What is SEO? (For complete beginners who feel invisible online)
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What is SEO? (For complete beginners who feel invisible online)

so if you built your website and you’ve
launched it and now nobody can find you online it kind of sucks right you kind
of feel like nobody you’re invisible right you could type in your domain name
but that’s it nobody can search and find you so what
do you do well there’s a good chance that this stage of your journey is the
time for SEO or search engine optimization so in this video I just
want to give you the very basic very preschool definition of what is SEO so
that way you can make an honest decision whether or not you know you should focus
on SEO maybe there’s another issue and really kind of understand what to do
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very much for your consideration okay so talking about SEO what is SEO now SEO
stands for search engine optimization and it basically is self explanatory
you’re optimizing your website for the search engines you’re telling Google and
being in Yahoo in Safari and every other browser what your website is all about
okay so it doesn’t matter if you own a restaurant if you have a small business
if you’re selling products you have a blog you’re optimizing it to let the
search engines know what your website’s about so that way when people are
searching on their phones their devices their laptops desktops or whatever and
they type in whatever your website’s about the goal is for you to show up
right especially if you’re a local business or if you’re selling products
or you have a blog again you want people to be able to find out what you have
going on right if you have an event or if you’re part of an organization you
want them to be able to type in keywords and your website shows up so that is the
key speaking of key do you have the keywords on your website
okay so for an example when we’re talking about SEO again we’re optimizing
your website pages so when you look at your website if you go to your browser
and I’ll show you here if you go up to the top here does what does your website
say does it have a keyword or does this just say homepage or home one you know
or something very vanilla very basic right this is where you really want to
go in and you want to make sure that is optimized with some sort of keyword
right say like I’m in Colorado here right so if you’re a landscaper it might
say Colorado Springs landscaping company or color Springs landscaping services or
you can play with it right this is not just a set once and done kind of thing
now sometimes you’re gonna you can hit a home run I’ve been very fortunate a few
times but a lot of times you got a test and tweak and and you might add some
keywords and depending on how competitive your industry is right you
might switch it up quite a bit you might do different things but with SEO I mean
it’s going through your pages one page at a time what does your title tag say
okay so what does a title does it say a keyword right in the beginning you know
does it say you’re just your company you know because if somebody’s looking for
your company of course you’re gonna show up anyways but what does your title say
does it say again just homepage or does it say your services plus your city or
some kind of variable of that okay now what about your page do you have just
like a hundred words on your page or do you have you know two to three thousand
words do you have videos you have pictures are they optimized right you
have everything from video SEO to picture SEO okay
just for an example with your pictures do your images say you know one two
three jpg or a whole bunch of weird numbers and letters jpg or did it
actually say a keyword right this is this is a pretty good tip for you here
is when you’re saving your images do they say something like Dallas dentistry
dot jpg right or jpg or do they just say a whole bunch of weird stuff right are
they geo tagged do your images do they have geo tag coordinates where
they tell people hey your services this image was taken or December’s this
picture has this image has something to do with
town because of the geotag coordinates right now we’re getting we went from
just being preschool to some advanced SEO stuff but again you can see how
crazy this can get really depends on how highly competitive your website is okay
you can also have like anchor text and things like that so when you look at
your page when you have links going to other pages do they just say like you
know page you know view more learn more read more or they actually say view
landscaping services or do they just instead it with view and a variation of
that do they just say landscaping services or get you know construction
construction quote or get insurance quote or book restaurant whatever right
so they have oh you can add things to it to kind of you know add some SEO tactics
to your pages okay now that could just be your homepage now what about your
other pages okay does your services pages just say service one and then
that’s it or does it actually say you know like fill in the blank right
there’s so many different things chainsaw sharpening services slash you
know Montana New York wherever you know and and that’s your title tag for an
example right and then do you have your images do your images say like chainsaw
sharpening you know chainsaw blade sharpening cane chainsaw chains
sharpening as a tongue-twister dot jpg things like that right and then
you could talk about you have titles so then you have things from like h1
through h6 now again some of this you might be like Chris you are way over my
head that’s completely fine because I really want to you know emphasize the
SEO if people make careers out of this this is a big time thing
but I really want you to be cautious not to get scammed so if you get emails or
things like that where people are like hey we guarantee you number one spot or
things like that please be cautious okay I get emails all
the time from people and I do SEO they’ll say dear sir or ma’am right they
don’t even know who I am you know or somebody will be like we’ve been
watching you website for the last year and we feel like this this this and this
is wrong right and they’re just a joke right you call them you never get a hold
of somebody when you do it’s somebody that is in another country or something
you can never understand and I’m not there’s no disrespect right
there’s nothing like that at all but these are just software emboss to go out
there that just you know they’re just trying to get leads however they can if
you have a contact form and you think that and and you might think yourself
like wow this companies really cares to me they said they’ve been watching my
company for the last year and they could help me with all my stuff right but they
really have they don’t mention your website they don’t know who you are they
don’t know the services you provide they’re very vanilla emails to just say
you know hey we’ve noticed your website we think we can help you improve your
search engine results contact us today right these are the most basic things
that any company can do right so just be very cautious didn’t with any emails or
comments that you get with things okay but so we kind of talked about the
homepage we’ve talked about internal internal pages things like that even
your contact page you can add you know SEO stuff to it you know optimize it for
the search engines and then at the end of it you need to submit your website’s
to places like Google okay so if you go to like if you go to google and you type
in like search console you can go in and you can register your website where
Google will actually crawl your website meaning that they’ll have spiders that
they call them they’ll come and they’ll go through all of your content and
they’ll see those keywords that you added right so in your text like if you
have a you know paragraphs of text does it talk about your services do you add
those keywords in there do you add location modifiers we’re saying hey I
serve Denver Dallas Pueblo wherever you’re from right do you have those kind
of things and they’ll store that so that way if somebody like myself say we’re in
Colorado and I’m looking for a Denver florist and your website talks about
being a Denver florist there’s a good chance that you’re gonna show up now
granted you’re in competition with you know millions of other companies or
millions of other pages so it is again you can’t just do this once to set it
and forget it you got to really kind of focus on okay
but again I know I’ve probably given you way more way more information in your in
your just feel like your minds are gonna explode right now but just really know
my hearts and the place to help you so if you have questions you know please
leave a comment underneath this video let me know some of the questions that
you have if you’d like me to look at your website personally I definitely
will if you don’t want to list your website
publicly you can come to my website Chris Heidelberg comm and you can email
me I would love to take a look at it just give you some tips and ideas no
charge and it’s like I just want to help people I might my passion is to help
people so again what is SEO its search engine optimization up search engine
optimization and that’s optimizing your website with the keywords with the
images with the videos with you know the text with everything to tell the search
engine what your website’s all about and here’s a big bonus tip for you okay if
you’re using WordPress you may consider using a plug-in called Yoast why o ast
now what this plug-in is gonna really do a lot of the heavy lifting for you and
it’ll tell you if there’s things are wrong right do you have a keyword in
your title do you have it in your page do you have it as a slug which a slug or
URL could be you know your website com4 slash change change change sharpening I
should have picked a different word right
but maybe men’s hair cutting or something like that men’s barbershop
right something something whatever has to do with your business does it have
keywords in their case so Yoast okay so that’s a huge tip and hopefully you you
may consider to use that because it’s something that’s gonna really help your
business specially if you’re new to SEO if you’re a beginner SEO Yoast is the
best plug-in that I believe there is okay so thank you again so much for
watching this video I do hope I’ve helped you a little bit and I hope I
have provide you with value please do subscribe you can hit my head here and
click on my head and also watch additional videos I have but thank you
so much again I do hope that you find success online offline and in your life
god bless

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