What If My Webmaster Gets Hit By A Bus?
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What If My Webmaster Gets Hit By A Bus?

What happens if your webmaster
disappears? Or you go through a webmaster divorce? It happens. We break up. I want to
make sure you’re prepared so that you can hire and fire easily and with
confidence. Whenever we start a relationship with a
new design firm, we are in the honeymoon stage. Everything is great. They’re so
brilliant. They know exactly what I want. They’re going to transform my business. And
then it starts. And then maybe it doesn’t go quite as you would expect it. So, we
have to think about how fast are they responding to emails? Is it really quick
at first and then it kind of wanes after a while? You send them an email you don’t
get a response for a couple days and it just keeps getting worse and worse and
worse. And then pretty soon, you are not able to reach them for weeks. Don’t know
where they went, the emails don’t come back. You’re like,
“Oh, my God. My webmaster got hit by a bus. What do I do now?” Well ,here’s just some
quick things to do if your webmaster disappears. Number 1, make sure you go
in and change the passwords immediately so that you don’t let anyone have access
who might be being a little flaky. The next big thing is make sure that you
have an agreement between the web developer and yourself. First thing that
should be in that agreement is a non-disparagement clause. A
non-disparagement clause means that web designer cannot go out and say horrible
things about you if the relationship doesn’t end well and vice versa. Non
disparages me. They can’t go under review sites. They can’t post anything negative
about your company. Very important you have a non-disparagement agreement with
your website vendor. The other one is make sure that you own the intellectual
property. They do not own your domain. They do not own your hosting account.
They do not own the passwords to your website. That’s your intellectual
property, not theirs. And you be amazed. Do you think the less isn’t it obvious, it would
be mine/ No, it’s not. Obvious. Because they’re the ones who designed it. So, they
think it belongs to them. You think it belongs to you and this is just a
riddled with problems. So, make sure that you have a confidentiality agreement
with a non-disparagement clause. You have that signed with every vendor you work
with. And then the next one is you have an independent contractor agreement that
says for a web developer, we own the domain, we own the design. We own the copy,
we own the website. And one really important distinction here is don’t ever
let them put your website their personal server. Have it all the
time. So, he’s like, “Oh, it’s in the honeymoon and we’re great we’re doing
design. And there’s oh we have this great deal we have a server that we use and
it’s done it.” And you’re like, “Great!” And then when you follow up when this
relationship falls apart, now they’re the ones holding the keys to your kingdom
because it’s on their hosts. Not a good idea. Make sure you have an autonomous
host and that you are not on a proprietary system. So, when you’re
speaking with web developers and they’re like, “Oh, my gosh. I have this custom code
I use, it’s amazing it’s Drupal or Joomla or Lord forbid cold fusion or iframes.” Or
something that you wouldn’t really know whether that was good or bad, the one
thing you need to think about is if they say it’s custom. Custom means they’re the
only ones who can ever fix it. And if you break from your web designer… Incase key
gets hit by a bus, you’re able to be in like a WordPress environment where
anyone can step in and keep the ball rolling, okay? So, no proprietary backends.
Never host your website with your developers host and always stay
autonomous at every single moment. So, when your web developer disappears, you
are confident in that you’ve made the right decisions up to that point, you can
pivot to another developer in a heartbeat, off you go. Things happen. This
is a systemic issue in my business. I see web developers just disappear like that
and you have absolutely no idea why. So, protect yourself. Protect your domain and
be ready when your webmaster gets hit by a bus. Yep, it’s a rocky road out there on
the Internet. And I’m here and committed to giving you all the best feedbacks,
tools and tips to be the most findable business on line. Make sure to subscribe
to our Channel. We’d love giving you great measurable content that will make
you the most findable business online.

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