TubeBuddy Review – Manage Your YouTube Channel With Ease
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TubeBuddy Review – Manage Your YouTube Channel With Ease

Do you want to save a ton of time completing
essential tasks required to grow your YouTube channel? TubeBuddy is a browser extension that enables
you to spend more time creating videos and less time managing them. All its tools can be accessed right within
inside your YouTube channel. Stay tuned for my quick review of Tubebuddy
and discover how it works: So I’ve got Chrome open here. You can install it as a free browser extension
on Chrome After you’ve installed the free browser extension
you’ll see this little tab at the top here and it’ll show you all the web tools and the
support You have got the quick links here and you’ve
got extension tools Now if I go to my video manager I’ve got the
TubeBuddy icon at the top here I can backup all the videos on my channel
I’ve got a bulk feature here so I click on that
You can do a find and replace, you can do thumbnail overlays, bulk delete annotations
I can bulk update annotations, bulk delete cards, bulk update cards
I could also bulk publish to facebook Let’s look at an example video
So if I select a video, click on the tubebuddy icon drop down box
Click “search rankings” it shows the keyword phrases that I’m ranking
for Now if I click on the edit button and go down
to the bottom here I’ve got a..I can copy all my tags, I can sort all my tags
Click “suggest” I’ve got suggested for search and I’ve got
suggested for related Click on “explore”
It’s got the most used tags, top ranking in search, search volume. competition, overall
You get trending results, auto suggested results, historical, which countries do they
mostly come from and results So it shows you the top videos that are ranked
for “youtube subscribers” So you can see I’ve got the starter license
of Tube Buddy which is the free version Let’s look at the other versions
The free version has these productivity tools but it’s limited on the thumbnail generator. playlist actions, comment filters, canned
responses It looks like you don’t get the bulk processing
tools You get the “view and copy video tags” you
get the caption service You’ve got “subscriber outreach”, pick a winner,
featured video production Under “data research” you’ve got “watch page
stats” social monitor, language analysis The Pro version includes all these productivity
tools The Star version includes a little more and
the legend includes all of them Bulk processing tools is not included in the
Pro version but it’s included in the Star and Legend versions
Under “Video SEO tools” free is “view and copy video tags” captions service and limited
tag explorer and suggested tags The Pro you get the tag explorer and suggested
tags full version and tag sorter And the Star version you can also see the
search rankings Promotion Tools almost all of them have that
except for the free and limited on Pro Data research tools it’s limited under the
free Pro has almost all of them except backup is
limited The Star and Legend versions include almost
all of them except Legend has the competitor scoreboard and channel access
Here are the prices for the different versions Under “coupons and discounts” if you’ve got
less than 50,000 views you get a discount on the Pro license
If you pay yearly you get a discount on all 3 licenses
If you’ve got more than 1 channel you also get substantial discounts
So you can see that Tubebuddy is a very handy tool for YouTube for managing annnotations,
cards, end screens, video seo, promotion, scheduling, syndication
It also creates thumbnails, it has an animated gif generator, advanced embed and picking
a winner If you want to save time and money, boost
video performance and engage with your audience then download Tubebuddy. It’s a killer “must-have” extension for all
YouTubers. Go to or click the
link in the description below this video If you want to receive more video tutorials
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