verify the ownership of your Webflow site – SEO tutorial
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verify the ownership of your Webflow site – SEO tutorial

Google Verification lets us verify ownership
of a particular property (like a website or an app) with Google. Once we’re verified, we’re able to submit
our property to Google so it can get listed in their search index. This, of course, is the preferred way to do
it, even though Google might stumble across your property from a link on another website. Let’s do a quick search for the Google Search
Console and bring that up. You’ll want to start here by logging in to
your Google account, typing in the URL for the website you’re wanting to verify, and
you’ll arrive at a page that looks like this. What we’re looking for here is the HTML Tag
method. In this instance, it’s found under Alternate
methods, right under HTML Tag. Click “Show me an example” and select the
content between the quotes, so you can copy it right to your clipboard. In our Webflow project, we can navigate over
to Project Settings, and visit our SEO tab. Once there, we can scroll down to Google Site
Verification, and paste our copied content. Save those changes we just made? And head on over to publish, so Google can
recognize that we’ve added the verification. Finally, back on Google? We can simply verify. And that’s it! We’ve successfully verified our website in


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