[#UltimateMukbang] (ENG/SPA/IND) Seo Hyun Jin X Yoon Doo Joon Beef Tripe Mukbang | #Diggle
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[#UltimateMukbang] (ENG/SPA/IND) Seo Hyun Jin X Yoon Doo Joon Beef Tripe Mukbang | #Diggle

[Ultimate Mukbang] Oh wow
The sound and the color! Mmm! Listen to that sound What are you doing
Why would you put that on the grill? So the gopchang and the vegetables
mix harmoniously together Strike a balance in the flavor
and the nutrition Just like you make vegetable wraps
when eating meat I don’t make vegetable wraps Vegetable wraps began when people couldn’t eat enough meat so they started filling up on vegetables! Why are you taking them out? Hey, what are you doing? You have to do this
So the oil from the gopchang seeps in and roasts the vegetables well! So I mean, why do you do that? The oil coming from the meat is greasy
People deliberately take that out I only want the meat on the hot grill I hate it when the onions and spring onions
are on it together That’s why you’re a rookie You need more than 2 ingredients to bring out better flavor
You don’t know that You’re not right for me Whatever, I’m going to
roast only gopchang here You mix vegetables here
or do whatever you want! You used to be this selfish in grade school Do whatever you want
If you pass this line, they’re mine If you cross that line
I’m going to throw the vegetables away Do you want the rice now, or… Now, please! Oh, you eat rice with the meat? Of course You got that right But why eat the vegetables together Can’t understand – You crossed it
– Hmm, vegetables It’s so good It’s exploding inside You need to eat with the vegetables Focus on the meat Good, good This is the taste I’ve imagined You have to add the vegetables The flavor..! This is the time We need fried rice here Okay That’s what I’m talking about Press it down This is it! My dreams have come true!


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