Ultimate Product Search & Filter App for Shopify stores
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Ultimate Product Search & Filter App for Shopify stores

Almost every online buyers start their shopping journey with a keyword search. If the search system within your store is unable to understand your user intent and get them a “zero search results” page or irrelevant results your eCommerce will hit a dead-end. Ultimate Search & Filter is the perfect solution empowers the search and navigation experience of many online retailers and stores by leveraging Advanced semantic search Natural language processing Dynamic Filtered Navigation
Digital merchandising Ensure customers quickly find what they are looking for on any device. Built with AI and machine learning technology, the engine becomes smarter over time. It can understand user purchase intent and contextual meaning. If a user is looking for “red mini dress,” the system will find and show the relevant products where the color field is red and the length is mini. You can also create equivalences between different search terms. When a user searches for “winter clothes,” you can set up proper synonyms and allow the search tool to find “jackets,” “coats,” “sweater,” and’ “scarf.” It will help you avoid “no results found” and miss out on a sale. The Dynamic Filtered Navigation allows you to set up different navigation and offer the right options for various collections. When it comes to success in eCommerce, merchandising is key. You can prioritize the display of products based on specific keywords or collections to drive better conversion rates and increased overall profitability. For example a homeware retailer may wish to give Xmas decoration products a temporary boost in late November. Remember, adding Ultimate Search & Filter to your Shopify stores is a simple task but will rocket your sales. Convert more Browsers into Buyers with Ultimate Search & Filter now. Ultimate Search & Filter AI-powered search solution for eCommerce Visit us at sobooster.com to explore more apps to skyrocket your sales.

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