Two-way audio & 3D FPV 720p@30fps video telepresence over the web with head tracking
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Two-way audio & 3D FPV [email protected] video telepresence over the web with head tracking

Immersive Telepresence over the Web has never been so easy. The software at the heart of the little robot shown in this demo employes standard web technologies to send and receive encrypted audio video and data streams from one or more remote peers in the same network or in the cloud. In this simplified scenario a plugin-free web application tracks the smartphone orientation to move the stereoscopic camera head of the remote robot accordingly. The orientation data sent from the browser to the embedded server in the robot is processed in real time. On other side there is the robot capturing what it sees with its “HD eyes” and sending the stereoscopic video to the smartphone with imperceptible latency. Things get interesting when you put the smartphone into a Virtual Reality headset and turn on the audio in both directions as you really feel as if you were present at the robot place.


  • Sergi Gomez

    Hi Webmaster Webmaster,
    I am a student from Spaint doing my final project. I'm really interested in your project and i want to ask you if it is possible to contact with you.
    Thank you very much,

  • Brayam Fabián Ruiz

    excellent, can you show how do it with on the cloud, local work fine, but i cant test using the server on the cloud(over internet), thanks

  • veilkrand

    Great project!
    Would be amazing if you will be able to share more details and setup about your project. What are you using to interface 2 cameras are the same time?

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