Website Help & SEO Tips | Q & A’s with Chris Heidlebaugh 🔴 LIVE 2/17/2018
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Website Help & SEO Tips | Q & A’s with Chris Heidlebaugh 🔴 LIVE 2/17/2018

welcome everybody to the live stream my
name is Chris haidlebaugh and I’m here to help you take control of your own online
success we’ll do a a quick test of the audio make sure the audio sounds okay
and it looks like the audio is working on my size at least but I want to make
sure that everything is working okay for you guys so tonight we have a great show
we’re talking about a lot of different things of course we’re talking about
some news we’re gonna do some question and answers of course I always do my
featured thing and of course website review so if you have a website and you
would like me to look at you know look at your website and let you know some
tips and ideas to help you improve your search engine optimization maybe you
want to look at social media maybe you look at your YouTube channel things like
that things to help you take control of your own online success that’s what I’m
here for so again if this is your first time here on the channel basically what
I do is I teach you everything I know so I mean if it’s something where you’re
looking to get online right and you’re looking to build your first website if
you’re looking to grow you know your YouTube channel maybe your start trying
to start a blog maybe you’re trying to grow your business right that’s what I’m
here for because one of those things where I know
a lot of times that and get frustrating you know I mean you’re trying to work
with WordPress for an example Kay I love WordPress but a lot of times people are
like ah this is so crazy I don’t I don’t have a technical know-how right you know
I don’t know how to do coding and there’s so many other options and what
do i do what do I choose right I mean how do I you know get found online you
know how do I grow my business and that’s what I’m here to help you with
you know got my drink here so we’re ready to rock and roll for tonight’s
show we’ll have the chat box going so if you have any questions don’t hesitate to
ask okay so to rock and roll first thing we’re gonna talk about the news what’s
new this week or what has been new that a lot of people are talking about
and for this week a lot of people are talking about the new YouTube Partner
Program changes okay a lot of people are going nuts right now over this and
basically what happened to kind of sum it up is basically Google YouTube
changed the rule so instead of saying anybody can just get on YouTube and
start monetizing their videos you’re making money on YouTube they’re saying
nope we’re pumping the brakes and we’re gonna say we want you to meet a certain
criteria first or certain requirements right and for what I understand to at
least apply and doesn’t mean guaranteed they’re gonna be you know in the program
but to at least apply you have to have a thousand subscribers and you also have
to have over or at least four thousand hours of view time now a lot of people
are freaking out about this a lot of people are stressed out they’re like
well Chris I can’t make money anymore how can I make money on YouTube and it’s
one of those things where I want to assure you that I mean I want to make a
video on this maybe I’ll make a video on this is it’s not a big deal okay a lot
of people are going nuts over this and saying I can’t make money on YouTube now
so why get on YouTube or you know here in a couple days my channels being
demonetised I’m not gonna make any money I hate YouTube and everything under the
Sun right and it’s not that bad in fact I think this is a blessing and a lot of
people are looking at this wrong I believe and it’s one of those things
where if you look at this way okay so I’ve worked with other channels and
things like this and so say sometimes you get a video that does good maybe you
get you know thirty five forty thousand views or whatever and you know you’ll
make pennies seriously okay so you know you could have a lot of views and you
get you know twenty seven cents and people are stressing out about that I
think a lot of it’s a psychological like you you know YouTube saying no we’re not
gonna let you monetize your videos and people are stressing out right there’s
like oh man I’m I’m missing out a millions of dollars or you know they’re
taking food away from my kids kind of thing I get that you know I understand
that you’re you know like for me I used YouTube to you know to help other people
but also get exposure for myself and things I
but it’s one of those things where if you’re stressing out about it it’s
seriously I promise you do is it’s it’s quarters you know it’s nothing crazy now
when you get a blast and you have you know 50,000 subscribers 100,000
subscribers four or five hundred thousand subscribers millions of
subscribers you know then it’s a big deal right but at that stage you’re not
worrying about it anyways okay a lot of people I think are stressing out they’re
making videos I mean you can go online right now and you can look at all these
videos of people saying YouTube is taken away my money what am I supposed to do
now right you know how am I supposed to make money you choose do monetizing me
and it’s just everything is horrible right and it’s not that bad I’m here to
tell you I promise you I’m not here to steer you wrong this it’s not that bad
and in fact I think it’s a blessing okay and controversial or not I think it’s
some of those things that it actually is a blessing to people but people are
again you’re being told no and people are freaking out it’s the thing is look
at it from a different perspective okay I think if you took a different approach
to YouTube and don’t look at as necessarily a way to make money just go
on there you know create videos get yourself going especially when you’re
first starting out like like I’m still learning this livestream thing like I
messed up the encoder I had to like that’s why I’m late a little bit today I
mean I haven’t had one solid live event yet and because today I had it set up
for a live stream everything’s ready I had the stream ready
nine o’clock shows up and it says it wouldn’t accept my settings and I’m like
I have everything set up what could be wrong well I had added an additional
camera I didn’t know it so wouldn’t let me go live until I set that camera up oh
I don’t have a camera so you know it just it just messed everything up but
again when you’re first starting out you’re gonna be rough right you know
it’s kinda like the you know you’re getting a diamond out of the rough kind
of thing or whatever they say you know you’re being polished right so every
video you make you get a little bit better and so after you create 50 videos
you go back and like wow I was I was horrible right and that’s completely
fine because it’s gonna take time you know like for me a lot of my videos I do
I use my smartphone right so I’m very excited like when I
can see new apps and things for smartphone usage but like this I’m using
a webcam you know nothing crazy okay but the content is what I hope draws people
in and that’s what’s very important you know but it’s one of those things where
if if you’re sweating it about YouTube don’t sweat it okay I promise you
YouTube is it’s not the end of the roll world world right now okay it’s one of
those things where I think it’s a blessing and here’s the reason why okay
what if you have ten subscribers right now okay and you’re like well Chris I
can’t make money with ten subscribers I call your bluff okay and this is the
reason why if you go on Amazon right now and you can get approved for an Amazon
affiliate program okay and you talk to me you create a video and you talk about
a new microphone okay I have a audio-technica microphone here but what
if you say Chris oh here’s a new microphone that I use k like I really
would like to get the rode podcaster mic at some point I think it sounds cool and
it sounds really good I really like it okay but it’s one of those things where
if you came on you created a video okay talking about the rode podcaster
microphone and how great it is and all the bells and whistles and you get the
rode microphone arm and all this cool stuff right you have 10 subscribers but
you’re also an affiliate for Amazon and you say hey guys in the description of
this video you can check out the link and you know if you purchase it helps my
channel great so here’s the thing I would go to your affiliate link I
click on it now I’m going to Amazon and now I just buy this 200 hour microphone
as a hundred dollar arm I get all the cool stuff bells and whistles I need and
perhaps now I don’t know that I don’t know the percentages so you know take
this with a grain of salt but what if you made 10 bucks
what if okay what if I guarantee you that ten dollars that you made creating
that one video for me to buy something through your affiliate money is more
money that you would have made on YouTube it just being honest that’s just
being real with you okay is
people are stressing out about this and they don’t have to be just focus on
other things what if you create an e-book okay so you are in the cooking
niche okay and you start doing cooking videos okay and so you’re you’re
creating cooking videos and you’re talking about you know how to make a
cool pasta dish and now you make a cookbook talking about all the pasta
dishes or maybe down-home southern cooking or barbecue cooking and whatever
and you sell that for twenty dollars on Amazon you create your own ebook and you
sell it yourself right again you’re making your own income that way okay so
you can or what if you want to create a course okay you got a camera you’re
making videos already you can make a course and put it on YouTube e or
teachable and make money okay what if you make what if you created a course on
how to build a website okay just like me so I build a course how to build a
website I teach you everything I know how to build a website and I charge you
$97 okay what if it would have cost you let’s just say unfortunately website
prices are all over the place but say you got a quote forward three thousand
dollars to build a website right but for $97 you just learned everything you need
you get some web host and get a few little things so less than five hundred
bucks you build your own website instead of spending instead of spinning three
thousand dollars okay it’s a win for you it’s a win for me you know right now I
said I have 18 subscribers I’m very proud of that okay these are 18 people
that you know if they email me right now I would help them in any way I can and I
want to be like that’s throughout my journey through YouTube I want to be
accessible you know and so it’s one of those things where if you’re just like I
can’t make money in YouTube well I did if I just created a course and you
bought my course for $97 the amount of views I would need from my videos to
equal that $97 would be a lot right I mean there’s people and I don’t know the
numbers okay so I’m a small youtuber I’m following what some of the big youtubers
are telling people okay they’re saying hey calm down this is okay okay it’s one
of those things were safe an example some youtuber gets 200,000 views at any
month and they make 80 bucks or whatever one of those youtubers
talked about I watched so that’s the thing 200,000 views is a lot of views
right and you’re looking your channel like well I got you know 400 views right
now okay 200,000 that’s a whole lot right
so the key of it is is don’t sweat it okay don’t worry about it find another
way to make money maybe you create an e-book or maybe you
create a course okay so you you create a book talking about your program you
create a you know a course or whatever that’s you know specialize in whatever
you do maybe you do yoga you know any other yoga video and this is what you do
and then maybe you do consulting K somebody says hey we have consulting
going on this is what we’re what we’re talking about and whatever people hire
you by the hour okay there’s another stream of income k then maybe you sell
Amazon products okay well there’s you are an affiliate for Amazon okay well
there’s another thing there you do product reviews and there’s your Amazon
stuff k maybe you do a different kind of affiliate and you sell you know web
hosting or you know camera gear or whatever else has an affiliate thing
that your that you trust you know user you know don’t go after the big dollars
okay just because you do dog training doesn’t mean you need to get that $500
DVD set to of you know be promoting you know you can just do something that
works with your space right so even if you’re only gonna make you know twenty
dollars a sale that’s great that’s no problem okay so there’s like five
different ideas you can do there without even touching YouTube money so that’s
the big news you know don’t don’t sweat it okay don’t really just don’t think
about it it’s not a big deal so going forward with that let is let’s go ahead
and get into the show here and make sure you know if you haven’t subscribed go
ahead and subscribe to the channel I really appreciate it means a lot to me
and hopefully it’ll you know be good for you because we can talk about good too
content so let me adjust my camera just bit Jill the kitten good to see you
thank you very much so I want to talk about today’s question okay so we got a
question in I says what are your thoughts on website
maker services should I use them or if so what do you recommend or should I pay
someone to code it myself or learn code completely myself and that is the
question of the week here it is the question low light but nice it so
basically you know dead bare 6i he is asking you know should you go with
somebody who you know has the page builders things I did and I’m assuming
like square your Squarespace or Wix or things like that and for me personally I
move this question off here for me personally I don’t I don’t like using
services like that now granted you know I am a big WordPress fan so I build
everything with WordPress I think everybody should use WordPress if you’re
a beginner now if you’re a hand coder and that’s great you know more power to
to you you know you can do this stuff and it work out great the problem is
when you work with a lot of these other things you know Wix and and some of
these other you know you know things that you have going on I think it’s easy
to get kind of in a spot where you don’t know what the rules are gonna be right
so what if for an example they say well you can only have 10,000 visitors a
month well great great well what if you you know do that cool product and you
get more visitors and now you’re getting charged more money different things like
that or what if you need to go in and change something if somebody else is
kind of doing it all for you or you know if you’re using some sort of software
that you know does everything for you I don’t think that it’s gonna help you you
know you know that’s why I tell people you have to subscribe to this channel
because I will teach you if you want to learn right so if you come on you say
Chris here’s my website it’s horrible right now but tell me what you think you
know I’ll help you that’s that’s kind of my promise to you is you know I want to
be able to help you you know I want you to help you know get over this these
hurdles and stuff you know and so it’s one of those things where if you say yeah I really want to go with wicks
great you see the commercial and absolutely every YouTube video I go on
probably cuz it’s I do tech stuff you know but you know I mean it’s just
because they spend a lot of money on a person doesn’t mean they’re the best
website builder thing ever right so but the problem is that some people only
want a website a lot of people don’t think about speed how fast is the
website load is it very heavy is a very heavy website a lot of images a lot of
coding a lot of you know stuff that’s not good help for SEO so there’s a lot
of things that you can take into consideration when you’re working with
you know working with the stuff so my suggestion to dead dead bare society so
just make sure I look at a critical here yes dead bare society is you know if you
can learn it go for it King learn what you can yourself and I think it’ll
really help you in the long run because that’s the thing is that as you grow it
there’s a sense of like pride like when you’re building your own website or when
you’re helping you know like when you’re like oh man I rank my own website and
now I’m on the first page or whatever it really shows that you know obviously you
care and secondly I mean it’s it’s just a sense of pride that you you were able
to build it right and you plus you save money you know when it comes to it again
I mean I you know for me personally I build websites pretty inexpensive
because I’m just a different kind of guy you know it’s not in anything with a
quality issue or nothing like that it’s just for me my target clients are people
who are kind of forgotten you know people that you know in the SEO agency
world you know I mean a lot of companies want those $2,000 $5,000 a month clients
and for me you know I would rather helps my get established and work with them
for five or six years at a lower rate than to just get one client for six
months and then not have them for a little bit you know so I really you know
being a family man I really like to try to work with people and you know like I
had a client meeting today and I’m so proud of show him say hey look you’re on
number one spot on Google for all these different spots some of my clients have
this number zero spot which I’ll do a video on that
basically I’m having the Rich Snippets pot and that’s a big deal you know so I
would say you know for this question I would say basically you know really if
you can take the time to learn it I would definitely learning even if you
get a you know a small you’re a very simple WordPress theme to work with I
think it will help you a lot in the long run definitely for sure
so thank you for that question it’s very good and yeah so I mean every week you
know if you have a question don’t hesitate to in the comments below my
videos don’t hesitate to say hey Chris you know here’s my thought so here’s my
question can you can you help me out and and that’s why I definitely want to so
so let’s get into this week’s featured stuff and let me transfer this over
great and again if you haven’t subscribed please go ahead and subscribe
this week’s featured thing we’re talking about Go Daddy now this is an affiliate
of mine but it’s one of those things where I truly trust trust them and what
I want to tell you about them is right now is you can get a domain name for
$0.99 okay so if you’re on the fence and you’re like well Chris I don’t know if I
want to do a domain name yet right I don’t know if I want to do whatever okay
if you have an idea in your head and you can get to domain name go ahead and get
it’s like building a house I tell us all the time that to me a website’s like
building a house and your land is like your domain name so go out and grab that
piece of land right go out there and say I’m putting a stake in the ground this
is my domain name I’m gonna build a website a brand or whatever on top of
this and another thing is to and this kind of like an industry kind of thing
that I think is a big deal imagine your kids okay imagine as they get older and
you’re just like man what if they’re the next star basketball player a football
player or something if you can go ahead and buy their domain name their name now
as a domain name it’s gonna help you so much later on because it’s gonna be your
official you know name and then to think about work places okay when you apply
for a new job I almost guarantee you most companies are gonna Google you or
look you up on a search engines to see you know if there’s any juice on you you
know is there any bad stuff out there about you things
like that look at your social media profiles and things like that and so if
you can go ahead what I like what I recommend people is to get by your own
own name okay like my websites Chris Heidelberg comm you know I talk about
resources you know the resources I use my videos for my clients students things
like that people can get a hold of me if they need consulting things like that
and so it can also be a resume so for an example if you buy your own you know
name as the domain name it also works as a resume so if you go to apply for a job
and some like Google’s your name you could have this one page set up so when
people go to it they learn all about you you write you can talk about you know
your education your experiences you know a little bit about you things like that
and I think it really goes a long way so if you’re on the fence and you’re like
Chris I really want to build a website but I just don’t know which domain name
to get definitely try out GoDaddy okay and so I’m gonna show you they show you
how easy this is and how this really works really good so we’re going to do a
couple different things here let me I’ll show you sure so if you go to
GoDaddy okay it’s basically a new GoDaddy page and we have you know when
you when you go to it you’ll see you can you know they change their
advertisements and stuff like that but you can kind of see their you know
domain search function up here so you can go in and you can start typing in
domain name and say hey this is the domain name that I’m looking for this is
the one that I want to use and you know I think it’s a you know a big deal right
and you can just see if it’s there so I’m gonna go ahead and we’re going to
look at this live real quick okay so here we are on the GoDaddy page and
basically you know we’re just going to look for a domain name right so if you
were looking for a domain name what would you type in right you know is it
something that’s gonna be your name is there gonna be a business name and you
know we can kind of tell right so let’s type in just for fun let’s put in like
I’m in Colorado so let’s put in Colorado electrician and always make sure you
double-check your you know typing too because you might get home a name you’re
like oh it’s it’s available but it’s really not so for an example it’ll tell
you Colorado electrician comm is taken okay so then we have you know is
the possibility we have different variations you know where you know you
know there’s so many different things and so I warn you on this tube though
because it’s if it’s like you know call riderless electrician dotnet is
available that could be an option for you we could go and look at this website
to see if it actually is a website so we could take this URL we can copy it and
now we can go and check it out if it really is a website or if it’s parked
okay it does look like it really is a website
okay so we can look at other options okay well these are not available so how
about instead of Colorado election or elect electrician will do color springs
electrician and we see that it is also taken there’s a dot org is available and
but when you go cert getting some of these like dot biz dot online dot
whatever it’s really not that good you know you don’t really want all that
weird stuff you know you definitely don’t but again we can see let’s take
this domain name and let’s see if it really is a legit website right okay so
we can tell this is a part website so this just has ads on it people
somebody’s making money off this okay so I would say okay let’s look at the
dotnet now click and net will see if somebody built a web site off the dotnet
and it looks like looks like a legacy electric so basically what I can tell
from this is that somebody had to calm and so they took the step forward and
went ahead and got the dot net so what this means is for an example this
company may there could be a couple different things
one the domain name owner of this may want $20,000 for this domain name right
it might be worth a lot of money so the company said okay no wolves get the
dotnet and you can keep your money kind of thing or keep your domain name or
possibly another scenario could be that the person who has the dotnet started
out with the dotnet and then after a while they got the dot-com but so many
people are so used to going to dotnet that it did that they just kept it net
now I highly doubt that’s exactly right because usually you would point both of
these to the same website but so I would put money on that somebody was trying to
get the exact match domain because this is Legacy Electric but it says color
springs electrician net so they’re trying to get the keywords into the
domain name and that’s a whole nother story but so obviously that one is taken
as well and you could just keep on going through this you know one of the tools I
talked about last week if you missed last week’s episode make sure you go
back to the live stream from last week and I talked about using a name checking
tool that you can see if the domain name is available if also the the social
profiles are available so you can go in you can kind of check to see what’s
available and what’s not available that’s a big deal as well so if you need
a domain name don’t hesitate in the description of
this video you can get a domain name for 99 cents I mean go ahead and pick one up
and you know hold onto it or whatever you need and again I mean if you take my
advice and you go ahead and get one for yourself or for your child or whatever
it just makes it where it’s yours it’s your piece of property nobody can take
it from you once you know once it’s yours you know so it definitely works
out pretty good and yeah so definitely check that out okay so again this week’s feature
product it isn’t affiliate K but we’re talking on $0.99 I mean you know I’m
sure somebody knows about feely stuff it isn’t like a make or break thing but I
just wanted to emphasize you can go down here you can go to Chris Heidelberg com4
slash go daddy okay and then you can use that will give you automatic where you
get a domain name for 99 cents and it’s something where you know you need more
domain names in your course you can do different accounts and different things
whatever you need but again there’s so many different options that when it
comes to domain names you know it could be for your business it could be for an
e-book it could be for a movie or putting out it could be for a consulting
business it could be for whatever you want to do so it’s definitely a good
deal and if you definitely want to check it out you definitely can so we’re gonna
move on to our next part of our segment here and we’re just talking about you
know search website stuff website evaluations looking at the chat
obviously I’m a growing channel so it isn’t like we’re swamped with people but
if you are hiding and you’re watching this you know this would be the time so
if you would like me to look at your website I definitely would love to be on
or to to look at your website give you some pointers give you some tips and go
that way also if you have a website you know a YouTube channel you need some
advice you know definitely help you with that so but I do want to give you a tip
of the day so let’s go ahead and we will go live let’s say we’re gonna go live to
a you know let’s go back to our website here and let’s go – we’re gonna go to
Google real quick and I’m not logged in this is an incognito mode real quick if
you need anything from my website case so if you need resources if you need
anything just go over to Chris Heidelberg calm you can check out some
of you learn more about me you can if you need to work with me you can look at
some of the resources and all my resources page I actually have people
that I work with you know some of the you know the best you know web hosting
you know again if you need to a domain name for 99 cents you can need
web hosting if you need a wordpress theme you know if you need to WordPress
theme for your blog if you need one a WordPress theme for your business if you
say Chris I’m gonna do my own SEO tool don’t even think don’t even think about
another company and let’s use this one and this you get a seven day free trial
and trust me it’s the great if you’re getting on YouTube you can use products
like to buddy to be able to go in there and optimize your channel to per tools
is absolutely amazing if you need graphics and of course I use Adobe
Creative Cloud that way you have Photoshop spre Mir Pro things like that
Aweber is great if you’re doing email marketing and things like that so if you
need anything don’t hesitate to check out my resources page I definitely
appreciate your support of my channel and stuff so let’s go ahead and go to
Google and I’ll give you this week’s SEO tip we’ll kind of look at something here
so I’m not logged in and let’s look at something different today last week we
looked at I think we looked at plumbers I think so this week let’s look at Lance
keel and scaping Seattle okay so I want to kind of explain a little bit of what
you see when you do a search engine you know results here okay so basically
right off the bat here we can see there’s an ad and this ad is somebody’s
paying for this case so I’m not going to click on it but because it charges
somebody money but one of those things where we see there’s an ad so somebody’s
paying to be here now we can go through we can go down here to see if they’re
home if their web site is anywhere here on the first page and I’m currently not
seeing it so that could be a big reason why they are promoting their self up
here because SEO wise and you know just optimization wise there they’re not
found on the first page yet so basically when you break down a search engine
we’re you know a result we have our first things our ad and then we have our
map section okay so these will show different reviews and you can look at
more places and you know I’m not in Seattle so this is kind of giving me a
general where if you’re kind close or imagine like if you look for a
peach of restaurants gonna give some you know up options closer to you of course
you know but he can go to their website you can read their reviews you can look
at different things you can see if they’re open if they’re closed and you
can kind of go through the organic listings so this is paid up here and you
can pay yourself to be up here this is you know pay-per-click these are Google
ads here just like being does the same thing stuff like that so we have a paid
ad here we have our map section here and then we start getting into our organic
listing and this is where SEO comes into play so again if you say Chris I’m going
to do my own SEO make sure you get this tool right here because this is
seriously the number one search engine tool and you don’t even need to hire an
SEO company so we have Yelp Yelp Yelp homeadvisor
so that’s a pretty pretty gnarly lineup of people to try take out can it happen
absolutely you know it happens all the time you’ll see another company instead
of Yelp being number one and then we have we go into our different companies
here so a couple things to keep in mind is if you look at their title tags so
this davon Shire landscapes here I’m gonna click on their website just for
fun they have a pretty basic title now Google could be working on this but I’m
gonna dive just a touch deeper in this because I believe a lot in title tags
okay and your title tags are what you’re gonna see so they have some trust stuff
so they got their images your trust badges they have their employees that’s
big dill so anyways if we look I’m gonna click over here yep so their title tag
is their company name so you know I almost would be tempted to say man you
know if you add it a little bit more to this like maybe Seattle landscaping or
something maybe this could bump out one of these other company other you know
Yelp or something you know cuz if you know it’s like Yelp landscaping in
Seattle the best in landscaping in Seattle the
best you know the best landscaping companies Seattle Washington 25 best
landscaping companies you know and then their Devon Shire lands
so kind of look at this example and so when you’re doing your title tags think
about this as like this company here Lee’s general landscaping King and
Seattle’s way back there you know this one’s a little bit better but this
almost was actually like almost spammy like Seattle landscapes at a landscaping
sale on car care that’s that’s kind of a spammy for sure so I almost would
suggested this company if they contact me and they said Chris how can I move up
a little bit I would almost put something in here like even if they do
keep their company name test it each month or whatever maybe put you know
Devon Shire landscapes you know with a hyphen or you know something that says
you know Seattle’s best landscaping company or something like that you know
and and that way they’re kind of adding something to it because this thing is is
you know Google knows when you’re going through these if you’re not clicking
that one that one that one that one but you’re clicking on this one or one of
these they’re gonna move these to the top right because Google is gonna say
hey you know we want to give the best results possible so there’s some reason
why they’re choosing one of these down here and not DS up here and so Google’s
going to adjust their websites and there’s stuff accordingly and so think
about that when you’re doing your pages so instead of just saying home or page
one or products you know spice up a little bit okay again I want to go this
extreme you know where it says all this I mean that’s not what you want and I
understand why they’re at the bottom of this page so you know something like
this almost you know Pacifica landscapes Seattle landscaping design and building
now this could be a new website I don’t really know so maybe they’re you
know just made it to the first page and now this website will start you know
taking over these other websites again where’s taking a brief overview so I’m
really big on title tags so when you’re looking at your titles again you know i
typed in its landscaping seattle and you can see landscaping in Seattle as Yelp
is number one and again Yelp again Yelp and then home advisors these are big
names right but you can beat these out with the right you know right work I
think this company could real really move up so just kind of keep that in
mind when you’re doing some of your local SEO you know for your website
that’s that’s definitely a you know a big deal for sure
so let me click off of all this tomorrow transfer back over so that is my SEO
speech I guess for the day and hopefully that kind of helps conjugate I did you
know we have title tags it’s so important to tell people what your title
is about you know and what that page is about so when you have an individual
page make sure you tell people hey this is what this page is about
so always tell people stead of having like 50 things on one page and just
throwing like pain at the wall and seeing what sticks sticks you know make
a dedicated page about that one service so if you’re in Seattle and you do
landscaping have that one page talking about that if you do irrigation you know
talk about that if you do lawn care you know talk about that on a set page you
know so if you have lawn mowing on one residential care and you can even break
down like a silo okay so you have residential services commercial services
and then you have maybe lawn care underneath residential but also in our
commercial but they’re different you know different needs for both customers
you know then maybe for commercial you also do snow removal where you’re not
gonna go and just clean off somebody’s driveway you know for a small project
you know so you can kind of break that down but with having these individual
pages if you talk about snow or you know commercial snow removal Seattle
Washington right and then forward slash whatever company you have it’ll make it
where people see that and they might want to click on just because they’re
looking for a commercial snow plow service and they’re in the Seattle area
right and that’s what you want to do you want to tell your title tags you want
them to be enticing you want people to want to click on them you know you don’t
want just you know spam them with a whole bunch of keywords you want to be
where it really is beneficial for your customer so that is two days thing so
make sure you go ahead and please do subscribe to this channel again I got
the need to work my zoom a little bit but we got a new end card this week so
we’re trying to get this a little better because last week’s in card I did the
little picture doodad and it cut it off it wasn’t working very good so this week
we got a little bit better so now I will insert my end cards in post-production
but thank you again for watching this video and in this livestream it means so
much thank you for the kitten for being here and really
means a lot to me every week is just a new stepping-stone in my youtube career
and a lot of practice and one of these days I promise I’ll get a live stream
just flawless but we’re getting there right so thank you again for watching
this video it means so so very much to me it’s one of those things where I
truly love getting advice don’t hesitate to reach over and you know send me an
email over at Chris Hoy global comm have a contact form if you need web hosting
if you need a wordpress theme go ahead and get one of those and I also have a
collaboration coming up super-excited I’ll let you more know more about that
as we get closer to March but again thank you for watching this video and no
matter what I hope that you find success online offline and in your life take

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