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Webspam Content Violations

I’m Michael, and I work on Google’s Search Quality Team. In this video, I’m going to
discuss some key points of our Webmaster Guidelines, including
syndicated content, then affiliates and
doorway sites. Syndicated content is content
that is copied from another website. Some sites copy content that
stays on topic, but they don’t add any of their own value. Other sites copy completely
random and irrelevant content to increase their
search traffic. Scraped content alone, even
high-quality content, does not provide any added value
to your users. Similarly, if your site
participates in affiliate programs, make sure your site
adds value and gives the user a reason to visit your site. An example of a high-quality
affiliate site would be a bicycle blog with original
reviews and commentary. An example of a low-quality
affiliate site would be a bicycle blog that provides
only copied product descriptions, accompanied
by affiliate notes. The final category
is doorway sites. Doorway sites are created
purely to drive users to another website and often try
to crowd the search results for a particular
term or phrase. This provides the user with a
poor experience, as more than one search result will
ultimately lead them to the same site. A violation of our Webmaster
Guidelines can negatively impact your performance in our
search results, and in some cases can even result
in removal from our search results. Our primary goal is to serve
users with high-quality, relevant information. These guidelines are in place
to ensure a good user experience. So it’s worth your time to give
them a thorough reading. To learn more, please visit
our Help Center Resources. Thanks for watching.


  • Ricardo Vidallon

    Not mentioned is being careful when editing your content. I had a client who added over 100 pages of original content. They asked why Google is only seeing 30 of their web pages instead of 131 pages. Our analysis revealed that a keyboard character they were entering in their description meta tag was malformed. So what you 'type' and what you 'see' displayed in a web browser can look fine, but when done wrong, create majors problems in your website HTML code. Friends don't let friends edit.

  • Thailand Amulets

    totally correct. I use a store whose products dont get read by google but other sites copy the content in html and google server these mini blogs with my content on first ranking and my site doesnt appear. My site is number 5 in the world for this niche and has more traffic than other stores in same niche (traffic from FB not google). Google assumes content read is original and original content not readable by google bot is invisible. google removed me for this, but the content thieves stayed in

  • Thailand Amulets

    Its will vener be possible to accurately judge through automated bot system and set algorythims.. because xceptions t the rule will suffer

  • Thailand Amulets

    plpus, searchb engiines shouls adapt to what common users do, not try to make them put a comma after every pragraph to get in your directory. You just sending us all to bng fb and yahoo

  • Thailand Amulets

    you cant force every web owner to filfill your super exigent rewuirements. This proves the inability of your scripts to judge without making us fit your limited evaluation software

  • Thailand Amulets

    to force farmers to learn algebra, is about equally difficult as to force webmasters to go coding.. most cant code

  • Thailand Amulets

    also, if what you say is true, how come my thai based website is invisible in thai google, number 3 in malaysia google, number 5 in canada, invisible in france, number one in spain and high rank in USA? why do i disappear in thailand when thats where mmy site is and its the only of 3 sites of this niche in thailand. the other two dont rank at all. bif the content is what affects ranking, then why is ranking different in each persons browser even in same house?

  • Thailand Amulets

    google is just lazy and want us to make our sites fit with their limited algorythm. Bing is better and i never thought id say that

  • Thailand Amulets

    gogle shows individually tailored search results according to each surfers consumer use.. thats not as global accurate result – its an ad based stumbleupon site

  • GREEn t

    Tell me about it!!! I feel like Dick Harper (Jim Carrey) in "Fun with Dick and Jane" when he dresses up like the Uni-Bomber and goes on about how, "We played by the rules!" before robbing a music store. We actually DID play by Google's rules and we get still got screwed by their new update.

    I hope more people use Bing!


  • Dimitri Rytsk

    What if I have few domains similar to my business name which I fill with content from the main domain and links pointing to it, like MSN.com has links pointing to Bing. Are these pages penalized ?

  • Farah Fertassi

    Normally no. It is good to have links pointing on "good" webpages and "good" websites having a link pointing on your webpages. But it is prefered that those pages are of the same domain, the same category..

  • James Mathew

    Google has improved a lot with the recent algorithm update. Now you don't need a age old site with lot of links to rank higher in the search results. Quality web pages, be it new or old gets good attention.

  • brian conlan

    I run a business listing website and I think google has put me out of business because they require blog type sites to rank in the 1st page. Most of the sites I find on googles 1st page are WordPress based. My sites are custom built which I've worked on for five years. Google my wife and 11year old son thank you. P.S I paid 15,000 euro to google add words over 3 months and when I try to get advice from them it's on forums or email; I would like some help for a person please.

  • wadexyz

    If you want to be treated seriously by Google, you have lose the ALL CAPS and write decent English. Secondly, it sounds like you're running a niche site, and there are a lot of shady players in this space. I don't know what your angle is, but ppl won't sympathize with you if you're complaining that other people are simply out-gaming you. Thirdly, I believe Google has done a very good job in eliminating these suspect strategies in the past year, and so it should be taken care of by now.

  • EverSpark Interactive

    Copying content from other websites can lead to a host of potential problems, and not all of them from Google. Before copying content from another website, it might be a good idea to check the copyright laws, as well as the site's terms of service as at least part of the material may be copyrighted.

  • Mont Annis

    Loose the google t-shirts. Wear professional clothes and collared shirts. T-shirts remind me of people who create door way sites.

  • Craig Cole

    I'm still seeing scraper sites rank above original content. I've even seen one line scraped with a link that ranks above the original site.

  • Spook SEO

    In short, webmasters shouldn't spam and focus on the user experience. If webmasters consider these, they wouldn't be copying and blatantly create doorway sites. They'd take the time to add meaningful texts and information that provides value.

  • smith john

    I know there are many nations suspicious about DMCA violations which are communists, especially by North Korean related (A.K.A. R*K). It is famous that all spammers are related to computer hackers who are associated with organized crime scene, in the other words, they are all from organized crime scenes and are the manipulation operatives to run computer related organized crimes as publicly known by gov agencies. Wonder, how dangerous it is to be harmed by those from DPRK relatives.

  • Renata Candeias

    hey who did the portuguese translation?? it's totally inaccurate! the subtitles talk about sitemaps, in this video??? C'mon! find better translators!

  • Dan OBrien

    Well Michael your opinions are for shit….. You do not know how every website works. You seem to think you are the arbitrator of the 1st Amendment. Well your not my friend and you negatively impact my website I will sue your ass personally.

  • Darvys

    What about e-commerce where all the merchants are selling the new product like Samsung Galaxy S2? If they would have different descriptions would this mean they have a more qualified contend?

  • Kwan N

    The background music was so distracting , please let me do your video editing the next time. No disrespect. You guys do what you do best but it can't be everything, I had to watch the video twice to finally get what you were saying Michael. You guys should surely have more job openings out there but since google loves money so much, they would rather keep it to themselves. Greedy World.

  • ArtaGene Skipper

    Wonderful.  After having bought at least three "curation" courses..this one small video clears the air.  In just one sentence it can be explained..No one page wonder sites with scraped content. 
    Write about a subject and then add something you've found that someone else wrote that adds VALUE to what you are offering on a site that has some more relevant information available! .

    Thanks Michael…you made it happen by supplying just the needed nuts and bolts.
    You are welcome to Google me  Cararta and Skipper Works and offer some suggestions since all help is appreciated. 

  • Samantha Williams

    Google has ruined my business too.  It was a website selling bridal dresses.  They don't care and I will never forgive them as I had to make my first employee redundant today. 

  • Melinda de los Santos

    Am I spamming if my supplier gives me information/product description to use? Other than that plagiarism is anathema to me as well. For example, how am I supposed to describe-in a different or more creative way-the binomial theorem or the quadratic equation?

  • ptflp

    Умеет он релевантную информацию подавать, при поиске программы или еще чего либо – выдаст 100% 100500 тысяч ссылок на вирусы и на adbot. 

  • Ganjatom420


  • caesarlivenloud

    Google is frustrating. When you solve a problem of supposed quality guidelines violations, they come up with other type of violations just to make a webmaster/blogger go insane.
    I don't fit in either of these categories and what am I supposed to do? delete 5 years worth of content?

  • Epiclesis Consulting LLC

    Somehow, this video gives me the impression that Google thinks there should be just one bicycle shop in the world, because having more of them doesn't "add value for the user." I realize that Google is not a public utility running a search engine for all our good, but a for-profit business, so they are as entitled as any business owner to provide the product they want to provide, but I do think it is very unfortunate that they are so hooked on blogs as the ideal type of website. A website for a typical small business basically says, "This is who we are, this is what we can do for you, and this is how you can reach us." That information does not change, and much of it will necessarily overlap with what a lot of other sites have to say. That doesn't mean it's not a "valuable user experience" to find a good bike shop. A bike store should be able to concentrate on selling bikes, not start writing a blog about bikes just for SEO.

  • PHP Toturial

    The ads are not showing on my blogger site. But my account approved by that site. What is the fault? I need help. Thanks

  • Михаил Лапаев

    <iframe width="854" height="510" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/yFxNda5Z4eE" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

  • James Pennock

    Great video.  I never like hearing when people say Google is always changing the rules. The rules have always been the same; 1. Be relevant 2. Be informative and/or entertaining 3. If #1 & #2 truly are worth remarking about, then you'll be popular.  That formula has never changed.  Focus your strategy on this concept, and not the latest short term tactic.

  • Mohit Tomar

    I have a question ? For Example :- if a website use a content from govt site and Add canonical tag that content originally from govt website that mean it's a ethical way website will not get any penalty. But if same content also copied by other websites and duplicate checking tools show duplicate content from multiple site will that website get penalty or not ? Please reply if any one have ans ?

  • Christoph Decker

    Gut, dass der Mehrwert und der Nutzen für User immer mehr bei Google im Vordergrund stehen und dass billige SEO-Tricks bestraft werden!

  • Safwat Nabi

    If I want to help google to fight against spammy websites in the search results and in the maps then Google doesn't react! I did already their homework for more than 10 spammy websites and I reported one of them begging Google to contact me through my Gmail-address for sending them my prove of material, but nobody there as usual.Thanks Google for helping us to make our life better and easier!

  • Mike Leibel - REALTOR®, CIR Realty

    Even the professionals are stumped as to why my posts no longer show up in Google. For example this post – https://www.calgarymike.com/solaire-condo-in-downtown-calgary/

  • TutorialsBangla

    Sometimes, Google misuses google webmaster guidelines(Google adsense also do so, youtube also). It happened to me- they said my own content is scraped content which don't add any value. People copy my content and google webmaster blame me for that. Its really pathetic.
    We are unlucky that we have no other alternative to Google for Bangla websites. We need to create our own search engines and more. Google in nothing but a digital form of British East India Company in this subcontinent(Bangladesh, India, Pakistan…..) with some brainy techniques and tactics. (Mr Youtube, Will you suspend my youtube channel for this comment??)

  • Allan Shaw

    What a load of lies this video is sites are doing webspam in the carpet cleaning niche in Australia. If you google this long-tail keyword "blood carpet cleaning deagon " I know it is not a very competitive keyword. One company has around seven of there sites on the front page. They are all different sites but it doesn't take much investigation to see that they are the same company. They all have the same MO they use a few articles and then use them on hundreds of pages on the site only changing the suburb. The point I'm making is this company makes Google look like a fool. They should take down all the videos and articles that talk about webspam.

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