What is SEO and How Does It Work
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What is SEO and How Does It Work

what is SEO how does it work hello and welcome in this quick video
tutorial session I’m going to explain what is SEO and how it works so that you can utilize
it for your own website an online business at its basic
level what SEO is your ability to attract
potential customers using Google and other web sites to bring them to your website so and at its basic level that’s what SEO is all about now how you do that is first of all you
determine the keyword your potential customers
will use when they search Google okay and that is
done through keyword research you know your online
business you know the website that your online business is in if that’s the case is not good enough to
simply have a website and showcase about us page or home page and here’s our products and so on what is search engine
optimization is your ability to bring those potential customers by targeting keywords that that is related to your online industry so then many people you know when they
start creating videos or talking about SEO they trying to sell you an idea as to
SEO is apparently secret that only a few people know and so on right and because most SEO experts and SEO service providers don’t fully understand the World Wide Web standards because and its core that’s what Google does it
looks at the web standards which w3 org puts out online right so at its core you know your web sites are
designed with good design principles or it adheres to you know you have site maps in place you create metadata which is your meta
description and title tags heading tags and your content which is critical for your online success is surely going to be textually rich so to speak so once again content in that sense means you placing your keywords in all the
right places because Google looks at that so when hear the term SEO and search engine optimization
don’t look at as to say to yourself ohh you know I have to learn all this staff and so on you know let’s say if you’re using content management systems you designed designed your website using
templates and so on most often everything will be in place anyway right so then if we look at this slide see the way the Google works is Google you know its a business right at its core Google is a business just like your business and
all the other businesses but at the end of the day it’s a its a computer program that you’re
dealing with when you’re dealing with technology that
feuls and fires your website well if that’s the case how would Google be able to determine you know what someone searches Google
someone searches Google by typing in keywords then how is Google going to determine if your website is relevant and if should
show your website in its results set well it does that by looking at your web page name your title your meta description heading tags your
texts on your webpage your images and the links that you have
on your menu structure and all your web pages you need to
understand when you think of SEO basically doing all the right things not
Google so to speak but having the standards in place in creating proper web pages that addresses the needs of your potential
customers now if we then have a look at this slide here the way that you can take full advantage of Google is that once you create your web pages probably having all the right things in place
which are pretty basic really and if we delete that and if I then show you okay well this is
your web page for instance and then let’s say you have another web
page or another web page okay when we look at Google and SEO then what Google does once again it looks at web
pages whether it is your home page whether it is your about us page whether its your contact page whether it is the page that is on YouTube whether its a page that is on Facebook okay so Google follows hyperlinks okay that’s what it does it looks at internet in its entirety any
does that with technology that uses and it is at the end of the day the best technology on internet right so when you look it your online business
and your web pages it isn’t just good enough to simply have
everything in place and just leave it at that because to be able to compete with your
competitors for the keywords that you will be targeting what that means is you need to be able to get links pointing
to your web pages now a a lot of people because they don’t
understand search engine optimization they will tell you that ohh just go out and
just get 100 backlinks pointing to your website because
apparently Google looks at that is a vote okay that’s
like really stupid information and if you
simply focus on things like that you’re not going to get any where online because when you think of Google and SEO then backlinks are important in a sense where you get your backlinks from and the timing of the way you get your
backlinks that becomes critical let me simply
close this and open up internet browser now a lot of people
will tell you that Google keeps changing its algorithms
and guidelines and so on well that’s actually
not true I’ve been looking at Google Webmaster
Guidelines for years now and I can tell you confidently that
Google guidelines haven’t been changed in years in the sense that they have some spelling mistakes that they’ve had the same spelling mistakes for
years now what I’m trying to tell you is SEO at its core is also understanding Google guidelines now if you then go and read about Google guidelines you may get overwhelmed and
confused meaning your content should be done
properly design principles you know user interaction
principal should be in place this is my webpage so that means if
someone comes you know targeting I’m targeting this
keyword for example then if someone comes to this page what
what I need to do is I need to be able to answer search query that they’ve typed in Google okay for you to get ahead online and create
successful online businesses for yourself you must understand that when you select
keywords in target them what you’re really doing is you are providing an answer to a question
because when people search Google that’s what they do you know ask
yourself when you search Google look at the habits that you have
whether you looked for a product or a service you know how did you go about it you typed in some search terms in Google looked at the result sets and then what you’ve done whether you
found the information that you were looking for or
not you came back and done another search so that’s what everyone else is doing as
well but you know just think of web sites that
when you visited you really liked it not so much because
of its design but because of its communication procedures so to speak so what I’m saying
to you is when you create your web pages and when you think of SEO then you need to be on you know thinking ohh I’m targeting certain keywords and I
have all my good web design principles in place by
having page names and titles and so on but then if you’re web pages lack
content in the sense that it doesn’t address the
reason that people come to your website then there is no point in you know being
in the first position in Google because having great content is part of SEO as well Google looks at many many many different
things and one of the ranking signals is you know how long do people stay on your web
pages so that when you create everything in
place and present your products and services in a consumable consumable way the that is easy for your potential customers to
read through and consume because then Google keeps a track of that
as well how it does that that’s another story
all you need to know is whether you’re creating your website
from scratch or whether you’re using content management systems like this particular website I’m using
WordPress here what I’ve shown you in previous slides all
in place probably on this web page as well you may be thinking okay well Google is a
search engine yes it is a search engine but at the end of the day Google is a business and it is in advertising business they make a lot of
profits by allowing online website owners to quickly reach Google searchers okay and also if you do then create great content with having the web standards in place and if you’re running Adwords what will
happen is because you understood SEO probably you will
actually start paying less for your advertisement budgets so to speak okay meaning SEO and Adwords are intertwined they work
together anyway so if you have a website and online business selling products or
services you must adhere to good web design
principles by having great content that addresses the search query of your visitors and other thing is Google Analytics this is enterprise level analytics if you have a
website you know that you have log files that
you can look at but if you don’t have Google Analytics
installed it’s free for you to do it’s very easy
to install and create accounts the reason that I
say Google Analytics is part of SEO is
because analytics allow you to see the
touch points of your visitors interacting with your
website and by looking at you can make improvements for your
online business cause when you do that increase your
conversions because I’ve in this SEO game for many
many years I will tell you for a fact that SEO entails having great content by adhering to good web design principles analyzing how people are interacting with
your website so that you can improve it and at the end of the day the next area that you can then focus on to rank your keywords is backlinks backlinks is there is many many information online and I promise you that if you follow 99% of the information online about backlinks you will not get anywhere
online you will in fact damage your online business so to speak so I fully encourage to watch the videos that I made available for
you if you want to learn how to rank images videos web pages or what not I have all great how-to videos for
website owners just like yourself so once again there is great information online as far
as search engine optimization is concerned but if you’re looking for proven and tested methods I
encourage you to subscribe to my YouTube channel so that I can share with you proven
insights that will help you grow your online business once again this video session has
been about what SEO is a about how it works once again it’s very easy and you will differently 100 percent see great results if you simply watch the
video tutorials that I’ve made available for you and SEO at the end of the day very easy once you understand it thank you very much happy rankings thank you take care bye bye


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