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Tutorial RankingCoach (SEO tool) – Dewaweb

Hi, everyone, I’m going to explain how to make your website appear in Google’s first page. Today I’m going to use RankingCoach from Dewaweb. RankingCoach will guide you step-by-step based on your website’s analysis. RankingCoach will tell you the right strategy and tips based on your website’s needs. It’s really easy to use RankingCoach, first visit dewaweb.com/rankingcoach then click “Coba RankingCoach Gratis”. Fill in the form or click login if you already have a Dewaweb account. Then click checkout and pay. login to client area, choose paket hosting saya, click paket hosting saya, choose SEO tools rankingCoach standard, click setup and click login to rankingCoach. You don’t have to worry because you can use RankingCoach for free for 30 days. After that, you will see RankingCoach homepage and RankingCoach will then ask for your website’s URL for them to analyse. you will be asked to fill a form with personal data and your company’s data to help the analysing process. Click Next when you’re done filling in the form, then you will be asked to choose your business sector, you can choose up to 3 categories. Then fill in which countries your customers are from. After that, you will be asked to put in the keyword you targeted. RankingCoach will then analyse the keyword to see if they fit with your website based on the relevancy of the keyword. choose wisely the keywords you want to monitor and optimized, key word in green means the competition is easy red keywoard if the competition is difficult gray if there is no significant competition data the size of the circle shows the search volume for that keyword although red, should still be included so that the keyword is monitored by rankingCoach then add also some green circle and some big gray circle. Maximum number that can be monitored is in accordance with your rankingCoach package so, use it wisely. After analysing your website, you will be asked to choose your relevant competitor and RankingCoach will then analyse the competitor and compare their website with yours. RankingCoach will show you their analysis data, after that click “Optimalkan Situs Anda Sekarang” to receive tasks that will help you to optimize your website and win SEO competition. You have to consistently do all the tasks
given by RankingCoach. Many people are also doing website optimisation so to see the result, you will need to wait for about 3-4 months. Don’t give up! If you are stuck and you need help, you can always chat Dewaweb’s ninja support on dewaweb.com or you can also leave your questions down below. That’s it. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe, or if you want to watch more videos from Dewaweb, you can click over here. See you in the next video! Bye!


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