What is SEO? (2019)
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What is SEO? (2019)

– Hi! I’m Kim of KimDoyle.com,
where I help business owners create content
that’s actually fun to create and converts
your audience into customers and you’re watching
100 Days of SEO. (easygoing bluesy music) – Whoa! What’s up everybody? If you’re new here,
welcome to 100 Days of SEO. I am Brendan Hufford. I have radically
changed my life with SEO. It’s search engine optimization and that’s what we’re
gonna be talking about today. It’s the middle of
winter and I’m outside. Here in Chicago, it’s so cold, but like, what a good shot, what a good shot with the city. I freaking love living here. It doesn’t matter
how cold it outside. Today, we were gonna talk
about what SEO actually is. I’m gonna go inside,
I’m gonna get warm, and we’re gonna break it down. If you’ve been
wondering what SEO is, how it works in 2019, I’m
gonna break it down for you. Let’s get it. What’s up everybody? Brendan Hufford,
we’re inside, we’re warm. Let’s talk about this. What the heck is SEO? So you hear a lot
of definitions of SEO. Is it links, is it content, is it branding,
is it UX or site speed? Yes! It’s all of those
things but it’s also not. And with over
200 ranking factors, it can be so, so confusing. And in two minutes, here
in this short quick video, in two minutes I’m gonna
explain exactly what SEO is. So let’s put two
minutes up on the clock. (clock slamming onto screen) Two minutes on the clock,
let’s get into it. So I wanna start off by giving
you my definition of SEO, based on all of my client work, based on my personal projects, based on my consulting,
based on the SEO director of Clique Studios
and having clients that range from
local Chicago companies to $100 million
venture backed startups. For me, SEO, and for my clients, all of my work is
really about solving problems. Sorry I’m yelling.
It’s about solving problems. Just super
passionate about this. You need to solve
people’s problems. You need to reverse-engineer what are they
actually looking for. You’re gonna hear me talk again
and again about search intent. What are they really
want when they type a phrase into Google, what are
they really looking for? And then, making sure
that we use our expertise and our research
abilities to make sure that that information
is there when they want it. That is what SEO is. But you don’t have to
just take my word for it. Here’s a couple
other definitions of SEO. Glen Allsop of
detailed.com and viperchill.com has probably one of
the best definitions of SEO that’s closest to mine. Glen says, “SEO to me,
if given an explanation “that I’m interest in, “is part
reverse-engineering algorithms, “part reverse-engineering
human nature. “It’s about using logic
and gut to do what you think “should matter and
then relying on data “to correct
yourself in due-course.” Glen’s definition is fantastic, but I also wanna
feature some other people. Let’s take a look at what
Ross Hudgens of Siege Media. Here’s what Ross says about SEO. Ross says, “SEO is
search engine optimization, “the act of
optimizing your website “to show up higher in
the in search engines. “At the core, the two
biggest ranking factors “for this are content and links, “matching user
expectation for that content, “and being perceived
as authoritative enough “for the search
engines to return. “As SEOs, we are
all at a basic level “optimizing for these things. “At a more advanced level,
we think about, “we optimize for the
200 plus ranking factors “Google has mentioned…” I’m not gonna
keep reading it to you. This is a great,
very technical definition. Unlike Glen’s definition
or even my definition, talking to you
who really love SEO and you wanna
know more about SEO, Ross’s definition
is perfect for people who don’t understand it at all. We went a little bit over time, but I hope this has
been helpful for you. I would love it if
you’re watching on YouTube if you would
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the 100 days of SEO project, if you’re listening
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important thing in here is, I don’t have a call to action, I just want you to learn. I want you to subscribe
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and see a radical change in your life,
just as I have in mine. That is the mission of
the 100 Days of SEO project, to help more people
make changes in their life and their business,
using this marketing technique. I’ve been Brendan Hufford. Don’t forget to work hard,
be nice people, and don’t get too lost trying to
create something that matters. (easygoing bluesy music)


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