What should we expect in the next few months in terms of SEO for Google?
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What should we expect in the next few months in terms of SEO for Google?

MATT CUTTS: Hey, everybody. Today’s webmaster video is
answering the question, what should we expect in the
next few months in terms of SEO for Google? OK, so first off, we’re
taping this video in early May of 2013. So I’ll give you a little bit
of an idea about what to expect as far as what Google is
working on in terms of the web spam team. In terms of what you should be
working on, we try to make sure that that is pretty
constant and uniform. Try to make sure you make a
great site that users love, that they’ll want to tell their
friends about, book mark, come back to, visit over
and over again, all the things that make a site compelling. We try to make sure that if
that’s your goal, we’re aligned with that goal. And therefore, as long as you’re
working hard for users, we’re working hard to try to
show your high quality content to users as well. But at the same time, people are
always curious about, OK what should we expect coming
down the pipe in terms of what kinds of things Google
is working on? One of the reasons that we don’t
usually talk that much about the kinds of the things
we’re working on is that the plans can change. The timing can change. When we launch things
can change. So take this with
a grain of salt. This is, as of today, the things
that look like they’ve gotten some approval or that
look pretty promising. OK, with all those kinds of
disclaimers, let’s talk a little bit about the sort of
stuff that we’re working on. We’re relatively close to
deploying the next generation of Penguin. Internally we call
it Penguin 2.0. And again, Penguin is a web spam
change that’s dedicated to try to find black hat web
spam, and try to target and address that. So this one is a little more
comprehensive than Penguin, than Penguin 1.0. And we expect it to go a little
bit deeper and have a little bit more of an impact
than the original version of Penguin, We’ve also been looking at
advertorials, that is sort of native advertising, and those
sorts of things that violate our quality guidelines. So again, if someone pays for
coverage or pays for an ad or something like that,
those that should not flow page rank. We’ve seen a few sites in the
US and around the world that take money and then do link to
websites and pass page rank. So we’ll be looking at some
efforts to be a little bit stronger on our enforcements
as far as advertorials that violate our quality
guidelines. Now there’s nothing wrong
inherently with advertorials or native advertising,
but they should not flow page rank. And there should be clear and
conspicuous disclosure, so that users realize that
something is paid and not organic or editorial. It’s kind of interesting. We get a lot of great feedback
from outside of Google. So for example, there were some
people complaining about searches like Payday Loans
on Google.co.uk. So we have two different changes
that try to tackle those kinds of queries in
a couple different ways. We can’t get into too
much detail about exactly how they work. But I’m kind of excited that
we’re going from having just general queries be a little more
cleaned to going to some of these areas that have
traditionally been a little more spammy, including for
example, some more pornographic queries. And some of these changes might
have a little bit more of an impact in those kinds of
areas that are a little more contested by various spammers
and that sort of thing. We’re also looking at some ways
to go upstream to deny the value to link spammers. Some people who spam links in
various ways, we’ve got some nice ideas on trying to
make sure that that becomes less effective. And so we expect that that will
roll out over the next few months as well. And in fact we’re working on a
completely different system that does more sophisticated
link analysis. We’re still in the early
days for that, but it’s pretty exciting. We’ve got some data now that
we’re ready to start munging and see how good it looks. And so we’ll see how that
bears fruit or not. We also continue to work on
hacked sites in a couple different ways. Number one, trying to
detect them better. We hope in the next few months
to roll out a next generation of hack site detection that is
even more comprehensive. And also trying to communicate
better to webmasters, because sometimes we see confusion
between hack sites and sites that serve up malware. And ideally you would have a
one stop shop where once someone realizes that they’ve
been hacked, they can go to Webmaster Tools and have some
single spot where they could go and get a lot more info to
sort of point them in the right way to hopefully clean
up those hacked sites. So if you’re doing high quality
content whenever you’re doing SEO, this shouldn’t
be a big surprise. You shouldn’t have to
worry about a lot of different changes. If you’ve been hanging out on a
lot of black hat forums and trading different types of
spamming package tips and that sort of stuff, then
it might be a more eventful summer for you. But we have also been working
on a lot of ways to help regular webmasters. So we’re doing a better job of
detecting when someone is sort of an authority in
a specific space. It could be medical. It could be travel, whatever,
and trying to make sure that those rank a little more highly
if you’re some sort of authority or a site that,
according to the algorithms, we think might be a little bit
more appropriate for users. We’ve also been looking at Panda
and seeing if we can find some additional signals– and we think we’ve got some– to
help refine things for the sites that are kind of in the
border zone, in the grey area a little bit. And so if we can soften the
effect a little bit for those sites that we believe have got
some additional signals of quality, then that will help
sites that might have previously been affected to
some degree by Panda. We’ve also heard a lot of
feedback from people about, OK, if I go down three pages
deep, I’ll see a cluster of several results all
from one domain. And we’ve actually made things
better in terms of you would be less likely to see that on
the first page, but more likely to see that on
the following pages. And we’re looking at a change,
which might deploy, which would basically say, once
you’ve seen a cluster of results from one site, then
you’d be less likely to see more results from that site as
you go deeper into the next pages of Google search
results. And that was good feedback
that people have been sending us. We continue to refine our host
clustering and host crowding and all those sorts of things. But we will continue to listen
to feedback and see what we can do even better. And then we’re going to keep
trying to figure out how we can get more information
to webmasters. So I mentioned more information
for sites that are hacked and ways that they might
be able to do things. We’re also going to be looking
for ways that we can provide more concrete details, more
example URLs that webmasters can use to figure out where to
go to diagnose their site. So that’s just a rough
snapshot of how things look right now. Things can absolutely change
and be in flux, because we might see tacks, different
types of things. We need to move our
resources around. But that’s a little bit about
what to expect over the next few months in the
summer of 2013. I think it’s going to
be a lot of fun. I’m really excited about a lot
of these changes, because we do see really good improvements
in terms of people who are link spamming
or doing various black hat spam would be less likely to
show up, I think, by the end of the summer. And at the same time, we’ve
got a lot of nice changes queued up that hopefully will
help small, medium businesses, and regular webmasters
as well. That’s just a very quick idea
about what to expect in terms of SEO for the next few months
as far as Google.


  • longbendy81

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    Two page sites with 100% plagirised content dominating SERPS and going from PR N/A to PR 4 inside 6 weeks should trigger some sort of allarm shoudn't they? I mean movement like this would seem incongrous to an SEO noob – but not Google apparently.

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  • Patricia Lotich

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  • American English Conversation

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  • American English Conversation

    And often the more popular thing is lower quality traffic. I actually had to delete all my blogs because Google would only send me queries I didn't want!

  • RankYa

    Great news, can't wait with these new improvements. In fact these suggestions you mentioned is needed to rid Google search results of low quality result set (as it still displays low quality result set for certain terms). As for showing authority sites for a given niche sounds very interesting, although how will Google determine that?

  • GiftsAndWishes

    Thanks Google for the new advice on Penguin 2.0. In your attempts to clean up the net which we support you have managed to destroy genuine businesses using a public space. You are like a shopping center owner who closes parts of a center to the public without any consideration for the businesses in that space. Please test your actions from the genuine business perspective before you do any more harm.

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    2013 SEO Trends
    Proper on-page optimization.
    Content is king. So high quality content is Must.
    Building authority for you sites, Branding and quality Social media shares and signals.Be ethical with social media shares as Google is playing their part and trying to minimize the impact of social media boosts in order to keep the game safe.
    Say Final Good-Bye To Manipulated Press Releases
    Don’t Underestimate Google Author Ranking
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    Until then yahoo shows results based on quality & quantity of links to page which means better and more useful content to me..

    Am i the only one in this boat or are others moving more to Yahoo as well..?


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    They break their own rules and make billions. You break their rules & they'll put you out of business.

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