Twitter – Are Twitter’s Links Backlinks ?

does sharing all links on Twitter
creates backlinks and is there a difference between
sharing short links or long links? Hey its Eric and welcome to
your series use Twitter like a pro the links that we share on Twitter are
not considered as backlinks since they are replaced by Twitter’s no follow link to understand this let me answer the
second question is there a difference between sharing
short links or long links when sharing a link on Twitter I would highly recommend that you create
a tracking link. Why a tracking link? Because you need to know if people are really
clicking on your links as we know on Twitter we
all are limited to 140 characters but do not worry long links do not take
more characters then short links for instance I’m going to share a long link and we see that I go from 140
characters 118 so I have used 22 characters now if I takes a short tracking link on
this link that I have created with Google shortner me notice that I also use twenty two characters and go down to 118 characters
how was it that both links use 22 characters the reason is actually really simple. The link that we are sharing is going to be replaced by
Twitter’s own no follow link if we take a look at
our source code and you look at the link between the two quot you will see that our link is now Twitter’s
link and this is why there is no difference between sharing a
shortlink or long link on Twitter thank you for
watching this video do not forget to subscribe

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