Top 7 games like Dungeon Keeper
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Top 7 games like Dungeon Keeper

As long as you keep imps and goblins in your
dungeon, and not little boys, dungeons are a great thing to have, so for all of you,
who liked Dungeon Keeper, I prepared this epic list. Dungeons franchize There are three parts of this game, and every
sequel feels like a better version of previous one. Also third game has overwhelmingly positive
reviews on steam, so if you never played any Dungeons game, you can easily start with that
one. Game has a twist of a Warcraft 3 style map
on top of your dungeon that you can go raid, pillage and rape, while building up and defending
your lair. Dungeons 3 is a solid dungeon manager that
will keep you entertained for many hours. It’s mainly RTS, but it has pretty decent
tower defense element going with it. Every stage introduces a new mechanic and
amazing narrative. Though some find it a bit annoying. Game has random map generator with many custom
settings & nice AI. Campaign will take about 30 hours of your
time. By the way, campaign co-op mode works really
good, so it’s worth having at least one friend so you can play with him. So, trick someone into liking you and have
a great time together. Offer him some herring or potato salad and
you will have a friend for life. Back to the game. I should warn you that game has easy start
but the more you play – the harder it gets. That’s what she said. And then you will reach the point where you
get magic traps and the difficulty goes down again. So don’t panic if it gets too hard, try
even harder and you will prevail. Is it worth buying? That is entirely based on your financial status. If you live in Eastern Europe, like I do,
wait for a sale, because In my country for that price you can buy 6 bottles of vodka,
so you must really consider what is best for you. But overall, if you have spare money, then
yes, it’s a great game! War for the Overworld It is a spiritual successor of Dungeon Keeper. Some even call it Dungeon Keeper 3. Well, it’s not. It’s similar, but also different in it’s
own way. There is replayability across many game modes
that will keep you entertained for 40 hours or more if you try to complete all the achievements
and other stuff. You start with a dungeon core, you dig out
various rooms with certain purposes and then watch minions appear through a claimed portal. As for the combat, it works almost exactly
as it did in Dungeon Keeper 2. It is hard to get bored playing this game
as there is always something to do. Though single player is challenging and fun
to play, multiplayer is almost non existent. If you want to smash, bash or crash other
human being, you have to go to Steam group or forums and play organized matches. Or you can play with your sister. Or mom. Or that fake friend you tricked into liking
you. Another great thing – mapmaking. It has great tools and in Steam workshop you
can even find original Dungeon Keeper map remakes and other cool stuff. Is it worth buying? Well… no game so far is more Dungeon Keeper
like this one and it’s cheaper than Dungeons 3. So, the answer is also yes. Undermaster Your task in Undermaster is to develop your
own dream dungeon. No, not that kind of dungeon. But by looking at it you might think “Comrade,
this game looks like a herring without onions, why graphics so lame?” While this game is not so good looking as
a previous one, it has one amazing feature, or should I say freeture, because this game
is free. Undermaster runs in your browser and adds
another element to dungeon design by requiring players to place objects within a room for
it to be effective, such as beds in the dorm, cooking pot for your kitchen or refrigerator
for your vodka cellar. Oh wait, maybe it’s a different game. So placing these items in a room along with
decorations is also a key factor to improving your glory which is vital to attracting creatures. And of course, like in many other browser
games you can chase achievements and compete against other players in the leader board. Prison Architect. Ok, this time it’s not a dungeon, it’s
a prison. So you might say “Comrade, this is not dungeon
game, this very different”. No, stop it right there. What you get in Dungeon Keeper? Units spawn automatically, and you build different
rooms for your minions while they act around on their own will. You do the same here, in Prison Architect. Then you might say “No, comrade, still no
good, I like 3D games, and this has only two dimensions”. Aaaand, wrong again. See that symbol? This is the biggest secret of this game. When you click it – everything becomes 3D. This is almost as good as potato salad with
extra potatoes. So, anyway, here you will build an amazing
maximum security prison where you can be sadistic tyrant and torture your inmates, or you can
build, I don’t know, Norwegian prison, where inmates live better than they do in freedom
in most of the countries. A Game of Dwarves
A Game of Dwarves combines Dungeon Keeper and Dwarf Fortress to create a fun strategy
orientated title. The game puts you in the role of a dwarf ruler
who is tasked with reclaiming your people’s land. A Game of Dwarves is also packed with mysteries
and treasures that reward exploration of each game level. The game also borrows some gameplay aspects
from Minecraft and by that I mean that you can burrow not only to every side, like in
Dungeon Keeper, but also downwards. This ads more, heh, deepnes to this game. A Game of Dwarves also has a number of downloadable
content add-ons to enhance the base gameplay and while some Dungeon Keeper fans were disappointed
I recommend for you to be open minded and try this anyway. Evil Genius “Comrade, comrade… what is this? Dis not a dungeon again, are you trying to
trick me?” No! The game has very similar gameplay to the
Dungeon Keeper and Theme Hospital (which is also made by Bullfrog – creator of Keeper
games). And in this game you will have to build your
own lair in order to achieve world domination. It’s like Austin Powers combined with Dungeon
Keeper. Your evil doings will attract a wide variety
of government agencies, so your lair will have to be protected with security systems
and traps. To reach your ultimate goal of world domination
you’ll have to complete missions and steal from around the world to create your super
weapon. Yeah, like that. And of course, sarcastic humour and funny
narrative is included. Dwelvers This is another close successor to Dungeon
Keeper. The game has massive potential, but there
is only one developer (yes, this is made by one man!) and updates are slow. But with the content that the game has currently,
you can play freely for hours without getting bored. Though game lacks campaign and better UI. Here you can dig rooms out, construct farms,
dining rooms, kitchens, prisons, and other things any dungeon should have. Maps are randomly generated. You can select difficulty level and input
a seed number (or accept the random number offered to you), so there’s infinite replay
possibility. Your minions have needs. They need sleep, food, and alcohol. Of course. If their needs are not met they will become
unhappy. If they get too unhappy they will rebel against
you and attack your other minions. As for now game is a sandbox, but very enjoyable
one. Dwelvers is in a early access now, so expect
better stuff to be added in a future. That’s it. Thank you for watching, please consider subscribing
and maybe even becoming a patron, so I could buy myself better vodka and saltier herring. You will find link bellow. Have a great day, bye.


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