Tube Rank Machine Review 2.0 – FULL DEMO and WALKTHROUGH
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Tube Rank Machine Review 2.0 – FULL DEMO and WALKTHROUGH

hey there this is Tim Verdouw al from welcome to my tuberank review today I’m
going to show you what to prank is all about gonna show you the members area
also I’m gonna show you my bonuses and the upsells what you can expect in the
funnel so stay tuned and by the way if you want to subscribe make sure you hit
that notification button and a subscription button to stay updated with
my latest reviews see you in a sec alright welcome to my tube rank review
now first let me explain what to rank is all about right now I’m logged into
cheering this is a demo account it’s not my own account
I own the previous version and what they did is they made of 2.0 version which
has a lot more options than the first version now what is to rank machine to
rank machine is a very smart online platform that ranks your videos earlier
that gives you the best tips suggestions and backlinks to boost your videos to
the top of YouTube to the first pop of YouTube now why do you want to be at the
top of YouTube of course on the top of YouTube you get more eyeballs to your
videos and that’s at the end what you want so let me go over this software
this is the dashboard when you log in this is what you will see so you can see
exactly how many videos you have how many subscribers how many views and how
many backlinks there are created to your videos now you can also see your videos
by clicking on my videos and in here you can already get a lot of things that are
in the left side menu which each video so here you see the latest only uploaded
videos you can go to the info of each video and then it will give you
suggestions for this specific video now I forgot one thing oh no we were going
to discuss that in a second there’s also a channel checker where you can check
out your channel but in here you can check each and every video as you can
see it also gives you a score for your specific video and you want to have this
hundreds of hundreds so here it also gives you
suggestions so when you click on this button get suggestions your first of all
we’ll get all the suggestions here on top of each other so right now it says
your title has more than 66 charities your title might appear truncated in
Google and other places so then here you see a tidal generator button and when we
go down it says also your keyword only appears once in the description and then
it says a description generator and you have not entered any tax attack generate
now those three tools are also here in the left menu so when we go to the tidal
generator will open a new tab and here you can create titles for your video now
for example this is a review that I did yesterday
so review trust review in the country United States you can say get title IDs
from YouTube now it’s going to search on YouTube for the best results and here
you see all these results review trust 2019 as you can see I’m ranking number
one for this specific keyword and here’s number two three four so what I
recommend you do you do is when you get these tile IDs from YouTube is don’t
copy the exact same as the number one and think that you’re going to rank
because you do want to have unique titles so what I recommend you to do is
just go over the first few titles that are ranking high in YouTube and then
create from those titles your own track title so for example you’re going to
take review trust review and then here for example you go down and you also
take this 34 dollars off coupon but that’s also in the first title so here
it says watch review trust review so you can say okay I’m gonna use that word
watch and I’m gonna do a review trust review and then – watch and then my full
review for example my full review you take that from the second video and then
with all these titles you’re going to create your own title that are ranking
in in YouTube so that’s the first option that’s the title generator that’s
within tuberank machine now another option is here the description generator
so when we take the same one and we’re also doing review trusts in here for
example review trust review and we do United States it’s going to give the
descriptions of all the ranked videos so here you can see this is my description
so also you’re not going to take all the information from the first place that’s
ranking in YouTube also not the second place what you’re going to do is you’re
going to get IDs from these videos so you can take for example the first part
of this video and you bend it a bit to your own description but you take
exactly what’s in here so as you can see I start with review trust review the
2019 I start with the keywords and then I do a bunch of other things so the same
thing for the description just take some different things so here it says the
upsells you can think hey that’s also smart ID to get your 200th charities
within the description so you’re also going to say to take this description of
the upsells in your description then you go further and then you’re going to see
what they do okay this guy is doing all kinds of hash tag so you can also put
the hash tags in your description so this is very useful information and it’s
gonna save you tons of time you know when I do review videos also take a look
but I want to rank my videos I also take a look at the competition what they’re
doing and look at how many descriptions you got in here how many IDs you can get
from all these descriptions all laid out for you in YouTube without having to go
to each and every single video to look at that description from those videos
and you can also download all these descriptions and use them as a text
document and then make your own document from it now there’s another one this to
tach generator which works also similar where you can say okay for what keywords
do you want to get the tax so review trust to take this again and then
generate tax tags now so generate tags now it’s not doing anything so let’s do
review tax review let’s see what it’s going to create them not sure why this
is not right now generates the best tax
normally you get a bunch of tax in here that is going to create so what I’m
gonna do is let’s go to this video let me see
and what video is this so this is two blank machine let’s let’s just try this
one generate tax and here it’s only says
tube rank machine review well probably this is because there are not many
videos of this right now but normally you get a lot more a bunch of tax also
with with this tool what’s going to give you all different kinds of suggestions
for this specific tax so here when I do to blank it’s also going to give you
more tax and you can copy the selected tax and you can here add that to your
own channel or you can download the tax etc now then there’s also here let me
see if there’s more well this video you can you can then change all these things
and then you can update your channel now here you can also this is a very cool
part of tuberank machine because it’s going to give you backlinks to your
videos now I also have a special bonus that I’m going to give away let me see
if I can show that quickly in here that is 50 backlinks to each video you upload
make sure you check out my bonus section also because I’m also gonna give you
back links to your videos now here it says backlinks you can choose how many
backlinks you want to build to your videos now backlinks are very good to
rank your videos because when YouTube sees that the video has a lot of
backlinks it says that video is important and it will boost you also to
the top of YouTube so here you can choose how many backlinks you want to
generate you get a certain amount of backlinks with the front end offer you
can choose from which platforms you want to create those backlinks backlinks and
also your niche you can select your niche and then here you can type your
keywords how those backlinks are being back linked to your video so for example
if you’re going to take I just copied these these tags well probably that’s a
good idea to just take the tags that are suggested and then
ranked from those keywords one per line so you do each line you do one keyword
that you want to rent for and then it’s going to use these keywords to build
backlinks to your video so the simple thing that you do is you you say build
backlinks and then it will automatically build backlinks to this specific video
now there’s the same backlink builder in here at the left side in the menu where
you can simply take the the idea of your video so let’s say I want to take my
review trust video what you’re going to do is you’re gonna copy your URL you go
back to your backlink builder and then it’s automatically going to replace or
place your ID in here as you can see here also the title text the texts are
being used and you can preview this you can say okay how many backlinks do I
want to get you can say I want to get 300 links or hundred links and then
simply go over it you say okay what type of links now I advise you to do mix
platforms and then in any niche let’s see if there is marketing in here
boom boom boom well actually let me see technology travel let’s see if if
there’s something in here well let’s say Network multi-level marketing let’s say
network marketing and then the keywords for this specific thing is review trust
review 2019 so you can paste these in here or you can use the tax you know you
can you can use these tax and then paste these in here so I’m gonna do review
trust 2019 review trust review and I’m gonna do review and then review trust
and I advise you to do at least five different kinds of tax to make it
natural review trust 2019 review trust like this and then once you’ve done that
let me get the spaces out of here once you’ve done that you simply click on
build backlinks and right now it’s starting to build
backlinks to this specific video now this takes 24 to 48 hours to create all
those backlinks in a natural way and this will boost your video to the number
1 of YouTube at least it will help boost in your video there’s no guarantee of
course but this is one of the important factors to rank your videos now when we
go back to my videos let me finish that first part and you go to the info you
will also see in here the keyword IDs we already got that then there’s a
competition where you also can see the competition for this specific video so
this is to prank machine what we’re looking at right now and then it’s going
to tell you where you are in the position of YouTube so your video is in
position number 44 this specific video this video is not optimized yet and it
is at place 40 and here you can see the other results in YouTube so you
definitely want to check out your rank and this tool is very cool because this
tool has no cache cache registered so when you look at your own computer your
results are never ok you know you can even do that with a incognito browser
and then it’s not always accurate to see where you are ranking in YouTube so this
tool is very cool to see where your video is in YouTube in the United States
and you can see exactly how people are ranking and how your video is ranking
and who is your competition for this specific keyword so that you can see who
you need to outrank for these specific keywords now then there’s also social
info so this is get social info so that you can see exactly how many times your
videos has been shared tweeted etc and you can also share this video on
Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn tumblr and reddit from this specific
place let me see if there’s more there’s a rank checker trending videos so the
tools that you see here within the my videos tab are the same tools that
are also in the left menu here now this is also a cool tool if you want to
create videos that are trending if you want to get into the trend that is
trending right now you can click here on get training videos in the United States
and you can see that these are all viral videos so this one has three hundred
nineteen thousand views this one has a half a million views almost so you can
see exactly what videos are popular so you can create your own videos and get
into that training videos part also so you can do that for any counter in here
you can also see which which videos are right now training in for example when I
want to see my country I want to see what’s training in the Netherlands you
can see exactly that these videos are right now training in Netherlands this
is just first opera from the Formula One racing so when I create a video about
Formula one that’s probably going to do really really well in the Netherlands if
I can rank that video so that’s with training videos now there’s also a term
nail spy where you can spy the term nails so for example when we do review
trust review again you can see the thumbnails and you can see here these
are the terminals that you can copy or at least get an ID from the the
terminals that are really standing out and this is also in the order how
they’re ranked in YouTube but just get creative get the IDS from these two
nails and see what you like and which term they’ll stand out you know when I
see my own thumbnail I see this thumbnail stands out so take the ID from
this term nail you know I did this review trust really big so that when
people saw this they immediately saw this logo so they track their eyeballs
and then there’s also a vent link report which will show you all the backlinks
reports and you can download these backlinks as you can see these are
already processed and my backlinks are just processing today you can view the
report in here or you can see the exact backlinks that are being built to your
YouTube video and then there’s also support and that’s basically what it is
oh by the way there’s also general updates so when you click on my
channel you can also get suggestions for your channel so here it says you’ve only
added three keywords your video your channel has no video trailer so
everything that’s missing on your channel it’s also going to give you an
advice for your channel that’s basically what jube ranked
machine is it helps you rank your videos it builds backlinks to your videos and
it’s a very very cool to a highly recommend you to use this if you do
YouTube marketing I really like this tool now let me go to my bonuses that
I’m going to give away if you decide to purchase to brain machine make sure you
do that through my link you can search for other bonuses but I’m I’m having the
best bonuses think you want to have for this specific product the first bonus is
my secret hacks to rank number one in YouTube now to prank machine gives you
the right tools but I’m gonna give you more info on how to rank on number one
in YouTube the things that I do during my videos in YouTube we’re gonna give
that in this specific training this is my personal training this is not a PLR
product like other vendors are offering you this is my personal training also
what I’m going to do is I’m gonna give you bonus – which is 50 backlinks to
each new video you upload so every time you upload a new video you can get 50
new backlinks to that specific video and like I said backlinks are important to
rank your video in youtube and these are all video backlinks now what I’m also
going to give away is my exclusive access to my video ads creation tool if
you don’t have this bonus yet I highly recommend you to get it because this is
the perfect tool to create grabbing video ads in literally minutes it’s a
really awesome tool it works on Windows and Mac it’s developed by myself so
nobody else is selling this nobody else is giving this to you and it’s a very
cool video tool a lot of value you’re going to get it for free if you decide
to purchase a tube rent machine through my link I’m also going to give you a
free account to my 50 plus SEO tools platform I have a platform with 50 plus
SEO tools that are going to give you a free account – that’s
my bonus for my bonus five is how to create professional YouTube review
videos where I’m going to show you how you can create these YouTube review
videos and the cool thing is this is a brand new training I recorded this
training today and I always say money loves speed and I’m gonna show you how
you can do ad intros like I’m doing with this review video I’m gonna show you how
to out lower 3rd yeah how do you add images etc on your video all without
having to edit your video you’re gonna do that all on the fly I’m gonna show
you how you can filter your background etc I’m gonna show you exactly how I
record my videos now you can do that too and then once your videos record you’re
dumb you know you don’t have to edit your videos and that saves you a ton of
time I’m going to show you exactly how I do this very cool training definitely
once you have that and then also I’m gonna give you access to the same
exclusive bonuses that a lot of others are not offering you can check them out
here just click on this button and you will get a bunch of other bonuses also
in here all these bonuses you’re going to get these I’m not going over these
you can check them out yourself WordPress plugins etc you’re going to
get access to that also and then also if you buy one of the upgrades I’m gonna
give you my reengage or plugin which is currently selling for $37 and this is a
very cool plugin also that guest gets visitors back to your website the same
visitor will come back to your website because this tool was going to give
notifications in the browser when somebody leaves your website tap and 50%
comes back to your website and I can show you stats from myself that I made a
lot of sales for people that came back to my website thanks through this tool
so I’m gonna give you if you take the pro version of a shoeprint machine which
gives you even more options let me go over these options because I recommend
you to take both the front-end and the upsell now the front and gives you a
fully web-based application the video title the video description the tag
generated and the backlinks generator in one click all on fully autopilot and
then this is new the video rank checker tool the keyword generator tool the
training videos finer to channel spy optimizer to
the video optimizer to an eternal spy tool these are all in the front end and
then the pro version gives you all the features of the front and plus the video
spy to spy on top of on the top videos in your niche automated defense builder
backlink builder for your videos so you get more options to build your backlinks
and also this website backlink builder lets you build backlinks from any kind
of website or webpage so not just videos you can build seven different types of
backlinks automatically plus you get five thousand bonus backlink credits and
I highly recommend you to take this because this is very cheap there are
other services also selling but this is a very good price to get five thousand
backlinks now there’s also an export your SEO backlink report to PDF and you
can view it online there’s a keyword research tool building to help you with
backlink anchor texts powered by YouTube Google M Bing and you can create daily
automatic backlink campaigns that to create 50 links per day for 30 days so
set and forget so it’s got a natural building of your backlinks and there’s a
video thumbnail creator tool which creates optimized thumbnails for more
clicks and views so that’s all in the pro version and here is the pricing so
the front end is $27 upgrade is $67 which you get these five thousand so
let’s say sixty seven divided by five thousand you’re gonna pay 13 no you’re
gonna pay let’s say is sent for a backlink this is very cheap so only for
the backlinks I will already recommend you to take the pro upgrade now there’s
also video skyrockets an agency license not sure what this is I didn’t got
access or info about this and the agency license speaks for itself which is $97
so that is my review about you Frank machine if you have any questions make
sure you ask them in the comments below or on my website on the chat
make sure you subscribe to my channel and make sure you click the link below
this video to check out my tube rank machine bonuses and if you get it
through one of the buttons on my page you’re going to get access to all the
bonuses just mentioned all right thank you for watching have an awesome day and
hope to see you in my next review bye bye


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