UCLEAR Bluetooth Helmet Communication System – Product Overview
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UCLEAR Bluetooth Helmet Communication System – Product Overview

Hey everyone, I’m Wendy with UCLEAR here to
talk to you about the UCLEAR Bluetooth Helmet Communication Systems. UCLEAR is going to
be the only communication system on the market without the boom microphone and no wired microphone
either and it’ll pair up with all of your gadgets, pair up with your phone for hands
free phone calls, get your GPS turn by turn in your helmet or listen to your favorite Best motorcycle helmet under $200
tunes as you’re riding down the road. How’s it going to work? Well, its advanced
military technology. The microphones are built into the speakers of the UCLEAR system. The
installation is very easy. They do just Velcro back behind the cheek pads, drop them in the
speaker pockets of any helmet. The only thing is going to be very important make sure those
microphones are pointing forward towards your mouth. What happens is they have a technology
called Adaptive Beam Forming technology and that is going to transmit a signal, create
an audio cone around your face to pick up the sound of your voice and at the same time
has active noise cancellation, digital signal processing. It basically means that this is
a smart system and it’s going to know the difference between your voice and everything
else so you don’t have the wind, road, or bike coming through in your conversations
while you ride anymore. The nice thing about the no boom microphone
aside from not having that in your face while you’re riding, is the versatility. It doesn’t
matter what kind of helmet you’re wearing or using, the UCLEAR system will mount on
very easily without tools or modifications to that helmet. So what all can the system
do? We have three different models for you. We’ve got the ever popular Force model here
which is going to be able to pair an unlimited amount of people together for group intercom
conversations. Now, the way that works it’s going to be a little bit different than the
other systems as well. It will give you a full duplex conversation meaning that however
many people are paired together, everybody will be able to hear that conversation all
at once. So for safety and group riding, keep everyone connected. Now in addition to that, you will get one
privacy pairing mode as well, so if 50 buddies talking to you on your ride is a bit much,
you can always go to a one on one. Or you have your Bluetooth so you can rock out to
your favorite jams as you’re getting down the road. The range on this system is going
to be just under half of a mile. Now, the UCLEAR system will give you a proprietary
function. It’s called multi-hot technology. It means that each UCLEAR control unit is
going to act like a repeater to give you more range the more people you have in your group.
So half a mile from unit to unit and each unit you add extends that range by an additional
half of a mile. We do have a couple of other options for you.
If you’re not needing to pair with an unlimited amount of people for your group riding, maybe
it’s two of you or even four we have a 100 Plus system. It’s going to have all the same
boom-less microphone features, the digital signal processing active noise cancellation.
We’ve just limited the ability to pair with up to four people for this system. In addition
to that, we have the new HD model which is going to be specifically packaged for the
half helmet rider. Again, no boom microphone, very easy, helmet on helmet off set of ear
buds that have the microphones integrated into that system as well. In addition to the
ear buds being in the kit, it does come with a pair of our pro mics so you are outfitted
for essentially everything you need for two helmets in that system. Now all three models are going to be sold
in single or dual packs, everything for one helmet, or everything you need for two helmets.
Let’s show you the installation. One of the best things is going to be the ease of installation
and overall use of this product line here. Now, no tools or modifications required as
I just mentioned. You have a peel and stick, an adhesive mount, which will go onto any
type of a helmet or a removable clip which will go onto most helmets like this modular
GMax we have here. It will go between the shell and the liner of that helmet. Simply
insert it halfway, the little levers will come off so we don’t ride with those on and
you can finish putting that on and now your UCLEAR control unit is a track. You just line
that up on the back here and slide it down, clips right into place. The single input and
output option we have our speakers installed already so we’ll take this USB connection,
plug it in here and that’s going to give you a waterproof and dust proof connection. Take
a firm press but once it’s in, you’re good to go. As I mentioned, this system is going to be
very easy to not only install as you saw, but to use as well. So let’s pair these together
for intercom. Very easy, this first unit is going to be hold the UCLEAR button and the down button
together at the same time. Make sure you let go when that light comes on and now you can
move onto your second unit. And you’ll hold the UCLEAR and the up button until the light Women’s full face motorcycle helmets
comes on. Those will do their thing, they both blink purple and that means that they’re
pairing. As soon as that first one stops blinking purple, it gives you a double blue blink and
that confirms that they are paired together and in intercom mode. Now this second unit
just stays purple because it would like you to continue to pair a third unit to it. We
have a third unit, just repeat the UCLEAR and up on that next unit. Since we do not
or once you get to the end of your pairing, you can hit any button on this control unit
to take that out of pairing mode. Now those are in intercom mode and we’re ready to ride. Now to pair your UCLEAR unit to your Bluetooth
device, your smartphone, your GPS system we would turn the control unit on by holding
the UCLEAR logo and now press the up and down buttons together at the same time. Blue and
red flashing lights mean that that’s in Bluetooth pairing mode and now discover-able for your
Bluetooth device. Another benefit to the UCLEAR product line is going to be the offerings
of free for more updates. That means you can keep your technology current, and we won’t
charge you to do so. Just jump on the UCLEAR-digital.com website to update your UCLEAR today. Now all
of our products will be compatible with one another, so if you have a friend who has one
of these systems and you have one of these. they will work together. In addition with
the latest firmware update, the UCLEAR product line is cross compatible with competitive
brands of communication systems. UCLEAR is going to come with a two year manufacturer
warranty. If you have any questions if anything comes
up along your ride, just give us a call. We’ll get you taken care of. So no matter how you’re
out there riding, whether you’re on the streets or you’re on your dual sport, you’re in your
sled, you’re in your side by side, your ATV, your quad, don’t forget UCLEAR can go with
you. Mount on any helmet very easily and it’ll move from helmet to to helmet very quickly
for you. Let your buddies borrow it, take it anywhere you go. UCLEAR, don’t forget,
connect your world and feel free to let us know, how do you ride?


  • Craig Saunders

    Hot might sell. But hot product? not.
    The control module is great if you sitting on a slow moving couch and you've got small pointed ungloved fingers to control volume and track skip. Try it with real bike gloves. Impossible.
    Sonically in a decent Shoei or shuberth youl find youl need ear plugs to tone down high ranges.
    Theres zero bass and forget midrange period.
    Some company needs to step up with audio quality and control. Bypass all this music share and distance connection b/s. I'm sure 300 meters is fine rider to rider and anyway there's always that mic happy wanker that won't shut up.

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