What is Black Hat SEO Costing You? (How to Outrank Black Hat SEO Competitors)
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What is Black Hat SEO Costing You? (How to Outrank Black Hat SEO Competitors)

– You see your competitors outranking you by doing shady stuff. In other words, leveraging
black hat techniques. And you have that urge to just copy them so you can outrank them. Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel,
and today I’m going to discuss why black hat SEO is going to hurt you. (soft music) Before we get started,
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when I give more SEO advice, you’ll get notified. Question for you: Have you ever realized that
someone’s outranking you by doing dodgy stuff
and you can’t figure out why Google still lets them rank, even though they have all
these complex algorithms that’s supposed to stop all this stuff? Well if you’re in that situation, leave a comment below with yes, If you’re not leave a
comment below with no. Here’s the thing, Google’s not perfect. It’s amazing and it’s a great
company, but it’s not perfect. They continually are adapting and making their algorithm better. And yes, someone may be
outranking you in the short run, but in the long run, they won’t. And here’s the thing. I used to do dodgy SEO stuff
and use black hat techniques when I was in my early 20s. I don’t do any of that stuff anymore because I learned it’s terrible to do. I used to rank at the top for web hosting, used to rank at the top for online casino, online poker, all the competitive terms, even auto insurance. But you know how long I would
last for half these terms? Less than a year if I
was lucky, maybe a year. Google eventually slaps you and be like no, you shouldn’t rank. If I took all that time I
spent doing dodgy techniques, and did legitimate stuff
and maintained my rankings, I would be worth way more money. Yes, in the short run I may lose, but in the long run I will win. And I don’t want you to
just start copying people when they’re doing dodgy stuff. I’m not even telling you that you should go and try to report them. I think that’s a waste of time, because eventually Google
will adapt their algorithms and catch these people. Instead I want you to do something else. And I’m going to break it
down to you in a few steps that’ll help you beat them. The first thing that I want you to do is survey the people on
your site and ask them. How can I improve the user experience? How can I make my content better? How can I make my product better? How can I make my service better. And you can use tools like SurveyMonkey to figure this out, or even Hotjar. The reason you want to do this is, Google’s all about showing
the website at the top that provides the best user experience. A good example of this is
Ahrefs was trying to figure out how to rank for backlink
checker and they couldn’t rank at the top no matter what they did. And then they figured out from their users that hey, they want a free
backlink tool, and they decided that we’re going to give
you a backlink analysis with up to 100 links. And once they did that,
they shot to the top. No matter how much of SEO they did, they wouldn’t get to the top because the users wanted
somewhat of a free tool. And they released a
limited version for free. And that’s what I mean by user experience. Which if you figure out
what your users want instead of just taking shortcuts, eventually you’ll notice
that your rankings will keep climbing and climbing. And then you’ll increase your rankings. The second thing I want you to do is optimize your title
tag and meta description. Rankings all aren’t about SEO. A lot of times it’s about click
through rates, user metrics. So if everyone starts
clicking on the second listing instead of the first listing, what do you think’s going to happen? Google’s going to switch them out. Number two’s going to be number one, number one’s going to go to number two. And when you do that,
you’ll find that over time you’ll start climbing up
and getting the lion share of the traffic. So, look at what title
tags that you can use that are appealing. Look at the paid ads to give
you ideas within your space. Look at magazine covers for inspiration. The third thing I want
you to do is be patient. If you keep at it and you keep doing SEO, you keep writing amazing content, you keep improving your content. Updating, because Google
doesn’t want stale content, over time your rankings
will also increase. You just need to be patient. A lot of people don’t have that, but if you do, in the
long run you will win. And last, but not least, here’s
a little bonus tip for you that a lot of you aren’t doing. When you’re thinking about rankings, you want to beat your competition. Don’t just think about the United States or English as a language,
consider expanding. because it’s not even competitive and a lot of other countries like Brazil, people don’t even do
things like link building, yet they have a decent GDP,
they have a large population, and you can make a killing there. So consider going global
and translating your content because you’ll notice
that you can dominate the SERPs globally without
having any competitors. So that’s it, if you need
help, outrank your competitors, don’t result to black hat techniques, follow the tips in this video. If you need more help than that, you can check out my ad
agency Neil Patel Digital. If you enjoyed the
video, like it, share it. Tell other people about it. Leave a comment below
if you have questions, and I’ll help you out. Thanks for watching.


  • Neil Patel

    Have you ever realized that someone's outranking you by doing dodgy stuff and you can't figure out why Google still lets them rank, even though they have all these complex algorithms that are supposed to stop all this stuff?
    Well if you're in that situation, leave a comment below with "yes", If you're not, leave a comment below with "no".

  • Day Day El Hombre

    I have a question Neil, when it comes to hash tagging on IG is it best to get rid of them all after the first hour so people won’t copy and past every time u post?

  • Rahul Rai

    Yeah with tech news publisher…. No matter how much good or detail about the products you write they will always come in top 10 Google result 😪😪😪

  • Bridget Eserifa

    What's your take on duckduckgo search engine. A few of my post make it to first page there, one of them is even number one. The same posts that appear on maybe 3rd or 4th page on Google. I don't know if I should be happy.

  • kadoree

    Thanks Neil, you have the best SEO techniques. I have a question on paid search though, we are spending 8000€ a month on keyword search, but only driving about 3000 visits, and 50 leads, would you agree that’s considered extremely bad performance? (Australia market)

  • Mazzika Now

    Is buying web traffic or backlinks from Fiverr considered dangerous on a website ranking? I just have built a shorten links website like 16 days ago and I struggle finding customers or traffic since this market is super competitive i tried to rank for long term keywords and still nothing; so basically in my case I can't apply the first step since I got no one to survey and surly I agree with your tip about being patient but how could I know I'm on the right way?

  • Od. Luis Marcano

    Hi Neil,

    In a way you talked about the importance of Copywriting in order to get eyeballs and clicks

    I thought about Copywriting at the moment you talked about metatitles and metadescription

    Another thing I consider important is: the Brand

    When Neil Patel Publishes New content I will read it because, for me Neil Patel= great SEO content

    Keep up with the good work

    Greetings from Caracas, Venezuela

  • Power of Words

    This is all true. I just stayed with writing what other authors want to know, and I got to #1 or #2 for writing coach Australia, and before that, for self publishing help. It seems once you have some posts that get a lot of click-throughs; it keeps on working! Go Neil, I never doubted that white hat SEO and 'good writing' was the way.

  • Darren Bayton

    Yes Neil. My agency recently got hit from a Negative SEO Malware attack. After sitting at the no.1 position for a few specific local keywords for my SEO agency, I suddenly had a malware attack and I dropped out of the search engines completely. It's really affected my business in a big way. Great video Neil.

  • James Scott

    Thanks for keeping us from going to the dark side 🙏🏻 so that’s why your always wearing white 🙂 cheers Neil

  • Mahfuzur Rahman

    Hello Neil
    I want to appear my YouTube video on Google search when someone use tags I have used on my video. Is there anyother option rather than paid peomotion.

  • Stephane Brault

    Explain me how you outrank somebody who doesn't mind getting their website penalized? They just trash the website, start another one, change the links and they're back in the top rankings. Those black hats have been at it for years, not just months at best. Years.

  • walzaher

    Hi Neil firstly thank you for such helpful tips. I regularly have your audio playing while I drive and have learnt a lot. Using your tips I have managed to get +1.1 k monthly local traffic to my site within 4 months

    Some websites would build personal profiles on random so called social sites and it comes up under their backlinks. Seems like everyone who uploads a profile there is doing it to create backlinks. Is this black hat also? Or is it just a waste of time? Thank you

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