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Website Backlinks Explained

>>[Music for Business Blueprint]>>Dale Beaumont: Hi.. I’m Dale Beaumont:
I’m the offer of 16 best selling books and the creator of Business Bllueprint. You’re
about to step inside one of the live webinars called the new role of business. And you’re
about to discover a range of tactics and strategies to help you to grow your business, faster
and easier than ever before. So enjoy the video and we’re talking again soon. What
you wanna do is you wanna have a lot of links coming to your website. We call them back
link. Now what a link is.. it’s another website other than yours that has your URL
embedded on their website. So if i wanna win an elections for the premier of Queensland
what do I need is a lot of starting with the… votes…. The more votes that I have, then
more chances I have of winning on the election. It’s same online. Only votes called backlinks.
The more.. cause google looking for sites that have important material. And now they
don’t understand how important the material is cause they don’t read all of the content,
they just look for the keywords. But they way that they know that the web is important
is if a lot of websites are linking to that sites. And the more websites are linking to
it. The more website is gonna increase in the search engine ranking. So what you wanna
do is to have all of this other websites out there and ideally high powered sites. So if
you get onto government website, or you get onto media websites like we know msn or yahoo
7 or places like that that’s very powerful, and if you get powerful websites linking to
you. It’s even better. Cause if got a vote of Oprah Winfrey, it’s a bit better than
a vote of somebody else right? Because she has a lot of influence.. right ? same thing
as well. So this process is this we’re talking about search engine optimization SEO, this
part one, which is all the things that you directly control which is way you put your
keywords on your website and the other one is what called off page search engine optimization
which is everything that you can control indirectly ok.. so you have to develop relationship with
this other sites to get them to link to you or your certain tools that I would talk to
you about tonight. Hi.. I’m Dale Beumont. I’m the guy you’ve been wathcing in the
video just there. I’d like to give you a chance to connect on our guide bases. Enjoy
what you’ve learned, and you’ll like lear more, and please at our website, the address
is As I look forward to connecting with you more
there and helping you to build a stronger and more profitable business.>>[Music for Business Blueprint]

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