Web Warriors Unite! Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Gameplay Part 3! KIDCITY GAMING
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Web Warriors Unite! Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Gameplay Part 3! KIDCITY GAMING

Welcome Back to KidCity! we’re back with
chapter 3 ultimate marvel alliance 3 last night go check it out I don’t want
to say okay if you want to catch up we will give you a link to chapter one
right up here it’s guardians of galaxy and then we played venom and electro and
now we have venom on our team so now we’re about to we’ve got our selections
I’m venom for you I’m gonna be Cat Cat we are crystal whoever crystal is and we
just spotted computers gonna be spider-man wait a minute it sounds like
like the Joker Holmes its cage that’s Luke Cage skin you know yeah he’s like
he’s Superman basic oh he’s he gonna help us come on bro we got five people
now yeah we got five people on our team didn’t sound like the Joker you sound
like the Joker I think that Mark Hamill did the voice of that alright remember
to use your uh your dodge attack it’s gonna help us here
where am i where am i you’re right there in the blue I need to listen to my own
advice here I think here robot – what keep your robots in booth Oh hit hit team yeah nice
we destroyed luke age Luke 8 joins Alliance would you say your dog alright
here we go we don’t need this I like I like our guys now ooh look who that is
Oh miles when more of them and miss Marvin you serious how many crazy
super-powered prisoners does the stupid place old moms Morales next generation
wall crawler his own hero 616 total champion against three those are
terrible odds when this is over remind me to never hang out in your dimension
again miles mm-hmm spy reverse do we have to fight them
no no no watch out oh we do take down the trio of champions should be too hard yeah I agree
why are we fighting good guys Miss Marple just sucked me into her arms
or something Crystal’s having a hard time over there excuse me
oh yes miles has his web shockers do we here oh hello what happened oh you guys
wait something’s not right here the mist has any of this real
whatever is happening we can beat it keep fighting so Mysterio is making them think that
we’re bad guys I think I’ve almost got miles I think
I’ve got miles nope no I don’t is he what are you talking about okay so we
got Marvel Captain Marvel down Miss Marvel win okay good job okay oh my goodness
Big Boss Big Boss so we’re gonna beat him and then we’ll keep coming a little
bit got it ooo he’s a trickler don’t get his mixed there are two I’m
trying to get out of it he’s done he’s done man
what a nut I’m down oh I’m Captain America now yeah yeah
yeah join up join up nice I’m trying not to get in as mist use dodge to get out of this yes yes
that’s right it’s this yeah now now nice I’m joining you think whoa Oh lots
of Mysterio’s that was no good too many Mysterio’s he’s almost dead yeah he’s almost down
he’s almost down got him yes I got him revive Chris oh yeah okay oh yeah you
know you’re mad we leave you in there yeah we’re later is this another trick
though now gone I swear we’ll make it up to you if you
can never find a way to trust us again come from did we just unlock three new
people Miles Morales spy twin you will be spying with I’m gonna be mild okay
let’s hit it I’m miles I’m gonna be spider-man oh now
web warriors 8% web warriors do we want that yeah we gonna go face the Green
Goblin what Doctor Octopus oh my goodness hey
we want him on our to us be nice to him a gesture may think he’s the mastermind
behind this jailbreak but once I t activate the prisons for sphere I’ll
show him truly has the superior intellect though I suppose I’ll have to
show you first won’t I lots of bosses on this level are
superior in sight inferior ethics proof superior in a battle to Doctor Octopus they avoid his arms
okay he’s strong he’s got no defense okay wait for him
wait for him I can’t watch got it
okay he’s down he’s down get him Who am I who I’m on Spidy Spidy now okay I’m
gonna get you I’m gonna get you I got you
okay good there you go get him stunned okay later keep talking about we’re just
looking for Green Goblin is this the old one yep we go back up we got off on the
wrong floor I guess so okay hit it go for his his
arms his arms see his arms at all they all have powers like a strength meter you see so you don’t talking about
so we’ve disabled one side I want to be miles there we go there we go see stuff go we
lock in can we do it combine the tap oh okay go for his arms again
yes that’s how we stun him Oh Spidey’s down Spidey’s down we don’t
have any more revivals okay so where we’re without spider-man
great oh he’s slapping us okay go go in walk in it begin both buttons right just
go just go to see them there we go one more we just need one more everybody get it everybody get an arm Oh slap slap slap slap he’s slapping us
down okay one more over here bottom lip bottom lip foot it’s got a
red marker on it well yeah here we go we’re about to stun
him there he’s done to get going we hit both these buttons oh no no we need one
more the ones with the red marker got it let’s get it boom down goodness
doctor I got two now very nice very nice this is what I get for leaving a pawn
like you to do the work of a king that is Mark Hamill sweaters I’d love to
stay and play there’s still so much more that must be done unfortunately time is
on my side I thought we were gonna fight him he’s gone how come I always have to
fight him in high places never ends well I think that’s good I think we’re good
see what happens here we find time on my too bad if yours is about to run out okay so we got we’re about to get a time
stone if we can defeat him oh we can pick them up and throw them though pick
them up and throw and throw nice yeah you just wait for him to poop out those
eggs good timing on oh man yeah hurry right got it
now it’s done get him get in there now ice what
where’d it go no it’s right there Oh got him I got him with one if they’re flashed and they’re about to
explode guys gone he’s done he’s done lock-in all right Wendy good there uh-oh don’t get caught with those yeah anybody low on health I think winning
and mines me okay pick him up throw him oh god it’s done to me okay lock in lock
in yes that’s a huge attack we brought down
oh it’s so fast nuts stay up we’re close very close did we get it stunned him stunned him get it come on
come on come on come on just a little more a little more a little more we just
need one more stun where is it wait a minute feeling well at all family broke
him worse he’s lost control of the time stone there’s no telling what sort of
damage a madman such as he could do to the laws of nature yeah it may rip the
timestream to shreds but you gotta admit it’s pretty hilarious
that’s not exactly the word Ivan shoots look what we’re the Guardians come from again uh-oh I think we’re getting a future
vision here we do not want this to go wrong yes is how it all ends I shall be
waiting here for you three Goblin just entered some kind of
portal he’s going crazy or we could work together for once and make sure that it
isn’t what do you say worth a try this oughta hold you until the rafts guards
can fit you for a new straightjacket there you go
star-lord hey not a good idea I know what I’m doing these things need to be
put in a safe place yes follow it you’re not a safe place
space bro that’s funny because this one as I’m doing just fine in there we got
to and he didn’t bother using it it’s far better that he didn’t when used by
those unaccustomed with cosmic power the Infinity stones can yield disastrous
results like landing us on this miserable mud ball of a planet we be
firm no no if the future is as grim as it
looks you’re better off by our side than
behind bars there are still four more stones out there each one just as
powerful but in totally different ways if they can all do crazy stuff like that
on their own we really don’t want to find out what all six can do together we
didn’t mean to bring them here to earth but it happened so now it’s up to us to
track the rest down before Thanos camp I’d like to say this isn’t your fight
but you know I’d be lying we meet you all of you all right
he’ll probably about 20 more of you but we’ll take what we can get and together
we’ll make sure that there is no way in this galaxy or any other that a tyrant
like Thanos will give this cell phone call really come on man I only get to
make speeches like that once twice a year tops sorry I’ve got to take this
it’s my wife Jess baby Jessica Jones yeah well there was this thing out on
the raft and I know but I’m sure Danny and Matt can handle we’ll be right there
okay now can we get back to it we better because my girl just found
your next stone all right guys thanks for watching chapters this chapter three
yeah chapter three remember we will give you if you want to catch up we’ll give
you a link right up here so you can watch chapter one too and this one again
so stay tuned remember to subscribe to Kidd City and ring the bells to get
notified every time we upload alright guys bye
Oh see you next time


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