What Is SEO & Why You Should be Doing it
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What Is SEO & Why You Should be Doing it

Hey everybody David Scarpitta again and
welcome back to another life lesson and hopefully you guys get all this life
lesson and put it all in this big basket of goodness and then you can plant that
however you want. What I want to talk about today is a
term that you guys probably heard of search engine optimization.
It’s called Seo. It’s a really broad term.
Some people will consider a seo being listed on Google.
I mean like, yeah,
who’s not on Google, right?
If you type it in like cats where you’re typing Garfield,
you know, particular cat and you’ll have like
hundreds of sites dedicated to Garfield or Garfield images or coloring pages of
God knows what else, but the idea is to not just get on
Google but is to actually get on the first page or respective first two
pages. If you’re not really on the first,
you know, first two pages,
you just nowhere to be found. I mean,
you’re just not going to get results. You want to optimize your website so
that Google says, Hey,
listen, I respect you.
You’re my friend. You’re giving some great information.
People, we’d like everything you’re doing,
your site looks good, people will talk about your stuff,
you know, you just have so many good things to
say. Seo is kind of hard.
I mean there’s a certain, you know,
science and art to it all. What Seo is,
is being able to get found in searches so that way once you’re found in
searches, people click on your stuff and then they
come to your website. Right?
And what do they do when they’re here? Website?
Are they making a purchase? Are they reading an article?
Really trying to get them there. That’s the first part.
And then the second part is getting them to do what you want them to do when
you’re on the website. I see a lot of people who create
websites and they have absolutely zero Seo.
They don’t really care about it. Well,
if you don’t care about the site, then what makes you think anybody else
is going to care about it? Google’s not gonna care about it.
Yahoo being asked. None of those guys and think about it.
You’ve got to bring the noise. For instance,
it’s like electronic music. So if I say,
hey listen, I like electronic music in which I do,
right? But I say electronic music,
I’m using a general like a general term. Well we have a trance House,
jungle, drum and bass,
dubstep tech step, brostep,
a electro, mindfunk.
Progressive House, progressive trance.
I mean like I literally just named like 10 plus different types of music within
the genre of electronic. It’s a big,
big world within that world. Even though you may not be able to do
the coding parts of it, whatever,
there’s a lot of things that you can do to kind of up the bar a little bit so
that way you’re not sitting in the dumper somewhere,
you know, on the dark side of the Internet and
nobody finds you and you spent all this time and you spent money to grow your
business. To grow your business,
you have to do other things. Like service and product and stuff like
that. So there are other aspects of growing
your business, but to grow your exposure,
you’ve got to follow these sets of rules.
So again, that’s what search engine optimization.
And if you don’t have it, you know,
maybe better off not doing a website. I’m going to tell you right now,
if you’re watching this video in the next year,
in the next two years, in the next three years,
I can guarantee you that you would have been kicking yourself in the ass right
now if you didn’t actually say to yourself,
you know what? Four years ago,
I should have put the site up. I should have did something.


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