Top Tips for Using Twitter as an SEO
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Top Tips for Using Twitter as an SEO

(rock music) – [Singer] Crawling Mondays! Welcome to Twitter’s special
edition of Crawling Mondays. The other day I reached
the 66,666 followers and then I promised that I will be sharing about how I leverage Twitter for SEO. So here we go. I believe that Twitter
has helped me in SEO, especially in three different ways. The first one, back to 2007
when I was starting in SEO, I also, around the same time, started using Twitter. The best way I found at that
time to start using Twitter was to start learning more about SEO. I remembered my dad started
following the SEO Moz account and more prominent SEOs at the time, this how I started learning
more about SEO in general, interacting more with the community. And in fact, this is one of
the most important aspects I believe with Twitter. It hasn’t only allowed me to keep updated with the latest SEO topics, but it has also allowed me to interact and get to know very
interesting, knowledgeable people the industry leaders at that, otherwise I wouldn’t have
never had the chance to meet. And for a long time, I have ended up meeting at conferences that I have had a chance to
start attending and speaking at, but it has been like after a while. At the beginning, it
was only over Twitter, so I think that this is a opportunity. One hand you are able to
keep updated about SEO, you follow the SEO relevant accounts and professionals that are
sharing a lot over Twitter, which is very positive on one hand, and then on the other hand, these are real connections
and interactions that you can have and ended
up being friends with. For example for me, a long time ago, one of these people
were Gianluca Fiorelli, and then funnily enough,
just a few days ago, I ended up getting to know,
finally, Miriam Schwab, right? And I had been at Twitter convention, even a Facebook convention,
with her for many years already. But it was like just a few days ago that I ended up meeting her, ’cause I know that a couple of people think that Twitter can
be a huge waste of time if you don’t focus, you can end up procrastinating
a lot of course, and then on the other hand, that there are trolls over Twitter, as there are good and
bad people in all places, but what I will say is
to focus on positive, try to, on one hand, follow the people that you identify that are sharing value, and can provide meaningful,
insightful, and good about SEO on a daily basis. So besides Twitter, to
follow up with SEO news by following the SEO blogs
and professionals’ accounts, and Twitter to develop
meaningful connection with community that you can later on get to know in real life. There’s this whole aspect with Twitter that it can help you a lot to
distribute your own content as a promotional channel because if you interact
with the community, you share meaningful,
relevant news and information, at some point you will
end up also sharing yours, in a very natural way. And you will tend to end up being distributed in a much more easy way. Community management 101, right? Really useful to promote your content, to distribute your content, and what I do sometimes is
even sharing initially an idea over Twitter and if I see
that it gets traction enough, it can help me to validate
that is a good idea and I end up developing or creating a Crawling Mondays edition, like in this particular case for example, what the content creating, the essential flowchart, or writing a blog post, for example, a topic that
I am passionate about, that I really care about and I was sharing over Twitter a lot, about progressive web apps and SEO, but initially, these were
topics that I talked about, at the beginning over Twitter and I saw that people were interested, and this why I ended up
covering these topics, with a presentation or longer blog posts or even with a Crawling Mondays. So, it can be a source of
inspiration, too, and validation, besides promotion so this is
another positive of Twitter. And I know that a few people said that there are a lot of noise over Twitter. That is why I have a maximum
number of people that I follow. I follow a maximum 699 people, which I know that is a
completely like random number that I chose at some point. However, I have found
that this is a good number that allows me to keep updated, not only about SEO, but all of the different
topics that I care about and you are more than
welcome to take a look at who I am following and I follow
people not only in English, but also in Spanish and a
little bit of French too, from all over the world, not only about SEO but
also web development, feed optimization, progressive web apps, mobile development, WordPress, so you can see a lot of it of who I am following and you can maybe identify
a few good accounts that you think might be
probable for you to follow too. Here are a few tools that
I use to be able to keep up with the news and
information and resources that are shared over Twitter
without procrastinating and getting lost among
so much information. So, I use Nuzzel, Nuzzel is
a really really useful tool that you can connect with
your social media accounts and it will tell you which are the news that are being shared
within your community. So for example, if I am
disconnected for a whole afternoon, I can come back and I can see which have been those
interesting type of resources that I have likely missed. Then, SparkToro is a little
bit similar than Nuzzel. It has a this very straightforward
much clearer type of UI, completely focused on what Twitter too. Then I also use BuzzSumo to
follow what specific topics, so for example, it can see
only this Twitter shares about marketing and I have the
same for SEO another topics, yeah so you can set trending
feeds, trending alerts, and you can select from where do you want to see information from, so I can identify also resources to share that might be valuable. And then on the other hand, another good way to identify
what is much more meaningful, is with the social media tracker, and I know that there
is Twitter analytics, but sorry, it’s not the solid
very useful I have to say, the way that things are displayed, unfortunately there’s a long way to go. So I use SEMrush social media tracker, which is great because
it doesn’t only allow you to follow your own presence over many different
social media platforms, but also your competitors,
or your leaders, those that you want to
have as a reference. You think that from where you can identify something
meaningful to share too. So for example, here’s my profile and I can see activity, engagement, and these are all the
accounts that I also track and follow to identify also opportunities, I can see the activities, those that have had more engagement, I can see the hashtags that
have been more popular, the people who have mentioned me too, important accounts during this timeline, so I can change the time
and the top mentions that I have gotten. So this is a good way to identify who are your top followers,
the top mentions, what is really interesting
for your audience, those tweets that have
generated much more engagement, not only from you but
also your competitor, and your activity over time to see if you are growing as expected or not. Also identify what is liked or not, the ways that you can optimize over time. So with these tools, I hope
that also your Twitter activity is much more focused and again, my recommendation is to
keep focus on the positive, be nice to people, that is the first rule that we should all
follow in whatever we do. Hopefully you will be
able to use more Twitter to keep up with your news, use more Twitter to build connections, and be able to interact
with more nice people in the industry that you
can end up learning from and also meeting from real life, and last but not least, use Twitter as an application
channel, distribution channel, and you can use these tools also to identify more meaningful news, trends to track your activity over time, to identify what all the
people also doing well or not, and identify opportunities also to engage in a much better way, and make Twitter meaningful
for your SEO day today. Hopefully this has been useful for you. Thank you very much, and see you in the next Crawling Mondays. (rock music) – [Singer] Crawling Mondays!


  • Marco Bonomo

    Great video. I couldn't agree more about Twitter being a great media for SEO news, sharing knowledge and asking for help as well.

  • Miriam Schwab

    I'm so touched that I made your video! I too am grateful that Twitter gave us the opportunity to meet, first digitally and then finally in person 🙂

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