Verify current backlinks with LinkAssistant
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Verify current backlinks with LinkAssistant

Welcome to SEO PowerSuite video training series In this video you will learn how to
verify your links with LinkAssistant. It is essential for website owners to keep track of live
links that make up their backlink profiles With the help of LinkAssistant, you can
easily check if the links are still in place, have the
right anchor text are dofollow or nofollow. This
process is called link verification. Launch LinkAssistant and open a project. To make sure all
your backlinks are here, in one place, you can import them from
any other tools like SEO Spyglass, spreadsheets or Google Webmaster Tools In your workspace right click the header
of any column and add “Verification made on” and
“Verification passed” columns to your workspace If you’d like to verify a limited number
backlinks, select them and choose “Verify selected
link partners” Alternatively you can verify partners
from the current view or verify all partners from the current
project at step one adjust the depth of the scan. Normally the default settings are absolutely
enough So we simply press Next and let the
software do the check Once the verification is completed, you will see the date the verification
was made on and the result Additionally, after each verification
check the data will be added into two tabs:
Verified partners and Partners who failed verification. Thus, your data will be conveniently organized
for you, so that you can act on it whenever needed. Don’t forget that LinkAssistant has a built-in email client so you can
contact your partners right from the software and remember
that your backlink profile determines your rankings. Thanks for
watching our video. You now know how to run regular link
verification checks In the next video you will learn how to
schedule tasks in SEO PowerSuite.

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