What is Local SEO? | Rank in Google Maps!
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What is Local SEO? | Rank in Google Maps!

Local SEO is fundamental for all small to
medium businesses. So let’s start off with what is Local SEO
is. Local SEO is suburb level Search Engine Optimisation. This is used best for destination businesses
where people travel no more than 20km to get to your business, targeting everyone and every
suburb within that radius. Now because Google is changing every single
day, With constant algorithm updates and the consistent development of more and more businesses,
it’s getting harder to get to page 1 of Google than it was 5 years ago. To combat this, Google has focused on local
small-medium businesses to avoid large enterprises monopolising the marketplace! This is why it is fundamental to take advantage
of this opportunity. By combining Local SEO with Google My Business
Optimisation, you can enhance your local reach and redefine your online presence! Talk to one of our digital growth experts
and develop your local reach on 1300 56 56 10
That’s 1300 56 56 10

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