What is Google Hummingbird? How Does it Impact SEO?
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What is Google Hummingbird? How Does it Impact SEO?

on September 27th 2013 Google turned 15 years and to celebrate
the occasion it is Google’s claim that the new
search algorithm can provide more reliable and relevant
response your internet search queries in the
future. for many of you who are wondering how the new search algorithm will impact
the way we search and the way to optimize a website this
short video explains from basics from what we know as of now about how
Google plan to improve how you search on the internet with
hummingbird a search algorithm is a technical term
to describe how Google or any other search engine fines the
data you search every day on the internet
think of the algorithm as a recipe for cupcakes and the search
result as the cupcake itself just like making
cupcakes from selecting the right ingredients to
slicing and chopping to mixing and baking to
decorating the cupcake a search algorithm has a process to
deliver the search results you enter if you type in a search query let’s say how to make cupcakes Google
send this task to an index server the index server is a
lot like the index page of a book in how it functions it tells which pages that contain the search
term how to make cupcakes this task is then sent to a doc server which retrieves the stored documents
related to the search task how to make cupcakes snippets are then generated to describe each
search results giving relevance to the search query and
are return to the user in a fraction of a second this entire process is what we call a search algorithm much like the recipe
for making cupcakes technologies always evolving and goes
through continuous changes and innovations as new and better
methods are discovered imagin the evolution of a cell phone from this do this same way Google keeps on innovating its search
algorithms to make internet searchers more accurate
relevant and reliable Google name the new search them after the dexterous
hummingbird for its speed and accuracy that should return better
relevant and intelligent search results in the
future just like Google hummingbird Google Panda Google penguin and other
updates were changes to parts of the old algorithm but not an
entire replacement of the whole think of it again like the
cell phone anology the old cellphone only had the
capability to make and receive calls and that was the
primary reason of a phone as technology evolved new innovations such as: text messaging internet
browsing and the ability to take pictures and
share amongst friends were included as part of a phone but
still the newer phones still have the
original use just like the old phones and that is
making and receiving phone calls similarly the would updates as well as the
hummingbird updates a new innovations that Google has added as improvement to
the original search algorithm but the hummingbird
update will affect more than any other previous search updates
because it will impact more than 90 percent
worldwide searchers and bill include a host of other
languages then English the biggest change hummingbird will
include in its algorithm is the inclusion of a long tail keywords
as part of conversational search unlike the more familiar semantic
keyword search a long tail keyword search has a natural
clinton’s late language bid into it so people who use voice
activated searchers may find it useful by definition a long
tail keyword consist of at least two or three words and as many as five to seven worked
let’s examine his example for them 11 tracers all keywords: are very common searchers and a
difficult to rank due to the high cost and high competition same goes to cool
to three-word phrases because these were the type of keywords internet
searchers used to search and SEO companies be used to rank due to
the popularity of its use but times have changed and more and more internet searchers are getting used to
why searchers and I using long tail keywords the search for more information in the
past if you search vanilla and cinnamon
cupcakes recipe the old and more familiar semantic
search algorithm will take the words cupcake and recipe
from the search query and we’ll give you search results
related to cupcakes recipe because that was how it was programmed
to search in order to find vanilla and cinnamon
cupcake recipes you may have to browse pages and pages
that list different recipes to find you xx search but that was in the past now Google is trying to incorporate more
descriptive word tracers and more descriptive phrases in its
search results since this is a new trend these
descriptive word tracers should also be incorporated as part of
your web pages due to its nullity descriptive phrases
have low-cost and low-risk with high probability of
conversion rates in the future when ranking your website for
descriptive keywords now does that mean getting rid of you
all keywords: no you can still ad pages to your
website and Stott inserting the long tail
keywords as part of your SEO strategy a conversational search is different
from typing in a keyword or a keyword phrase or even a long tail
keyword from your keyboard a conversational search can also include
followup questions let’s do a conversational search on
Apple and see what we find out to an able to
do this you need to have the latest version of
Google Chrome installed to enable voice search once you have the latest version you
will notice a microphone icon as shown here on your Google Search page Apple according to Wikipedia Apple Inc is an American multinational
corporation headquartered in Cupertino California that designs developed and found
consumer electronics computers software and personal computers who founded it Steve Jobs Ronald Wayne deep but me and when was it sounded Apple Inc was founded in 1976 what if the stock price of Apple Apple clint up 1.1 percent on
Thursday at five hundred twenty four dollars and ninety four stand let’s try something different let’s try
a celebrity or someone who is famous and let’s do some follow-up questions
just to see how Google will respond to these why
search who is Barack Obama according to
Wikipedia after accutane Obama the second is the 44th and current President
of the United States and the first african-american to hold the offense where was the bone he was born in Honolulu Hawaii ito Kalama who are his parents Ciroc Obama caring for and done and Brock Obama in your how tall is he Thurrock Obama is 1.85 meters com who with his wife keeps out the Michelle Obama since 1992 where was she born she was born in
Chicago do a noite evil Kalama how tall is she Michelle Obama is 1.8 meter com if you are an SEO strategist and if you think that Google hummingbird
is going to drastically change how you have been doing SEO then you are misinformed although the
previous practice are using medicare words and secondary
keywords are now a thing of the past google has no word up dead many
different ways in ranking your website based on many
other factors these changes will be discussed on a
separate video titled they’re not to me of the future SEO
strategy the all-school method of search ranking
should still be a bread-and-butter as part of your SEO strategy and that is creating original engaging and relevant
content using proper backlinking educate adding or regional and relevant additional
content and updates regularly using appropriate and relevant page
titles and Paige descriptions what was covered in this tutorial is the
cusp of what Google have already planned to accomplish but will most certainly
keep you waiting as they have done so in the past to make
your search results more accurate reliable and relevant for more
information and updates on internet marketing video marketing
and SEO please subscribe this channel this is
Bridget for the visual cue dot com thank you for watching


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    Nice sir .. Explained in simple and easy way … Please share us more and more videos .. Thank you so much 👍🏻

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    This is detailed video about Google hummingbird and it impacts on SEO i liked it, I wrote some more information about what is hummingbird check out this also once to know more details https://www.techhurricane.com/what-is-google-humming-bird/

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