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okay so I have one more thing here that
I want to show and talk about so I put in seoul and seoul seoul as a search term
seoul as the capital of Korea because this is the thing that I want to know is
what is driving what is driving soul as a search term and soul as the capital of
South Korea and so I’m gonna go down here because I know some of it is some
of it is popular topics put on TV but could it be schools too
I don’t know but here’s one of the things we can look at so so okay so we
can tap down here and look at all the 51 sub regions and so is it oh okay they
are showing up okay yeah they are showing up in order you know so maybe
some are being promoted more than others in some of these states may you know I
guess it probably just depends maybe the kids and schools are searching you know
the colleges the students I mean because because that’s all going to count so we
can even tap here and we can look at the sub region I might be in sub region
right now yeah I think I’m in sub region so I need to tap on that little down
arrow I can go to Metro and I can see by metro the so the top one is a tunnel one
Iowa and Kirksville Missouri is that’s kind of funny when you think about it a
tunnel oh but think of who’s there think of who
is there are there candidates campaign campaigning there in that area who are
talking a lot about solo and as well probably I would imagine so but I’m just
speculating I don’t know so look we have down here at a little arrow we have
showing one out of five of 194 metros so the top ones are
our Ottumwa Iowa Kirksville Missouri Fort Wayne Indiana st. Louis Missouri
Columbia Jefferson City Missouri and Charlotte North Carolina we’ve also got
Spokane Washington Lubbock Texas her Harlingen waleska Brownsville McAllen
Marquette Michigan and Eugene Oregon so I’m not going to go through all of them
let’s look at the last one here the cities we can look at the cities and see
which ones yeah and so we have little dots over here showing all the cities
st. Louis Ann Arbor Charlotte Raleigh and Chicago let’s tap on st. Louis and
see what happens is it gonna we’ve got another little
chart that comes up here and it’s showing a 76% soul and the other soul is
24% so so the search term soul which is the blue and then the soul as a topic is
24% but they’re they’re measured separately because remember the soul
looks at more and other areas but I was kind of curious if I can go if it would
take me in further I was thinking at one time I could tap on it and we could go
into counties at one time at one time we were able to actually go in and almost
see whose house it was coming from you could actually see cities but I think
that’s gone now I know I was able to do that in Google
Analytics at one time it was interesting because it was it was showing by region
you know in cities so you’d have so you could actually see live who was actually
looking at certain search topics in Google Analytics that was cool that was
I can’t tell you how cool that was to be able to tap on it and actually see you
know the the searches that were taking place live
so this one down here has rising rising let’s look at rising let’s go to top
okay oh okay so those were rising and so we
changed at Seoul Korea Korea Seoul time Seoul South Korea and South Korea and so
then we’ve got the regions we can look at the Metro here Metro and look at how
high Alaska is Fairbanks and so okay so I tapped on that your query is not
enough so I’m gonna hit my back button up there and oh it froze up a little bit
yeah so it froze up so it yeah it’s kind of it’s really kind of hard sometimes
when I’ve got a ten minute time limit it’s kind of frustrating when I’m
because it seemed like back in the day it used to work a little bit fast but
not a little it worked a lot faster than what it works right now and so let’s
look at this and I just like to snoop underneath all the dots but that I don’t
believe that has oh let’s look at Seoul as a worldwide term yes we should be
able to look at it worldwide let’s see what happens oh look at that one okay so
that completely changes Seoul as a search term and Seoul capital of South
Korea so they completely change let’s see if I can get rid of that but we’ve
got but I think that’s it for right now I just wanted to show that I just like
to see some things I just start tapping stuff
all the time and snooping and you know some things there will be something
there others there won’t be something there but it blends in it’s just kind of
like the Google web page so it’s like looking at a car you know when you pop
the hood there’s a bunch of junk underneath and you put it down and it’s
all nice and clean looking but then even if you look underneath it it looks kind
of crappy you know there’s a bunch of junk and dirt and stuff and the same
when you pop the hood and even inside in the trunk there’s a bunch of junk but
it’s all hidden and so that’s that’s how Google is it’s kind of like a car you
think of it kind of as a car and so you got to just start tapping around and
looking for stuff and it changes all the time – that’s why it’s so funny that us
old people kind of often get accused of having to ask our kids how to do stuff
but if you think about it so some of us have been over several decades and
generations of of the changes you know so back from where we had to get up and
turn the knob on the TV and some of this even had pliers and rabbit ears you
remember the little rabbit ears to get the reception and then we had VHS
recording and 8-track tapes and telephones with cords on the wall and
then we had wireless phones you know oh then they started coming out before the
before the corded phones on the walls and they made him interchangeable so
they made long long phones so you’d still be attached to the wall but you
had a long long phone so you could go stretch it out and go sit down and or
you’d have a long cord and then you’d pick up the base of the phone and then
go sit on the couch and sit down and then you know or you just run it
along the base of your of your wall board and then tape it down I did that
with cable when I was on Fort Knox I did that with cable because they’re gonna
tear down the quarters so they were leaving out these little adapters to the
cables and so what I did was we didn’t have
cable TV upstairs and so but it just came in and so we just attached we
didn’t actually have a box at that time or I think we had limited so what I did
was I brought it in the house and then just attached it at the wall and then
ran it upstairs and then I put duct tape all up you know along the wall I kind of
hit it I bought a really really long one and then ran it upstairs and then I had
cable TV upstairs even though we didn’t have an outlet I thought that was kind
of fun it just you know we just ran the cable
TV up the quarters and so anyway but that’s it for right now

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