• Xleron

    Congratulations on the new update Turgut! WP Content Crawler is the best crawler at the market at the moment:). Keep up the good work.

  • silverfoenix

    I remember using your plugin for a newspaper site, at the time my friend wanted to navigate to a single site to get his favorite category from each newspaper out there!
    this was possible through your Crawler!! (Until he preached TOS on the server for abusing LOL)
    I'm glad you even added warnings! it was all trial & error for the unexperienced me (^_^)

  • Mr Pro

    Hello Turgut . The posts I try to collect , contain many links ! How can I remove the links without removing the anchor text ? I'm not familiar with regex . can you help me in a way which is easy to understand ?

  • Ali Cihan DEMİR

    Bunun türkçe videosunu da çekersen bence yerli yazılımcıları da tutarsın. Ellerine sağlık. Güzel iş çıkarmışsın.

  • Safa Acar

    Turgut ismini görünce insan mutlu oluyor ama sonra herşey ingilişçe olunca bi hüzün kaplıyor içimizi. Türkçesi ne zaman hazır olur

  • Recep Alaca

    Hocam merhabalar , bu versiyon için türkçe video çekebilir misiniz lütfen veya alt yazı seçeneği ekleyebilir misiniz

  • CornFlakes

    Hi great Video! I do have a question. Can I create "posts" (like blogposts) out of let's say amazon products? Thanks for the tutorial

  • Lindrind

    Cool Tool! Can it detect dead links? So it could delete the blogpost, when the link doesn't work anymore…

  • Globe shot

    This Plugin is amazing!
    Can this plugin post hyperlinked pictures, which redirect to the retailers website? So there is no product description on my website?

  • Hậu Trần Duy

    feature image post incorrectly missing /year/month/ before file name

    <img src="/wp-content/uploads/photo1518480049-660×381.jpg" >

    it must be like this

    <img src="/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/photo1518480049-660×381.jpg" >

    how to fix this ?

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