved the sale. And because of why….? Separation of church and state. LAME! Its really because they didnt want any potentially conservative voters coming in and possibly disrupting their liberal eye-wide-shut party. A very mean spirited place, Tucson is.

  • gary wells

    Spring valley is actually called Mayer and ther is actually three towns right next to each other and they are all actually Mayer it’s all called the same name if you live in these towns you can call spring valley spring valley and Mayer Mayer and cordes cordes I live in one of these towns but I work in phx love this town

  • The Bruce

    I live in the metro Phoenix area, and it's hard to believe that it's not one of the worst shit-hole places in the country to live. It's miserably hot, dirty and ugly. Did I mention it's really really hot? It's 9:00 PM as I write this, and according to Google, it's still 100 degrees F. I think it hit 113 today. The population is about 30% of foreigners who give you the stink eye as if you are the one who doesn't belong here. The cops are on a power trip. They shoot first and ask questions later. It's pretty well known, especially among minorities, not to call the cops on one of your own, unless you are willing to see them shot or beat down. Meth and opiates are everywhere. The Valley is full of tweakers and junkies. Street people and the homeless are everywhere, too. You can't pull up to a gas pump or a convenience store without someone coming up and wanting spare change or bus money. I'd be lying if I said I didn't cave in sometimes and give them something. Especially the ragged mothers dragging around their hollow-eyed, shoeless kids. There's no real culture or nightlife here, either. Unless you consider titty bars and biker bars to be nightlife.
    I honestly have never understood why everyone thinks it's so beautiful here. Yeah, once you get out of town the desert and mountains can be breathtaking, but the city itself is ugly. Rundown buildings and potholed streets, etc. Sure there are well-kept parts of town, just like any other city, but 5 minutes away, and you could be in a third world country.
    I mean, it's not Detroit or Baltimore(no offense to the fine citizens of those cities), but it sure as hell ain't Beverly Hills either.
    I wouldn't move here. In fact, I'm moving away as soon as I can.

  • Steven Belchamber

    Hate to be that guy, but a lot of the reasons for the low test scores and crime is because of the illegal immigration. Especially towns near the border. Most of the crime is committed by those from outside of the community. Also, it seems as though AZ has imported all of the nations worst drivers. Like we are having a bad driver all-star team.

  • J B

    Me and my wife live in Cali and we have hear that Arizona is 50% cheaper , so we want to visit there to explore the area , we want to move from Cali , the rent kills here

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