What is the vidIQ SEO Score? (and how to get more views)
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What is the vidIQ SEO Score? (and how to get more views)

this is a very like you SEO scar and this is how it can help shape the way this is a very like you SEO scar and this is how it can help shape the way thanks to be like you score card you can find out how well your video is set up for search engine optimization the SEO score is important because it’s based upon things you can do to improve your videos of visibility the total score actionable scar and performance car all color-coded green is good red means there’s room for improvement the five actionable grades amount of fifty percent of your total SEO score and this is what each or means tag count is simply account of all the video tags you have included in your video more is always better but make sure they’re relevant to your content and don’t use popular channel names in your tax tag a volume is how popular attack itself is on youtube that little number next to some of your time is V search volume the higher the better and the more high volume tax the higher your tank volume stories next we grade keywords in your title it’s important to reinforce those keywords and phrases the YouTube audience search for all so don’t be afraid of repetition that means making sure the key words of your video appear in a title and the description because YouTube also optimizes your video by what it reads from your descriptions make sure you front load your keywords within the first two sentences of your description as those will appear on youtube search pages as well and we tripled keywords mark ranks what we’ve just been talking about keyword marriage between tags titles and descriptions these are all things you can directly influence and you can do it all while your video is being uploaded to YouTube as for performance well that accounts for the over fifty percent of your SEO scar and this does rely more on how well your video does out in the YouTube world ranked tags are just that if your video appears on the first page of the search term on youtube congratulations or any top 20 videos for that time it has a much higher chance of being watched and the more of easy can get on your times of the high of a performance score as for high-volume ranks tags well that’s the gold standard not only is your video ranked highly for that search term but that search term is hot when it comes to our example video this is the one week area of the video SEO that doesn’t mean it’s a pearly optimized video it just means its potential audience is probably more neat so what happens when you swap our iphone and go for the hottest term on the planet right now pokemon go well this video has two Pokemon go tags rant at number one that translates to 13 million views with potentially millions more thanks to basically be prime spot in all of YouTube right now and that’s how we calculate youtube SEO for your videos we love to know what you think about our new feature and if you have any more questions about it don’t hesitate to ask any comments below and if you didn’t already know the SEO marketing system is all part of our brand spanking new video scarred which you can learn more about by clicking on screen now


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