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Webmaster Tools Webinar

welcome to what every affiliate marketer
should know about webmaster tools as a special thank you for attending our
webinar we’re providing the link to the
presentation in html5 format so it can be viewed on a computer,
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I will answer questions after the presentation and after demonstrating Webmaster Tools I anticipate that the webinarr will
last a little bit over an hour my name’s Gary Ramey and I’d like to give you
a brief overview with my background and a master’s degree in graphic design and over 15 years experience creating web
sites my big claim to fame for website design is having been the senior project
manager for Enrique Iglesias’ first website I currently have over 40 of my own web
sites must of which are affiliate sites I have also worked for an ad agency
and printer as an Application Specialist, project
manager, and IT director. As you can see, I have dealt
with many high profile clients and have extensive professional
experience I currently teach at three colleges in South Florida
before I start talking about Webmaster Tools will be a good idea to cover some
fundamentals about Google and other search engines first we’ll
take a look at how search engines crawl your site and index the contents search engines
crawl the Internet looking for web sites in gathering
information about the content the sites in changes in need site the
programs the call called the Internet refer to as robots bonds are spiders using web master tools it’s possible to force feed
Google your site map site map is an XML document that lists
the pages in your site in can contain categories & keywords if
you’re using Word Press you can install free plugins that will
automatically create the site now for you called pagers were added to
Google’s index content access his age 1386 in paragraph tags title tags in all
attributes are considered when indexing and ranking pages Google cannot process
the content a media-rich files such as those created by Fletch its team of five will not necessarily
solve this problem because they still fly depends heavily
on JavaScript for interactivity Google also has problems processing
JavaScript all this one are sites to rank well in
search results in order to rank you must ensure the
Google can call in index your site you’ll also find that Google has a
wealth of information there will let you know what you should
and should not do Google wants to ensure that a user
search results ours relevant as possible their job is
to make sure that a user finds what they want
within the first few pages of search results relevancy is determined by over 200
factors don’t put too much emphasis on page rank
is only one factor a drink ist determined by the number of
sites linking to your site Google evaluates those sites low quality
links that can easily be created or so will not impact Petri as much as you
would hope Google was looking forward and clinics
ranks created by real users these are the tool
categories that you will find it might mister tools
will go over each of them separately the site dashboard provides an overview of your site
statics you can seek whether Google by this
experience an incall errors grapple search queries and the
number URL said have been submitted and then text from the dashboard you can dig deeper
into any errors that it’s been reported site parents the tools listed under seige
parents can be used to influence the way Google will display information for your
site in search results it is possible through
the use webmaster tools to influence the way the Google will display at those results one important
new tool is the data highlighter later I’ll show
you how to use the data highlighter to let Google know about important
information on the page such as ratings search traffic tools include search queries links to your
site an internal links information in this chart should
complement the information that you find in Google Analytics they will complement each other but
don’t expect information corley perfectly Google uses different
methods to gather the data even though the number of impressions
issues or useful the number of clicks is often around the
house many of my shots sites show exactly five clicks per day instead of showing the actual number
clicks take this information with a grain of salt the links to your site tour not only displays who links to your site
but how many links it is found to your site within the other site the top links to
this particular site are my own sites you can also see your
most linked content and the anchor text used for drinks you
can use this information to determine what products to add to
your site which topics the most popular and write more articles on the same
related topic what are the factors cool analyzes when
determining relevance is engagement if someone goes to your
site and looks at only one page Google considers that there’s a a bounce
on the other hand if the user use many pages and your site Google
considers the user engaged this means that is good
idea to have many links between your pages that will lead the user to other pages
that they might want to be here for WordPress sites is a good idea to
use the more tag in your posts so that user will be forced to click
More in order to read the rest to the article the group extols include index status content keywords and remove URL’s Google looks
at content keywords and webmaster tools differently then at works were analytics Webmaster
Tools list each word separately and shows the
number of times the word is used and the number variation so the word
that are found in this site the crawl tools or call errors crawl stats set just
google locked URL’s site maps and you were all parameters will dig deeper into each of
these tools later mall where Google will prevent users from accessing
sites containing mall where Google detect small wear on your site
find the mall where in get rid of that it’s a good thing
that Webmaster Tools lets you know immediately it mall where
has been detected there are also some additional
tools you’ll at the structured data mark-up helper is
exactly the same thing as the date highlighter and will be looking at both the parents
later Google Places this for local businesses in Google Merchant Center is for retail
merchants that sell Cisco products these 22 tools are not relevant or affiliate marketers
ok underlay abs you’ll find on various different
kinds of tools for instance author stabbed sir Custom
Search labs can be changed since go away at any time be careful implementing anything listed under labs
because it can malfunction I’ve started terrifying ownership her
authorship on some of my sites because the
advantage of having my picture show up and search results I found that it doesn’t always work site
performance is only listed and webmaster tools in order to let you know that Google
doesn’t support it anymore ok so how leave their finest site once you hit
joint Webmaster Tools you and your sites to its and then you
verify that you’re actually the webmaster owner that site in order to add your site to
webmaster tools you must prove that it’s your site
therefore ways to do that you can add a meta tag to your home page uploaded HTML file to the root directory
of your site you can make and DNS text record by adding a new DNS record or you can add analytics code to your site
before adding the site to webmaster tools if
webmaster tools to text Google Analytics code in your site ill associate the two together this is
currently my preferred method to verify my sights it might master tools because I can then
see Webmaster Tools data in analytics leverage master tools well we need to cover next this how do
you get people into your site does my top level domain impacts one
side’s performance then search in other words does it make a difference
whether have a dot com or a dot is why don’t my images appear
in Google Image Search and why don’t mind videos appear in
Google search so let’s look at each one of those
separately how do you get people to link to your
site google has made it clear that unique compelling content is the best way to
get people to link to your site I’ve seen many affiliate marketers
claiming that Google doesn’t compare content between sites this is untrue who will
not only compares content between sites but will penalize sites with duplicate
content how do I know yeah I’ve had to move my sites de
indexed by Google due to duplicate content Google
considered both sides to be an affiliate sites party the
definition of its an affiliate is that the site contains the same description as the site that is actually selling the
product expect for Google to begin checking for
spam text as well be sure to read Google’s Webmaster
Guidelines thoroughly take note that Google is very good at
detecting unnatural links so don’t participate in any link schemes does my top level
domain impact my site’s performance then search I’ve been buying biz doc meet down info .co.uk domain names than the sites a
ranking in search results Google makes it very clear that a Google
search will return the most relevant results
and the top level domain is irrelevant why don’t my images appear
in Google Image Search Google loves taxed the only way the
Google knows what is in any image is there the file
name and the all tax I’ll cover this in more
detail in a few minutes why don’t my videos appear in Google search videos
fall into the same category is images Google can’t detect anything
within the content above video so you need to submit a video site map
to Google if you want your videos to the index
proctor like 301 redirects 301 redirects are used to point all your
pages from an old site to a new site as well
as to ensure the search engine see the WWW and non www name of your site as the same site this consolidates your
indexed 1 listing instead of those to on related listings you also need to let Google know which
name you prefer in Webmaster Tools I’ll show you how to
do that in the demo coercion up the webinar you will need to make a change in your dot
HT access file ok in order to on help insure that Google was gonna
know which profound version of your domain name you want it to use as well with lines provide you with ext excellent
information about various Design and Content
Guidelines technical guidelines and quality
guidelines when the following slides I’ll talk about the most important up
those guidelines for Design and Content Guidelines you want to make sure they have a site
with a clear hierarchy in text links every page should be
reachable from at least one static text like offer site map to your users with links
to point to the importation pages other sites now this kinda song and antiquated method I’m not really doing that on any of my
sites keep the links on a given page to
reasonable number if you have too many links on the page
Google may interpret that age is just simply a link farms creating
useful information-rich site and write pages
that clearly and accurately describe your content
you’ll find that Google definitely emphasizes content locally word rest posts and pages our index properly
by Google so you don’t really have to worry about
it think about two words users to use to find your page is to make sure your site actually uses those words with an ex try
to use text instead in the chance to display important names content or links the Google crawler doesn’t recognize
text contained images if you must use images for textual
content consider using the alt attribute to and
include a few words that descriptive text also make sure that your title elements
and alt attributes art descriptor and after you also want
to check for broken links and correct HTML and as I mentioned
wordpress posts and pages our index operate by Google and you can our review Google’s
recommended best practices and the links that I’ve provided best practices for images like I said google loves taxed don’t be tempted to use images for head
instance up its the page rank will be better in search
results if you use real text also use
descriptive names for image files you’ll see that in the example that here and this slide
is that it indicates my new black kitten .jp
gene is a lot more informative than imágenes
000 23 which would mean nothing to Google
its idea to make sure that you create great
all taxed for your amateurs the alt attribute is used to
describe the contents of an image file and it’s important for several reasons
most apps most important is that it provides
Google with useful information about subject matter the image they use this
information to help determine the best image to return for users queries its here some best practices for images I’m
gonna start with bad stop and then and up with does something to
be avoided so what’s that just having site a name
that’s not descriptive like pics 4532 what’s not so good is to just have happy
duck tape Ag and then nothing for the alternate
what’s better is to have puppy duct tape gagged and
then have an alternative puppy what’s best
happy that Jay pag and then to have a descriptive all tag such as domination puppy plain fact where you want to avoid is keyword
stuffing this example this last one the other to
be avoided example is showing how someone would be
attempting to fool Google and a and try to have this picture show
up for a lot of different search results that would not be on relevant search results best
practices for videos as with images if you use
work rest you can install free plugins that will
create a site map for videos then at that site map to your robot
stacked a XT and let Webmaster Tools know about it
its guidelines you do want to make sure that
you use for robots that txt file on your web server this file tells crawler switch director
scheme for cannot be crawled make sure its current to your site so
that you don’t accidentally blocked the Google but call our here’s an example of pain on robots dont txt file the robot stock txt file issues to tell
box what areas have your site to ignore as
well as where to find your site maps it is important that you have robots
that txt file so that you can search engines will know how to crawl your site work
rest uses a virtual robot start txt file you can upload an actual file or install
a plugin to alter the virtual version I usually use
a real file except for work crass multi-site
installations we have some more technical guidelines many plugins that generate affiliate
links allow you to turn on no fall is a good idea to use no
follow or Google Mail or your rankings notice
that under their guidelines they stayed make reasonable efforts to ensure that
advertisements do not affect search engine rankings use the No all tech and have provided a link so that you can
find out more about no file use your robots that txt to prevent
crawling a search results pages or other auto generated pages they don’t
at much they value for users coming from search engines ok please ensure that you don’t do anything
listed on this slide if you do you’ll probably
find your site D and axed these are extremely important
quality guidelines avoiding any hidden text her head Mikes don’t use cloaking are sneaky redirects not only is this important to google
that you don’t do that but if you’re an Amazon and affiliate
you’ll find that was then there terms that you’re not supposed to
use cloaking either don’t send any automated queries
to Google don’t load pages with irrelevant
keywords don’t create multiple pages sub-domain
city remains was substantially duplicate content and don’t create pages
with malicious behavior such as fishing installing viruses
trojans are other badware you should also avoid doorway pages created just for search
engines do create pages that provide unique and relevant content
if your site participates in an affiliate program make sure that the site adds value
otherwise Google will consider your site but Spanish filia and then you could be
in jeopardy if having them D index the site Oct with master tools will also allow you to to reconsideration requests let’s say that
Google has on sent you in email stating that you
were not up following their guidelines what you
can do here’s to you submit reconsideration
request only submit a reconsideration request if you actually took action and
corrected anything within your site that goes against Google’s guidelines
Google will not tell you very much in any kind of communication that they
have with you its up to you to investigate their
guidelines read through them surly in fine down why
it is that my site is violating their guidelines before we
go into the demo I want to present a shameless plug for affiliate plus top is I their the hosts
for this webinar affiliate plus top is this a membership
site specializing in targeting affiliate marketers
everything in the site is geared toward ensuring that affiliate sites are
successful efficient in cost a factor as a special
thank you for attending this webinar we’re offering a discount coupon code
worth fifty percent of affiliate Plus membership and special
offer purchases please make note of this code in feel
free to use it I’m gonna check now and see if I have
any questions on I think after we eat fresh air to be
able to see it in if I don’t have any questions then but all end up doing is going
straight into d IMO and I’m not seen any acted questions alright so it’s time now to demonstrate
Webmaster Tools so let me get out our on my presentation and webmaster-talk to sign master tools do a Google search for
webmaster tools then click the Sign up button in the
upper right at the webpage I’m not gonna demonstrate that because
I’m are delighted and I don’t want to mess up any of my chance that I have
here for the demonstration on once you’ve signed up then you should be able to get into
webmaster tools and again adding your own sites to take notes that affiliate on plus .biz and WWW dot affiliate plus .biz have both been added
to webmaster tools it’s necessary to do this so that you
can like Google no which name you prefer curve filia plus got is I prefer the non WW W version so
that is the version that I was selected for the demo well now since we’re talking about the www version versus the non www
version I’m gonna show you we are you tell
Google which one you prefer what you wanna do is dislike site
settings from the gear pull down and then this is where you tell it which preferred domain that you can talk and
you can see that I have told them that I prefer my affiliate plus top is what that means is that any of the
search results will always showed just affiliate plus
tab is it’s not gonna show WWW dot Philly apply stop this and both apps
does are pointing toward affiliate plus stop
this also I’ve already added a 301 redirect which is also insuring thats Celia plus .biz shows up properly for
users whenever they type it in in other words
if they type and WWW dot affiliate plaster is then their browser
will automatically converted and dropped the
WWW because I’ve been vacated I don’t want
that would then my home 301 retract its Ste history receive email notifications from
webmaster tools we missed click here on the on gear icon again we’re gonna go to the
webmaster tools preferences and the risk where you can tell it to you notify you as well as for you to say
which email address you want to use for those purposes one of the most important areas you can
access from the site dashboard is the site maps and so I’m oftentimes going in
here taking a look at it seen exactly what’s
going on what’s my site map so I’m gonna click on that and you can see that’s I have are submitted 255 URL’s and did google has index 77 stubs in order to submit her test the site now I have to do is to click the Add test
site map I right here at which point you just give
Google the name up your site now and that would
be a sight now got XML musters time I usually keep the
site map at the root level the site be sure that you do test the site map
for adding it to your site its them down here you can see that we can actually tell went Google last process this site map by giving Google your site map your four speeding cool your site
content I’ve actually seen content index within our some submitting the site now usually
it will take a dare to you are depending on the kind of site map
and may take weeks for instance I’ve noticed that video
site maps take longer to be processed and indexed than standard site maps you can submit
separate site maps for web pages images and videos from
site map you can see the number viewer else that
have been submitted versus the number jere else that have been indexed the reason why affiliate plus has many
on indexed URL’s for this particular site
is because most to the site is protected content and only available to members take note you can also see the last time that
Google processed your site map this can be good information to provide clients Google hasn’t processed the site map in
a while you can select the site map and resubmit
it if you’ve got made a lot of changes to
the site it doesn’t hurt to resubmit your site
now again presence that sated so the Philly its site just added a lot
of products and you want to make sure that Google is going to add those new products to the end axis soon as possible just come right over
into Webmaster Tools select the site now and then select
resubmit analysis take a quick look at site mass message it’s notice there
hasn’t been very many site messages for this site on it actually was started and in Webmaster Tools in all 36 and then I on also are linked it to my Google Analytics
property on 325 site messages can show you when you change preferences for site or
google has found that your site violates their Webmaster Guidelines when I had my two sites de indexed I did
receive a site message where it was in this area
if you get and again I want to emphasize if you get a message about violating guidelines will not be
informative it is up to you to figure out on Google
wants you to 6 under search appearance you’ll find structured data this page
let you know on that you even have structured data on
your site so I’m gonna selected and then you can
see that is showing that I have 25 items so how did I give Google this
information how did I let them know that there’s structured data well they have a brand
new tool called the data highlighter that allows you to do that so what I’m
gonna do is switch over to one other paycheck gotta another om page open for another one of my sites
this since my trick photography site and this is what you first see whenever
you go to the data highlighter well for you added any data on within my first site I showed you you’ll see that when I
click the Data highlighter here I’m actually seen what data has
been highlighted you can see I’ve got five pages in this
page Sat night 25 pages and now work and so I’m gonna show you how you
actually are highlight your page and give Google an idea I love exactly
flights within that page so what we’re gonna do is start
highlighting and we get this very simple dialog box I’m going to go over to my trick
photography site and his craft a URL come back to webmaster tools and pasted
in here I have to let go Google now what type that information is going to
be highlighted because it changes the kind are dataset that will help in this
particular case I have an article but if you had product
certainly these other kinds of data you could select something
different some gonna select articles and I’m gonna try tagging this page and
others like it because I’ve got it this is a blog site
so that Google ought to be able to find a lot of other pages that are similar to
this one then I just liked okay Google was then gonna load my ass page into the highlighter and it now playing have is the ability
to highlight certain data and then tell Google what
it is for instance if I highlight this area
it’s the title if I highlight this area that’s for the date and I can put
in that that is the months and then I can
also indicate the day and the year and then finally I’m gonna actually highlight that I’m the author up this host and you’ll see that it’s filling in
here if this were a site where he had rating
servos or something on it I can also highlight
knows re: just real quick I’m give you an idea of
why you really want to be able to do this I have a nother site that’s for outdoor
cooking that I recently news the highlighter on and I in that site I’m selling Weber on gas grills notice that it actually
has a rating that’s associated with this search this
is just just typical Google search and the results all of
these are from my site and all of them incorporate that rating which means that its gonna stand out from these other
sites that don’t help there so it’s a idea to make sure that you’re going to
utilize this new tool and highlight every fan so I’m gonna
select done now and it found on the only three pages sent us so I’m gonna except those three pages and alright let’s I’m just gonna call this article’s demo in create a
page set for some sites you’re going to have to
you on highlight each individual page irate it’s now going to show me some
love those pages in a shiny but it’s highlighting and see
this is a different page and it’s showing me for it it’s
highlighting as far as the title my name acceptor so I can look at the next one
and next when and that’s it because it only
found three pages that it sought met that criteria and then i can
tell it to publisher well we’ll end up happening is that the
next time dead Google takes a look at my site it
will see this new structured data and so we should
actually start to see some structured data over here now it’s showing there’s 22 items sent eight
pages that it decided to associate that data
type 2 right so is an extremely powerful new tool that
would be extremely helpful to make sure that %uh this your search results are gonna
stand out from other people search results one other thing that you want to do and
it’s listed under undead labs is to you start on associating d authorship with your site and because if you can do that that we’ll call will end up happening is
they had you’ll have your picture or whatever
photographed that you put the end will end up showing up within the search
results to you now this is undead labs so it’s not
working a hundred percent and that Google has been changing the
way in which you do this so I’m not going to go into that today but I did want you to know that when it works it’s great because then
when someone you look can you see like this person’s
done it to you videos can oftentimes show up as well if you’ve done a video site map and
you’ll see that under photography there are a lot of people that have made sure
that thing out there author photos showing up properly so I intend to continue working with
this and hopefully it moves outta just being a lamb portion
of webmaster tools and become something that’s home in their permanent list here alright so we just looked at the
structure data you can also see that they’re are on
HTML improvements thats Webmaster Tools who make for
instance it’s telling me that I have duplicate title tags within my site
Google doesn’t like that they want you to have different title
tax so if you see this showing up then you can selected and then see will what is it that it
seems well in this particular case it’s because of my categories that its actually showing me the om same page in each case so it’s really
not duplicate data it’s just goebbels little confused so I’m not
gonna have to fix it but if they were to actually to totally different stages then you would
want to change the title in one or the other up so that it would would not cause any
confusion for global then next thing we have under site arm under search for parents the site
links site links are whenever you see other kinds have listings underneath
they mean search description I you can not control
this you could only thing you can do with it
is that if it’s showing up for you you can tell Google to demote a site
like and no longer show it I’ve had some %uh
priced sites begin to have site links under them which is great because then you can have
various categories are gonna show up on for user in it also makes you really
stand out with insight search results our bed I you’re not able to force
Google to do this it’s up to them and where they’re gonna do it or not in that
they’re fairly inconsistent to be reliance the next
thing is our search traffic where he can see
search queries for your site and so notice that we have a link that’s going
back to Google Analytics on South then we have a really important one which is
links to your site this is where you can see who else is linking to me and in this case the I marketing blog .info that’s one of my
sites and so I’ve got I’ll leaks back to you affiliate plus .biz there with than that and notice that it shows me not only
koon’s linking to me it’s also showing me how many lakes dead or webmaster tools has found within that
site to come back to my site then I’ve got affiliate buzzed at biz
which is another one of my sites and their forty-two links there video tutor is another one of my sites
and there’s 19 links Warrior Forum I’ve only got one
post in there so these other drinks that it’s finding
for Warrior Forum have but got to be something else it’s a from someone else and notice that it within their it’s got member benefits and on host a neck center a so hopefully
I am having other people linking to me or come to think about looking at it
might actually be my one page in the links that I have within my page coming
back to it but at least I’m able to see you that’s om Google has paid attention to the Warrior Forum for my site whitehead
marketing is also mine and let’s take a a look
here to more and you’re gonna see that like this domain tools that’s not me on on web name list these are not very many
exterior links but these are all organic links
that are from here down those organic likes that’s the kind of
thing that Google wants to see first sight that really hasn’t been live
for more than about a month or two that it’s not too bad to go back to links to your site also notice that
Google is showing your most linked content and that’s a good thing to know about because it’s going to be able to help
you to you I’m make good decisions about what to write about are what you need to
add into your site and then you can also see the way and
quit your day to some links now if you have om participated any links games you’ll be able to see some
of those links and see if they’re popping up because most of the link schemes use om anchor taxed thats keywords and but Google was looking for is for it to
be more organic for the keyword Center the anchor text
on because the average person is not going
to use exactly the same keywords that you have in your site you can also see internal links that are within your site and notice
that my site is on very rich when it comes to
internal links because I definitely want to make sure that
someone can go from one page to another within my site and I’m encouraging on engagement with
the site under the Google index you can see the index status and you can’t see the total indexed and it’s
actually showing here that I out of this particular site about $283
cages that it’s been indexed I can also see my content
keywords and Webmaster Tools looks a key words
differently than analytics know to stay here for my
keywords that I’ve got are two different variants variance of
themes so if I click on this I can then get an
idea of we’re the top URL’s art that contained
the word scenes or stain and so you can see that
it’s looking every clear and giving me an idea the significance
obviously I’m repeating the name to the site all over the place you can also tell Google to remove pages so that if you have arm you can use robots to txt to specify
how search engines should call your site a request removals URL’s from Google
search results I’ve actually had to have this done for
some of my my students were where tears student
work was showing up above in within search results about their
actual site and so I was able to I submit are removal request for those URL’s under crawl you’ll find where their there been any call errors on your site
and you’ll see that on produce particular site that there
were 3 not found errors but those particular air square
for pagers that were only there momentarily and as I was
developing the site so I’m not really worried about it I you can also factions google bot where you can tell google bot to go look
at certain pages now they only allow you X number up fatuous so you can’t just go
in there and just do this infinitely you can also have blocked URL’s and the on Webmaster Tools is showing you white your site map looks like and it’s
also telling you whether it’s om ignoring any rules for instance I
have this called the lady rule that’s in there on Google is ignoring that because in
another setting elsewhere 80 Google you know do it your way a bit the call
delay as for other box in order to make sure they don’t swap
the site on I been I told by tech support for my
hosting company that sometimes whenever a bot is
crawling in sight it can look like thousands of people are
accessing the site simultaneously and so om they requested that they I put in
that called the like in order to cut down on bandwidth usage
and also it isn’t letting me know that
there’s a fight ballot site now that’s been detected right so that’s a
good thing under site maps we were doing what there and because that’s the same page
that we went to from the dashboard and then we have URL
parameters like you don’t if you don’t have any
problems with your site don’t touch this as you you can actually
cause you to have sum up your pages disappear from search
results and that would be a bad thing then under mall where this a pretty
simple page and just tells you it hasn’t detected anything if
it hasn’t if it has to let you know and then under additional tools we have
God’s are structured data testing tool where
you can actually put in the URL and preview to see further the structure
data is coming through and on let me just pack up here also under
additional tools we’ve got the structured data mark-up
helper and as I mentioned before on that actually is going to lead us
when was Slyke start tagging it actually takes us
to the highlighter and I didn’t put in it you are also its
second do anything but anyway it just goes to
the highlighter sex act with the same thing just a
different way of approaching a all rate and I also mentioned that the these last two items the Google Places
and the Google Merchant Center does a really related more to either on local
businesses or if you have actual on product up is its gonna expect you to have skew
number six ever under labs I you can add in something like Custom
Search up but again these are labs and so therefore they can go away at any
time where they can be changed at any time by Google and so that is basically yet on I’ve covered on Webmaster Tools in I’m gonna check
one more time to see if there’s any questions that have been posed and I
think for ready to wrap up this webinar hopefully you have
enjoyed it and that you will I’ll come back for
future webinars said and and I also hope of course that you’re
going to use that a discount code and to become a affiliate plus .biz member and take
advantage show all those different tutorials that are
available to you first soul I am going to sign off now and again thank you and i really
appreciate your time what’s

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