Video Titles: Ideas for great YouTube SEO + high CTR

To bootstrap the growth of our channels
we need to optimize our videos for search and the video title is very
important to optimize our videos. But then again we also know that the video
title is very important for our viewers to convince them to click our video,
right? So the video title has two purposes: One for the machine, the SEO
part, and one part to intrigue people to click. But there is one issue. Look at
this example for example. I optimized my recent video around “audience retention
youtube”. This is one of those search terms that you find here which people
enter into the search bar, right? And what they usually enter is not very
intriguing to write into a video title. It doesn’t convince viewers to click.
I mean imagine “audience retention YouTube”. It sounds boring. Why should
anyone watch this video, right, if it’s only titled “audience retention YouTube”.
So with this latest video I applied a nice new strategy. Let me show you. Here
in the #4 Optimize tab where you optimize your metadata for your
YouTube videos in the Morningfame keyword research tool, we have “audience
retention YouTube” as the target search term. And obviously we want to have it in
our title. And as you can see here I completed this search term with a
sentence “YouTube just loves it”. So I got a little bit more creative about this
title. I have the target search term in there “audience retention YouTube” but I
made it with a colon here and then started a sentence, this sentence, which
is very intriguing for viewers to read, right? So it is both worlds: The machine
reads “audience retention YouTube” and the viewer just sees the colon, okay,
new sentence, “YouTube just loves it”. And that is the intriguing element in the
title. So we have the best of both worlds. Let me show you a few more examples from
other niches. For example “mastering hip hop ableton” is one of those search
terms that if you do videos about that could be a target search term for your
next video. So what I did here is “mastering hip hop” which is of course the
beginning of the target search term – it should always be in the beginning here –
but then I did this vertical line to make it easier for viewers to read this
sentence. So they see a new sentence starts here
“Ableton makes it 10x quicker” and that is the intriguing part. So again we
have the SEO part and the intriguing part for the viewer but they overlap a
little bit to make it overall shorter because we don’t have much space to put
in our title. It should be as short as possible and the “Ableton” part is
basically the crossover part of the SEO part but again also part of the
intriguing element that we add for the viewers to read. Great technique, right?
Let me show you a few more examples to give you a better idea. Here we have “Keto
diet recipes” and what I did here again, I split up the search term to form a new
sentence “recipes that taste like heaven”. By the way, the sign that I put in there,
like the dash or previously the vertical line, whatever you take, a column
for example, don’t matter to the YouTube algorithm. You can use whatever you want,
whatever is better for the viewers to read. The idea is that they can read it
much quicker. They see “Keto diet”, of course they searched for that, and then
easily read the second part “recipes that taste like heaven”. By the way, big shout
out to Michaela who taught me this technique recently. By the way, if you
speak German then I left a link to her podcast which is all about YouTube
growth as well which is really great. Feel free to check it out. And I have
more examples for you. Here we have “Christmas DIY Dollar Tree”. And here again
I applied “Christmas DIY” colon and then “Dollar Tree has new decor items you’ll
love”. By the way, also a neat technique to emphasize a few words that are very
important for the viewers to read. You know, everything with a purpose that the
viewer reads the title more quickly and thus
gets more easily convinced to click your video. There’s basically nothing worse
than having a too long title that some people don’t even read or is then
abbreviated in the end because of the limited space that you have on YouTube
when it’s shown below the thumbnail. Alright, let me show you one last example
so I hope that I have covered most of your niches. Here it’s about a game
“cloud9 csgo 2019” which is again a very boring title, right? But you can write
“cloud9 csgo – 2019 changes how you play”. Something important about your
gameplay is coming up and you have to stay in the loop. Basically that’s what
the title says. Of course, with 2020 approaching it would be a better idea to
use 2020 here because more and more people will search “cloud9 csgo 2020”
instead of 2019. Alright, this is a neat way to combine the SEO part and the
intriguing element that the viewer has to read in order to get convinced to
click your video for a higher click-through rate. Really great. Let it
overlap as much as possible so you can cram in both purposes that the title has
into as few words as you can. But then again there are some people who title
their video in a different way. Their approach is to go all-in with SEO and
optimize the video for multiple search terms even. And that’s what I want to
talk about in the next episode of this series. And if it’s not out yet then subscribe
here and ring the bell so you don’t miss this next episode. Cheers my friends!

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