Unlock iPhone – How to Unlock iPhone without Password | Priyank
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Unlock iPhone – How to Unlock iPhone without Password | Priyank

so hello friends I have an iPhone 5c and today we are going to unlock it what’s up YouTube I’m Priyanka and today i have an iphone 5c that I got from a client the story behind this iPhone is a guy lock the iPhone and there are some chats that we are going to recover from the iPhone so the first thing that we are going to do is unlock this device as you can see this is the device and the devices iPhone is disabled and I can try again after a long time but it doesn’t let me do much I have an emergency caller and this is an iPhone 5c I really don’t understand why people try to do stuff on their own because once iPhone is disabled you know we don’t have much options available and we have to actually flash the firmware and reset the device to the factory settings anyways we don’t have much options available because it’s an iPhone if it was an Android we can basically flash custom recoveries and then use flashable file manager to boot into the device unlocking an iPhone is not an easy task and effects an Android we can unlock it by rooting it or by flashing custom recovery but in this case we have an iPhone the only way to unlock this device is by going to DFU mode first and then flashing the iso firmware so in my case i am going to flash iOS 10.2 you need to make sure that jailbreak is available for the firmware that you are going to flash because later on we are going to jailbreak our device and then we are going to recover the chats that are present in the device so let’s head over to our device and firstly we are going to turn off the device and you need to make sure that you have your iPhone USB cable ready with you then you need to press the home button and connect the USB cable if you have an older version of iPhone that iPhone 4 then you can basically hold the power button as well as the home button but in my case it’s iPhone 5c so I have to hold the home button and connect the USB just use Google to search for DFU mode and you will be inside the fu mood within few seconds so let’s head over to our computer and start doing the stuff now the first thing that we need is iTunes obviously we need iTunes to do anything on an iPhone so I will just download the 64 bit version of iTunes from the official website iTunes is of about 105 MB so I’ll just download it and I’ll be back soon so the download has been completed and we can basically install the software by clicking on the setup I will just press next next install and that’s it now you can connect your device in DFU mode using USB and you’ll see that iTunes is downloading software update but in most cases this software update will be the latest version of iOS but we need to flash a custom version of iOS so you can download it from third party website and then use the shift key to flash custom firmware and after few seconds you’ll notice that a new device will be plugged in your computer and that’s the iPhone and it will automatically install the required drivers it will start flashing the firmware on your device and your device will reboot few times so it might take around five to ten minutes so let me just speed up the process and speed the video up so after a reboot you can configure your device and it will boot properly into normal mode after booting you need to jailbreak your device and then use doctor phone to recover so that’s it for the video for more forensics and hacking videos please subscribe to my channel and share this video with your friends
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