Webmaster Tools spring time design refresh
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Webmaster Tools spring time design refresh

>>The redesigned Webmaster Tools has many
new features. When you sign in you’ll see a new Home for your sites, with the Message
Center and all the sites that you add. And for each verified site, you get a one-stop
Dashboard that shows you all the highlights from your data. You can now get to your favorite
features easily, with sensible navigation and troubleshoot problems with smarter help.
Additionally, you can now see more search queries that your site appears in than ever
before. We’ve had robots.txt and URL removal features for some time. But now all crawler
access tools are together at last on one page. We already sent messages about your site to
your Webmaster Tools’ inbox, but now you can forwards these messages to your email. We
hope you enjoyed exploring the redesign of Webmaster Tools. These improvements are just
the beginning. Stay tune for more updates.


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